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4.7 out of 5
UNC Physicians And Associates
101 Manning Dr
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4.7 out of 5
26 ratings, 26 reviews
We were very pleased with Dr. Figler. He did a urethral reconstruction. He explained everything every step of the way. The surgery was successful so far. Dr. Figler could not have been nicer. I would recommend him highly.
July 24 , 2017
Surgery was easy, I had no pain and pee great now. The worst part was having a catheter for 2 weeks. I just had my 3 month check-up and Dr. Figler looked in with a camera and showed me the surgery site on the screen. He said it looked perfect. Very caring doctor.
January 23 , 2016
Would highly recommend Dr. Figler to anyone. He is an amazing Dr and is extremely professional, helpful, compassionate and very private. He worked with me to get me the best care possible. Staff was also wonderful
June 20 , 2019
Dr. Figler treated me for a disease that other doctors and urologists told me could not be treated (urethral stricture). He spent a really long time with me at my first visit and explained everything in a lot of detail and then I had my surgery 3 weeks later and it went really well! the office staff is very nice and they return my calls. Dr. Figler is very nice also. I am so happy that I found him!
January 17 , 2014
There is only one Dr. Figler and without a doubt he is the best reconstructive urologist surgeon practicing today. Dr. Figler knows his field of study well and treats many male urology problems including extramammary Paget’s disease (EMPD). Dr. Figler will put you at ease no matter how challenging your medical issue may be.
December 02 , 2016
Doctor Figler is young, very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He did a really good surgery and always wanted to hear how things were going so he could make sure other patients also had a good experience. Ill be going to Dr. Figler for ever!
June 27 , 2017
If you need reconstructive surgery this is your man
June 16 , 2018
Dr. Figler gave me my life back through surgery that made me dry again. Other surgeons had no clue as to how to help me. He studies ( great listener) the situation then expresses his thoughts. Very caring and has a wonderful bedside manner.
November 10 , 2018
Dr. Figler is the best urologist. He has helped me so much very knowledgeable and dedicated to his patients. I trust him completely.
August 02 , 2023
Gifted, talented surgeon, who listens to the patient and then finds best solution. Excellent communication skills and great office staff as well. Simply the best in CH
November 08 , 2018
I had surgery for ED (penile prosthesis). Everything from the consultation to the day of surgery was streamlined. You can tell they do this a lot. Two months later, prosthesis is working great. Would recommend.
July 19 , 2015
Cool Doctor. Listens.
March 31 , 2016
I wish my doctors had recommended Dr. Figler earlier. He treated my urethral stricture, and now I am peeing great!
May 10 , 2015
Fixed me!
November 12 , 2015
The most sincere, caring, knowledgeable specialist surgeon I have ever had and his staff is just as polished. Ive been under his care for over a year and he has made the best out of something bad.
November 05 , 2018
He is a very knowledgeable Uroligst! Wonderful Bedside manner as well.
March 30 , 2018
I have been a nurse for almost 30 years, and in that time I have never met a physician as caring, careful and competent as Dr. Figler. My son has been told by so many doctors that they have never seen a problem so bad. When we first met Dr. Figler he told us that he sees problems like this all the time, and he was so confident that he could help us. Over one year after surgery, I can say that he has done more than helped us. It has been a true blessing.
March 26 , 2016
Dr. Figler is an excellent reconstruction surgeon. He is very thorough, confident, knowledgeable and professional. He coordinated my complicated surgery at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia. He is the most caring doctor Ive ever met. Even after my surgery and discharge, he continued to follow up on my condition. He still remains in touch now that hes in North Carolina.
March 07 , 2018
Dr. Figler treated my urethral stricture. Entire experience was smooth. I am peeing great now, very glad I went to Jefferson.
March 24 , 2015
Dr Figler is an outstanding urologist. He listened patiently, reviewed carefully and responded expediently. When dealing with cancer you need someone that truly cares and that is definitely Dr Figler. I highly recommend him! Jim Fuller
May 22 , 2020
I am sad that Dr. Figler left Pennsylvania. He helped me at a very low point in my life when every doctor I went to said my bladder had to be removed. Dr. Figler fixed me with surgery and was there with me through the recovery making sure I healed up. He was always available when I needed him and spent a lot of time answering my questions even if I had asked them before. His team is the best and thinks the world of him. I am better now and I am thankful that we met before he moved to North Carolina.
August 02 , 2016
Dr Figler is an outstanding urologist. He listened patiently, reviewed carefully and responded expediently. When dealing with cancer you need someone that truly cares and that is definitely Dr Figler. I highly recommend him! Rare find these days.
May 22 , 2020
Great surgeon. Would recommend to any family member or friend.
October 05 , 2015
Dr. Figler performed a reversal of a failed urethrostomy performed by another surgeon at another hospital. I had been incontinent and had to self cath and wear diapers for 5 years following a TURP. I now dry and have a suprapubic catheter. Dr. Figler is a compassionate person. He has great listening skills and a wonderful bedside manner. He also has a personality. He gave me my life back.
October 05 , 2019
Waited over an hour in an exam room. He came in, sat down and stared at me in silence for an awkward length of time. He advised me on the options for my conditions. When asked his opinion, he said the treatment options would be up for me to decide with no professional opinion from him. Im sure hes a great doctor from what Ive read about him, but his bedside manner and bad attitude made me very uncomfortable. My gut feeling was to not let him preform any procedure on me if he made me feel this way in an office visit.
June 24 , 2017
This doctor upon having my issues explained to him did not take my conditions seriously and handwaved away my problems. His solution from years of medical degrees was to take over the counter pain releaver. I would expect at the very least that a specialist would try and figure out what is going on and if they can’t, recommend someone who might be able to help. This doctor just looked at me like a deer in headlights and acted like my pain wasn’t a big deal and it was just functional. Very unprofessional. I will not return!
November 29 , 2018

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