New Jersey Urology LLC
1515 Broad St, Suite B130
Bloomfield, NJ 07003 (Directions)
3.9 out of 5
New Jersey Urology LLC
1515 Broad St, Suite B130
Bloomfield, NJ 07003 (Directions)

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3.9 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
He is one of the best Dr. In New Jersey ,kind caring,and no words can describe he will go to make you feel .That he is there for you .And in the end he is
November 06 , 2013
Great doctor. Very helpful and knowledgeable. He listens to the patient problems and provides quality care. Staff is also very co-operative. Overall..Dr Lehrhoff is world class health care provider.
February 18 , 2008
cannot say enough wonderful things about this dr. very caring, and alway there for you
March 10 , 2009
From the onset of a kidney stone episode it was totally remedied within three days. He got me to the office, medical facility, and Newark Stone Center to remove a series of large stones quickly. He continues to excel as one of the Top Doctors in NJ yearly. This is a well deserved honor as his dedication to his patients is totally committed. His office is a well oiled machine due to his dedicated staff. It is a pleasure to see him and his staff on my follow up visits.
March 05 , 2012
Dr Lehrhoff quickly diagnosed my problem as a kidney stone and scheduled a procedure asap to remove it. Removal of stone was 100% successful. Staff is also very nice and very competent.
September 24 , 2020
Highly recommended; Excellent, very knowledgeable and --does listen to the patient and the their concerns-- not like others doctors who --listen & run out-- to the next patient
February 01 , 2009
I saw Dr. Lehrhoff in in his West Orange and Kearny, New Jersey locations. I was very satisfied with each office visit. Dr. Lehrhoff sees you at your exact appointment time. He quickly diagnosed my problem as a kidney stone. He is smart, thorough and definitely knows what he is doing. At each office visit he thoroughly reviewed and discussed any recent diagnostic tests that were ordered during the previous office visit. He recommended an additional CT scan which was a great decision because it pinpointed the exact location and size of my kidney stone. The first CT scan was incorrect regarding the size of the stone. It was determined that I needed a cystoscopy, ureteroscopy and possible holmium laser to remove the stone. The procedure was scheduled fast (4 days after the last office visit) at The Stone Center in Newark. The procedure was extremely successful. Lehrhoff removed the stone in one piece without the need of a laser. Within 48 hours I felt great! It is difficult for me to believe there is a better urologist in New Jersey than Bernard Lehrhoff.
September 23 , 2020
There is a sense of being rushed. Ive seen him for literally 2 minutes and it was $200. He definately is knowledgable but always overbooks.
July 17 , 2009
Dr. Lehrhoff is a very experienced urologist. He is often able to resolve problems that stump other urologists. However, there is no denying that he is often over-booked.
October 01 , 2009
While Dr. Lehrhoff was always available and willing to squeeze you in for an appointment, I always felt rushed in his office. I wasnt always certain he was listening fully to my concerns and he seemed to write me a quick script and tell me to follow up in a month.
May 21 , 2009
Dr. Lehrhoff is very smart, but he rushes through patients. I never felt as though enough time was spent. When I had a hospital procedure done, he didnt even explain to my family what had happened. He and other people at his office also regularly tried to refer me to private facilities where he had an ownership interest (and my copays would be higher) rather than hospitals. I was told by his staff the facilities had newer equipment and I would get better care. The office staff does a very bad job of managing calls - scheduling any type of following can require many, many phone calls, and insisting on facilities that were not partially owned by the doctors just seemed to complicate things as he is only there certain days. My overall experience with this practice was a big disappointment.
February 01 , 2011
No bed side manners, too good to look at you and talk to you as if you were equal to him. Rude, condescending, rushes you as his time is too valuable and does not have any time to answer your questions even though you waited so long to see him. He is a real jerk.
August 16 , 2008
Hes a --full of himself-- a hole that probably gets off on touching dikcs and pus-sies.
October 24 , 2017

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1515 Broad St, Suite B130
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