3021 W Eau Gallie Blvd, Suite 103
Melbourne, FL 32934 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
3021 W Eau Gallie Blvd, Suite 103
Melbourne, FL 32934 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
51 ratings, 51 reviews
Outstanding knowledge and service. Very compassionate and accommodating
April 10 , 2016
Dr Havkin is an outstanding Caring Urologist who takes the time to discuss in detail his treatment plan and answer any questions you may have. He has an outstanding staff that provides top knotch support. This is definetly a 5 star office.
January 10 , 2019
Doctor was very patient, kind, and helpful. He took the time to listen to my symptoms and complaints, and was genuinely caring.
January 12 , 2010
An awesome doctor. He has a personally and knows his medical field. He is kind and a very special gentleman. The office staff is I am thrilled we found this Doctor. Who truly cares. Gd bless Dr Havkin
January 26 , 2018
He is very thorough in his exams, and he listens to me as his patient. I had the testosterone pellet injection procedure done, and the results were outstanding. Hes probably the most polite doctor I have ever dealt with in my life. Need I say more?
April 10 , 2013
Saw Dr. Havkin for the first time and the only way to describe him his Excellent in every area a person looks for in a physician. Caring, knowledgeable, and from Bklyn!!
January 14 , 2019
Dr.Havkin correctly diagnosed and removed two kidney stones from my body, thus elliviating a horrific pain. He was most through and spent 28 minutes taking medical history and diagnosing my problem. All the testing done was efficient, timely, the procedure was painless ,and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Dr.Havkin!
March 07 , 2018
This was my 2nd visit with Dr. Havkin. He is thorough and listens intently. (What a breath of fresh air that is!) He explained everything very clearly. I am so grateful to find a doctor I trust.
June 10 , 2014
Since I only have one kidney, i cant afford to make a mistake. Dr. Boris is an expert --shot-- with the Lithotripper and Lazer --guns--. He takes the time to explain what is going to happen, how hes going to make it happen and what all the options are. The vasectomy he gave me was about 1/2 the time of a haircut and less painful. Well educated, experience and ahead of --the curve--. Returns phone calls and emails.
December 27 , 2012
Dr Havkin is the best urologist Ive ever had. Unfortunately, due to a change in insurance, I had to change doctors. My new urologist does not compare to Dr Havkin. If I had the money, I would pay cash just so I could go back to him again. This Dr is very caring, spends time with you, and makes sure you understand EVERYTHING before you leave the exam room. I have nothing but praise for him. I did find one of his office staff a bit rude once, but shes no longer there, so I guess that was an issue that was taken care of, after all. He has a very nice staff now (or the last time I saw him).
September 13 , 2010
Very thorough! Pleasant. Truly cares about his patients.
June 29 , 2011
Dr. Havkin is thorough, professional, and friendly. He communicates in a way that is easily understood and genuinely cares about his patients. Best of all, he has gentle hands!
April 14 , 2019
Ive seen many urologists over my life due to medical reasons. Dr Havkin has been the one to correctly find my problems and get them all correctly dealt with. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
January 29 , 2018
Dr Havkin is the best doctor that I have ever encountered. Besides being knowledgeable, he was also very caring and he exhibited a great deal of concerns for my medical issues. He spent a very long time speaking with me and was very thorough in his methods and his examination of me. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a truly outstanding urologist--he is the very best and his staff was excellent too!
June 18 , 2020
Low-T and BHP. He fixed them both. This has changed my life. I have energy and flexibility and mental acuteness and stamina. I can sleep through the night without getting up to pee. I completely empty my bladder in one shot. My bloodwork is excellent. And my wife is thrilled. I am essentially 20 years younger. And, he's a great guy.
December 05 , 2022
Love his new office and his great staff- so personable, matches his personality. Best Dr. I ever had. 1st he saved my life and removed cancerous tumor on my kidney with cool robotic surgery but didnt stop there and addressed my quality of life helping me. He took care of my urination problems and then fixed my low T and gave me back my elections. I feel the best I have in years and I have Dr. Havkin to thank for it. And he is always with a smile and never in a rush.
