Urological Professional Services, LLC
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4.5 out of 5
Urological Professional Services, LLC
3855 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite 220
Duluth, GA 30096 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
68 ratings, 68 reviews
Dr. Sharpe is fantastic. I switched care to Dr. Sharpe after my former urologist completely dropped the ball on my care. Dr. Sharpe is attentive, bright, conscientious, and ,above all, a great doctor. He cares about getting the treatment right and following up to make sure everything is working. Dr. Sharpe is one of the reasons we have the greatest health care on earth. If youre looking for an exceptional urologist, here he is. The staff is top notch, too!
July 30 , 2015
My sister was so very happy for the work Dr. Sharpe did for her...she has no computer...so she ask me to do this for her....She was so Glad She Had Her Surgery did. it has Helped her Greatly in her health, to be able to get This Work Did. all thanks for her being able to be active today...Thanks
November 29 , 2015
Dr. Sharpe took the time to see me the same day I received news from an earlier appointment to see a urologist. I was from out of town so that kindness was appreciated. He was very caring, knowledgeable and put my fears at ease. I trust him to make the right decision that works for his patients. He operated on my mother 2 years ago and restored her quality of life. He took great care of her and did an outstanding job with her robotic surgery. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a urologist.
November 07 , 2015
I feel much better in knowing I have found a doctor I can trust.
May 09 , 2018
Dr Sharpe diagnosed my condition that two other Urologists missed. Hes kind and helpful. Changing over to him permanently.
October 14 , 2011
I have never met a physician who didnt make you feel like you part of the --get em in, get em out-- revolving door that is modern American medicine—until I saw Dr. Sharpe. He spent no less than half an hour with me (likely causing others to wait a bit longer) when I saw him for an additional opinion on renal cysts.
September 21 , 2017
Dr. Sharpe and his nurse and other staff were amazing. So kind and helpful.
September 04 , 2021
This doc does not play around. He will go over and beyond to find out what is the matter with you. When calling him before hours, he calls you back and doesnt seem bothered that you called him.
May 08 , 2012
After dealing with a total of five Urologist, Dr. Sharpe is the only one I will recommend. He will talk with me on a level that I understand and listen to me with a sincere interest in my situation. Even though his waiting room is sometimes full, he will still sit and listen without seeming like he is trying to get me out in a hurry. I feel like I`m talking to a friend with Dr. Sharp. He has solved my Urinary Problem.
January 22 , 2019
Dr Sharpe is knowledgeable, patient and has a great bedside manner. He listens and explains things in ways that the patient can understand. Would (and have) recommend him!
March 28 , 2018
Everyone in the office was extremely nice & friendly. Appointments were made with ease and convenience for me. Their website is very helpful & informative. Loved the new patient forms online; made it easy to have documents completed prior to 1st visit. Orders on how to avoid more kidney stones were repeated/clarified, along with what to expect with more stones. Wonderful comraderie between all staff members! New imaging machine, so I got to see all the cool things it does. The best part of my visit was being able to immediately see my x-ray & having everything about it explained in depth! I never expected to say it, but I had a great time this afternoon. Dr. Sharpe & his staff rock!
July 03 , 2013
Many thanks to Dr. Brent Sharpe, one of the most responsive and caring doctors we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only is he knowledgeable of his genre of practice, but he is engaged and desires only the best outcome for his patients. Never just a number; always a human being at an important crossroad who needs guidance - Dr. Sharpe is that navigator for his patients. Forever grateful, Frank and Melissa
September 04 , 2013
I was recently in his office. The staff and doctor are incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Sharpe for any urological needs. Awesome!!
April 15 , 2010
Dr. Sharpe was very friendly, but also, and more importantly, direct and to the point for solving my condition. I like his approach and will return to him if needing any urological assistance.
November 11 , 2011
Dr Sharpe and hi whole staff have made us feel like we are members of their family. We cannot begin to express how pleasant the entire experience was.
