Urology Of St. Louis, Inc
12855 N 40 Dr, Suite 375
St. Louis, MO 63141 (Directions)
4.1 out of 5
Urology Of St. Louis, Inc
12855 N 40 Dr, Suite 375
St. Louis, MO 63141 (Directions)

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4.1 out of 5
17 ratings, 17 reviews
Is one of the greatest doctors I've ever worked with he is very personable I have dealt with a lot of doctors in my lifetime he's one of the best I would recommend him to anybody in the world thank you
February 21 , 2023
Dr. White is upfront and explained everything to me and my wife regarding the surgery. He addressed all our questions and also explained the different avenues I could take prior to deciding on the surgery.
March 07 , 2023
The finest physician/surgeon you will find.
January 15 , 2022
Great guy highly recommend.
April 09 , 2022
Top urologist I have ever seen. Was able to solve kidney stone problem that my previous doctor never seemed to be able to. Performed surgery to remove stones and gave me medicine to prevent future stones. I have been stone free for over 3 years now. I highley recommend him
October 03 , 2011
I got an appointment for the next morning, walked right in, had an MRI, was immediately diagnosed, and left an hour later feeling better. Seriously. Ive been passing kidney stones for five years and seen a number of doctors. Dr. White was uniquely helpful.
March 19 , 2013
Good bedside manner, seem to be knowledgeable office staff was courteous I arrived 20 minutes early and I got in two minutes after my appointment time
November 08 , 2021
Excellent communicator, takes time to explain everything; always provides options. I believe he truly cares about my well being.
June 02 , 2022
Knowledgeable, shared important information, trust his advice, caring, highly recommended by my doctor, saw me without delay.
August 26 , 2021
Dr white was very outstanding addressing all of my concerns. Excellent advice, recommendations along with bedside manners, superb. 5-Stars, A+ I would Highly recommend Dr White.
March 20 , 2023
Dr. White is great. Takes time with you to discuss what your concerns are. He is very thorough and professional. Highly recommend his services if you are looking for a physician in this field.
June 01 , 2022
He was on time. He ordered tests to be sure of the kidney stone. He explained the surgical procedure. Gave me a booklet explaining the procedure. Surgery scheduled in a timely manner.
December 18 , 2021
Great visit. Great doctor. Great staff. It’s been 3 weeks since visit and the recommended course of action I has proven to be absolutely life changing. Seriously. I have regained control of my life.
May 09 , 2022
Performed unnecessary prostate biopsy when not even requested to perform one. This resulted in E Coli infection and hospital stay. Prescribed ineffective anti-biotic after release so infection continued. Did not contact me to check progress. Prescribed urology medication that was ineffective. This resulted in two months of extreme pain and discomfort. until my PCP prescribed the correct anti-biotic and urology medication.
August 18 , 2014
This --dr.-- Was nothing but rude ,inconsiderate and extremely unprofessional. I would run from this man if your needing anything done.
November 02 , 2018
I waited two hours for my appointment at which I got about 6 minutes or so with the doctor. I would have been happy to just reschedule if someone would have explained how late he was running when I arrived. He did not seem interested in my situation at all. Generally seemed very unconcerned with my symptoms. I was told Id hear back on my test results in two to three days. It was eight days and even then the nurse spoke with me because the doctor was too busy. I have called since then to speak directly to Dr. White with no luck. At this point it is clear I will not be getting the bedside manner, time, or follow up Id hoped to receive. So Im still in pain and now searching for a new doctor.
July 10 , 2012
Went in trying to help my kidney pain and he told me I needed to get off of birth control because it is unnatural and said I should also be practicing abstinence. Was no help whatsoever and bad mouthed my previous doctors’ advice. Not to mention, the creep couldn’t keep his eyes above my chest.
May 04 , 2021

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