July 23 , 2016
Dr. Havkin spent lots of time with me during my initial visit to become familiar with my background and a plan to improve my health. I trust him as he was very knowledgeable.
October 18 , 2021
I see him every 3 months for treatment follow ups. Dr Havkin is kind, compassionate and takes his time to explain your treatment, showing genuine concern.
January 28 , 2020
Excellent! Very thorough and takes time to educate you and make you feel at ease. I went through two urologists before finding him and I am very pleased.
March 23 , 2010
Left catheter in me despite despite Me informing him of my screaming spells and severe pain I expressed dissatisfaction. When I try to get transferred to his office his attendan did not transfer my records to the doctor that I asked her to and caused confusion And now I’ve run out of Health insurance Has awards on paper all over his office what a joke
September 09 , 2019
Ive only been to one urologist in my life, but after seeing Dr. Havkin for a year and a half for bladder cancer and treatments, I am so very glad I had him as my urologist. Unfortunately, he is leaving Health First, and I may have to find a replacement. I read 1or 2 questionable remarks about Dr. Havkin or his staff, but must tell you, other than him being busy and not able to sit and chat longer, I found him and his office staff very professional and would not have a problem recommending him. Almost every urologist I looked up had some negative comment posted against them. Maybe that is just from some crochady older people, or maybe just the business, but I will miss being his patient....unless I can find a way to pay a higher co-pay and continue being his patient. Thank you Dr. Havkin, you have my highest respect.
June 08 , 2016
I contacted Dr. Havkin’s office when I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis and found myself in much pain and discomfort. Even though his schedule was full that week, his excellent staff accommodated an appointment for me right away. He truly is the best doctor I’ve ever encountered. He took the time to fully understand my situation and how my issue had progressed. Dr. Havkin had great bedside manners and he communicated in a way that was easily understood, I felt a great deal of compassion and empathy. He was very knowledgeable and incredibly thorough and fully explained his methodology for examination and treatment. I honestly feel that Dr. Havkin ended up saving my prostate and I cannot thank him and his staff enough.
February 22 , 2021
Office staff is fantastic.
August 06 , 2022
Dr Havkin is a superb urologist. In the ten years that Ive been with him hes been the consummate professional: knowledgeable, up-to-date, efficient, competent, courteous, always attentive.
July 08 , 2019
He carefully listened to my concerns and clearly explained my condition. I felt very much at ease talking with him and found him to be very thorough
January 31 , 2019
I have changed doctors for my father twice in the last 2 years and we were very happy with Dr. Havkin and his superior office staff. We would highly recommend him.
October 10 , 2012
Dr Havkin was much more than I expected! He was incredibly thorough and genuinely concerned about my health. I spent more than an hour there, and most of it was with Dr Havkin. He asked a lot of questions and spent time listening to my answers and story. He did not seem rushed and I felt very confident that I found 'the' doctor for me.
December 08 , 2022
I’ve been Dr. Boris Havkin’s patient for about six years now. Seeing him on a regular basis at least every six months, I’ve experienced both medical and surgical treatment and can safely say Dr. B. Havkin is an outstanding figure. He combines unique skills of a brilliant surgeon, thoroughly expert physician, and compassionate and empathic psychologist with an exceptional ability not only to offer the patient the best possible treatment options but also discuss them and explain all their pro’s and con’s quite straightforwardly and understandably. A few months ago, Dr. B. Havkin did a great job of performing endoscopic surgery on me. It went off without a hitch, and I didn’t have a single complication or the slightest problem, which greatly amazed all my home care nurses. What’s also very important is that Dr. Boris Havkin is assisted at his office by a wonderful team whose professionalism and meticulous work deserve high praise. No doubt, HAVKIN UROLOGY is #1 choice for anybody who is in need of urological consultation and treatment with ensured result
September 11 , 2018
As a Navy Hospital Corpsman for 30 years, I worked with many Doctors in many specialties from Cardiology to Dermatology. When I was diagnosed with extremely low testosterone and Hypothyroidism, I was sent to an Endocrinologist who treated me for 15 years. I had problems with the Androgel treatment and it was discontinued. No one addressed it after that. Finally, my Family Practice PA, sent me to Dr Havkin. He was the miracle I needed and answer to my prayers. His doctor-patient manner was superb and he spent 40 minutes with me to get a full history, look up previous labs and explain everything that was going on with me. He helped me develop a concise treatment plan including tests. His thoroughness also discovered polyps in my bladder, which he treated. After the Urolift procedure, I’m now able to urinate properly. We addressed the Low-T with pellet insertion and set up a plan-of-action for that. His entire Staff and Nurses are top notch. I’m so grateful to Dr Havkin and his Staff. They get a 10 star rating, not a 5 star. Thank you very much.
