500 Medical Ctr Blvd, Suite 330
Conroe, TX 77304 (Directions)
3.7 out of 5
500 Medical Ctr Blvd, Suite 330
Conroe, TX 77304 (Directions)

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3.7 out of 5
24 ratings, 24 reviews
You could not ask for a better Urologist! Dr Tharian truly cares about her patients.
March 21 , 2018
"Listens to you and follows up. Spends as much time as you need, I never felt rushed. Very knowledgeable, and good at explaining diagnosis and treatment."
February 25 , 2021
Wonderful doctor explained what my problem was and we did all the tests needed to be 100% positive that surgery was going to fix my problem. She explained how the surgery would go and did so in a way so that I understood. Would recommend Dr. Tharian to my family members and friends that need a doctor in her field of medicine.
January 18 , 2018
Great bedside manners... Young and extremely knowledgable...Would recommend to everyone
January 16 , 2011
Thorough, patient and addressed my concerns. Spent adequate time with me and helped with my urologic issue. Staff was also very professional.
May 29 , 2017
"Outstanding dr she really listened to me and addressed my issues very professional "
November 22 , 2021
Helpful. Included me in decision making. Staff was professional. Clean office.
March 12 , 2019
Great doctor. Good bedside manner & to the point. Little wait time. Explained things well.
May 04 , 2014
She is a great Doctor . Laid out a plan and we are working though it. Very helpful in everyway.
April 05 , 2015
Excellent, honest and caring!
June 11 , 2015
"Dr. Tharian is very professional, explains everything, not interested in finding another Urologist."
February 26 , 2022
Wonderful doctor, direct and to the point. Had a solution for a problem I have had for years!
January 21 , 2013
Dr. Tharian is a great Urologist and very pleasant; her assistant, Anna, is most pleasant as well. Dr. Tharian is to the point and does what needs to be done to make sure the patient has peace of mind and I LIKE THAT! I have used her about 3 times and she will be my Urologist for a very long time. Les T.
May 17 , 2013
Dr Tharian is very polite, she answered all of my questions. Highly recommendable.
April 27 , 2015
Polite, considerate. Listened to my problems and had solutions for me. Would definitely recommend her to a friend!
September 10 , 2013
Receptionist, Tisa, and nurse need training dealing with patients.
April 28 , 2015
Dr Tharian was very professional and knowledgeable but her front office staff in the College park office. was very rude and unprofessional. The lady with blond hair with blue shirt on which says Tharian Urology did not greet me and when I tried to ask her question regarding my insurance she did not want to listen and had an attitude. She needs to learn how to nice and professional.
November 21 , 2015
The worst experience. Before my consultation staff was very friendly but after I paid very rude. The doctor didnt spend an appropriate amount of time with me, around 10 minutes only to tell me she thought I was normal. I was in lot of pain with urgency and she did not seem to care enough to at least help me understand my conditions or at least symptoms. She think blood in the urine is normal. That should say enough. If she had such a problem with patients in Pain or concerned for their health, she should not be a doctor. I could have self diagnosed and saved myself of money and time.
December 08 , 2012
WORST DOCTOR & STAFF EVER!! The receptionist is rude and doesnt want you to bother her. The nurse NEVER EVER returns phone calls so dont bother leaving a message. The doctor is immature and does not want you to ask any questions. She is extremely negative. Go somewhere else and dont waste your time here! Unprofessional Mickey Mouse operation!
October 22 , 2016
Extremely passive. After my first visit, i was supposed to receive a follow-up call notifying me of my test results, which i never received. I receive a mail after a few months notifying me that they tried to call me multiple times with no answer, which is not true. We reschedule a second appointment and myself and my wife take half a day off from work... And i receive a call from her office 1 HOUR BEFORE MY APPOINTMENT, stating that she has an emergency and has to cancel my appointment!!! I have paid her money and waited and did two exams and i still did not get a word of feedback. I just cant believe it! UGHHHH. Never again!!!
February 19 , 2014
This doctor has a negative attitude! She also does not want to hear what you have to say. She wants to prescribe a pill and see you in a month. The nurse does not return ANY messages! Receptionist rude. Dont waste your time!
November 03 , 2016
"Bad experience. Waited too long to treat antibiotic resistant infection. Never saw her or talked to her on the phone about this. Staff communication was poor......simply told me I had a bad infection and had to wait more than a week to find someone to begin treatment. "
May 11 , 2021
Wow, late by almost 2 hours. Offered no kind of pain relief, wouldnt schedule a CAT scan stat for kidney stones, didnt even examine me, just told me to drink water and wait. Turns out I had 6 kidney stones, 2 over 2 inches! Suffered a lot of pain for no reason for weeks! She is at different offices, and her answering service couldnt even tell me the address of which one she was at. Had to reschedule the CAT scan b/c her staff didnt call the insurance in correctly. All this while in pain.
August 19 , 2012
I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS OFFICE. This office is very, very, very unprofessional. I went three different times to this facility. Receptionist is very bitter, rude and tells the Dr. false statements. Does not inform the patients of procedure prices and is very argumentative. She also snatches objects from the patients hands. The Dr. was very rude as well. After she got an ear full from the receptionist she came into the room and verbally attacked me. Stated that --I will not insist on when I have my procedure--, --Insurance has not even approved me for the procedure--. Stated so many things that I had no clue about. Why would I waste my time coming in if I was not on the schedule?! Which I never did insist on anything. I was under the impression that we had scheduled the procedure. Why else would I have come in?. So. We argued the fact and eventually figured out that the receptionist was feeding her false statements. If the receptionist knew how to do her job correctly and professionally, I would have NEVER been pulled to the back an gotten prepped for surgery in the first place. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE!!! Never in my life have I ever experienced such horrible service. I am a MA/Phlebotomist and I would never treat patients like this.
August 10 , 2016

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