March 05 , 2021
Outstanding Dr. very professional couldnt be more pleased.
December 12 , 2018
Simply the Best Doctor I have ever had the pleasure to meet and have treat me. Staff very diligent.
November 19 , 2020
Dr. Havkin is knowledgeable, friendly and takes time to explain what he does and why it is important. His office is clean, easy to find and centrally located in Melbourne, Florida. Thank you for taking the time to help!
March 19 , 2017
Doctor Havkin, Thank you!!! You are a Godsend and a true expert urologist! Your kindness, patience and expertise in diagnosing and treating my issue is a blessing! Your staff is impressive, caring and easy to deal with. Thank you staff! I highly recommend this doctor to anyone in need of his services. He is very thorough and will spend as much time as needed with you to get to any issues you are having. My first visit went like this... Filled out the paperwork (5minutes) Handed back paperwork to staff and within 3-4 minutes a nurse came brought me back to the room for a simple urine test (1minute) Another lady came in asked some detailed questions along with a quick ultrasound to check bladder emptying (7Minutes). Doctor came in about 5 minutes later. So as far as Im concerned wait time was very minimal, how could it get any faster? The doctor came in with a friendly greeting and we went over a very thorough consult. Then an examination followed up by some tests which I might add, he took cleanliness to the extreme, which is how this should be done if you want accurate results. I find this doctor will do everything possible to prevent unnecessary surgery if it can be dealt with in another way. Isnt that what we all want? To keep our body parts? I do! Brevard County you are blessed to have this urologist. Thank you, Bryan C
August 11 , 2021
I have been a patient of Dr. Havkin for almost 10 years and he is the best doctor that I have ever had. He is an excellent listener who never makes you feel rushed during the appointment. He truly cares about the patients well being. He diagnosed a low energy condition that I was having (was B12 deficiency) that my primary doctor didnt detect. I trust his judgement for my care and am glad to be one of his patients.
December 22 , 2018
After being seen by 4 other urologists and finding no solutions to my problems I finally found Dr. Havkin! The best Doc Ive ever had! He made correct diagnosis and treated me - I now feel great. He is fantastic- he spends all the time in the world with you and never makes you feel rushed (probably why he always runs behind- well worth it!!!), awesome bedside manners and super friendly personality. His staff is great and they make you feel very comfortable and office is welcoming and clean. His office manager Ronda is awesome and very helpful. I give him ????????!
April 15 , 2017
Dr.Havkin may be the greatest Doc of all time.Diagnosis was on the money. Every visit I get healthier.Knowing him has changed my life. Great sense of humor, warm and good hearted.
January 20 , 2016
Dr. Havkin and his team of professionals truly exhibit the care and compassion that makes a visit a pleasure. The services that Dr Havkin provides is not your typical general doctor visit, so the care and friendliness provided by this office goes a long way. And I cant say enough about the expert and professional care provided by Dr Havkin himself.
August 26 , 2018
The staff makes me feel like a number not a person. I call and get the typical -- Ill call you back-- and Im the one that has to call back and follow-up. They got rid of one assistant but this new one isnt that good either !! Dr Havkin is great and truly cares about his patients.
October 21 , 2015
Dr. Havkin and his staff are amazing. He is very thorough, and that explains why I had to wait so long in the office to be seen. He was worth it! His staff from top to bottom are friendly, courteous, patient and kind! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone.
August 30 , 2017
I had 18 Gaines wave treatments from Melissa. She was exceptional performing a procedure that requires exposure to the male organs with the ability to keep her focus on the task. She maintained a professional attitude while demonstrating the ability to relax the patient.
November 19 , 2019
Dr Havkin does an excellent job in meeting my medically needs and developing a successful treatment plan. Unfortunately I am looking for another urologist at this time because his office staff has cancelled my appointment two times upon arrival because they did not submit the correct lab request to Quest labs. Even a call to the office 2 weeks prior to my appointment with Dr Havkin and a week prior to my lab draw to request the proper lab slip got not response from the office staff. I have lab draws every 3 weeks for Stage IV Cancer requested by my Oncologists with no issues. I do not understand why it is so difficult for Dr Havkins staff to do the same. My time is too valuable to have to constantly reschedule an appointment do to their oversight.
February 22 , 2020
I chose Dr.Havkin to treat me for prostate cancer and the whole process from the initial psa tests to the biopsy to the consultations to the robotic surgery.I could not be any happier with my post surgery results.All bloodwork and physical exams have gone extremely well with side effects or trauma and I might add with the successful surgery he performed everything STILL works as it’s supposed to.I would recommend this dr. To anyone seeking treatment and advice from him,as he spent time with me and explained everything to me so I could fully make my treatment options with the best knowledge...I cannot thank him enough..
October 12 , 2020
My best doctor, and I have a few. He is very patient orientated and caring. He found my prostate cancer tumor when it was still very small.
October 04 , 2013
Dr Havkin is consistently late for all his appointments.
December 02 , 2021
His office dropped me like a hot potato once I lost my insurance. I offered to pay out of pocket, but my appointment was canceled and they have failed to return my calls. Im very disappointed in Dr Havkins office after having been a patient there for over a year. Shame on you Dr Havkin and shame on your office.
February 10 , 2013
Please, look to someone else listening is by far not his best asset. Dont seek information or ask intelligent questions from him on your treatment he will become annoyed. He will treat you as a lower class person. Find some one who will treat you as if you are the customer and are looking for knowledge and help look for someone who presents many options about your sitiuation.
September 17 , 2015
Again !!!!! This Individual treat me 7 years ago, taking off one tumor from my kidney ---------- the second time he try to do the same in the same kidney and HE COMMIT a stuped mistake cutting the cava vain and I almost died in the operation room -------- after that he never make a falow-up to see whats going on IF YOU ARE GOOD DOCTOR !!!!! CAN'T MAKE MISTAKES !!!!! I lost my kidney STUPED and you did't care
April 20 , 2023
- Be ready to spend close to 2 hrs after ur appt. time waiting to be seen. - Hours of Operations not friendly with working people. - Miscommunication from scheduler/receptionist
April 05 , 2021
If you can call and have someone answer the phone, that's a miracle. Plan on getting Shannon's answering machine. After a few weeks and after your send them you life's medical history you are told, WITHOUT EXPLANATION and without consultation, whether you are "accepted or declined". I also am a Doctor and was referred to Havkin by a few patients of mine. Can't wait to have this conversation when I see them next. Personally, I know Dr.s Lieberman and Zabinski, should not have strayed.
July 27 , 2022
Initially we were very happy with Dr Havkin. However, my father who was 85 was left in a room for over an hour, naked and tied up to some machine. When we left he said he felt like he was abused there. We never returned and never will.
February 15 , 2020
I was very impressed with DR Boris Havkin or initially however I felt the front office was less than professional . I was eventually hit with one of those surprise bills that was it extremely high like over 10 times what I had received before . Had there been a forecast in full disclosure he would’ve seriously influenced my choices in the treatment been prescribed. have there been a forecast in full disclosure he would’ve seriously influenced my choices in the treatment been prescribed Escalating prices and inability to forecast and accurately communicate The patient is absolutely unacceptable. The patient is absolutely unacceptable
May 12 , 2019

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