January 29 , 2015
After a diagnosis of prostate cancer, through a procession of some very good and caring doctors at NG Physicans Group and by the grace of God, my husband was sent to Dr. Sharpe for robotic prostate removal. When we met to discuss the procedure he was informative, caring, and confident without being cocky, with an attitude of --whatever is wrong I will fix it to the best of my ability-- that set us at ease. The procedure turned out to be less than routine, but like he said, he fixed it removed all the cancer and with careful instruction about rehabilitation, left my husband with complete control of his anatomy. He literally save my husbands life, and we would not hesitate to recommend him to any family or friend. He is that rare physician who understands the connection between psycho-biology and human disease. He understands the need for knowledge and education and, together with a good soul, he is gifted with great skills. Shortly after my husbands surgery Dr. Sharpe joined Georgia Urology and moved to an office right down the road from us in Braselton and we could not be happier knowing hes right there! His staff and nurses are so professional, so prompt with answers to questions and just the nicest people. Just nothing but accolades for the whole bunch!
July 16 , 2018
I have been to other urologists, but Dr. Sharpe is the best one ever. He removed my kidney and I was out of the hospital in three days with 3 small incisions which healed in about a week. He is caring, compassionate and skilled beyond words.
September 16 , 2017
Finally, someone who listened to my problems and realized what was going on.
April 02 , 2012
I have an overactive bladder. I have many allergies to medicines and when that didnt work Dr. Sharpe tried acupuncture. It took me from going 21 times a day down to 7-10 times a day! This is a blessing and Im so grateful to Dr. Sharpe to try other methods.
June 22 , 2018
Dr Sharpe listened to all my concerns and answered all of my questions. I highly recommend him
November 09 , 2018
I'm 74 years old and have suffered from BPH and, possibly, other unknown urinary issues for a very long time. I did considerable research on choosing a urologist and finally decided on Brent A. Sharpe, MD with Georgia Urology. He quickly setup an exam and tests necessary to make a diagnosis. The good news was no obvious signs of cancer. He provided me with the data necessary to decide which surgical procedure that I preferred. Dr. Sharpe said that if it was him, he would choose the Aquablation robotic surgery and I totally agreed with him. One week after the surgery and it's like being in my 30's again. Dr. Sharpe and his staff (particularly Becca, Lana and Sara) at the Braselton office made everything go more smoothly than I could have ever wished for. I not only highly recommend Dr. Sharpe and his staff, but also recommend that the Aquablation procedure be considered if you looking for relief from BPH. It's definitely worth discussing with your physician of choice.
October 06 , 2021
Dr. Sharpe is a straightforward professional that helped me through a very challenging time, up to and including successful surgery.
May 21 , 2018
I could not have been in better hands with my prostate cancer and removal. He is on top of the latest courses of action and the best with Robotic Surgery.
December 21 , 2015
Excellent Physician of Urology. Would higly recommend him as he is very thorough and shows much compassion and concern for his patients. I have recommended other patients to him as I feel he is --The Best--! Thank you Dr. Sharp for taking such good care of me.
November 11 , 2012
Dr. Sharpe listens to the patient and answers questions in an easily understood way. Follows up with the patient and makes sure everything is good. Easy to schedule appointments and his staff is very responsive to patient needs.
September 10 , 2018
Im 74 years old and have suffered from BPH and, possibly, other unknown urinary issues for a very long time. I did considerable research on choosing a urologist and finally decided on Brent A. Sharpe, MD with Georgia Urology. He quickly setup an exam and tests necessary to make a diagnosis. The good news was no obvious signs of cancer. He provided me with the data necessary to decide which surgical procedure that I preferred. Dr. Sharpe said that if it was him, he would choose the Aquablation robotic surgery and I totally agreed with him. One week after the surgery and its like being in my 30s again. Dr. Sharpe and his staff (particularly Becca, Lana and Sara) at the Braselton office made everything go more smoothly than I could have ever wished for. I not only highly recommend Dr. Sharpe and his staff, but also recommend that the Aquablation procedure be considered if you looking for relief from BPH. Its definitely worth discussing with your physician of choice.
June 10 , 2021
I would recommend Dr. Sharpe to any of my friends. Hes very personable (a rarity with many doctors) and informative.
July 19 , 2017
I have been having trouble with symptoms with BPH for years. Could not get a doctor to fix the problem. Dr. Sharpe suggested Green Light Laser surgery. Had it done on April 5, 2016. It was a sucessful surgery with very few side effects. I havent felt this good in years! He has a great bed side manner. He does not sit and pretend to listen. He really listens to you describe your symptoms then will suggest a resolution to the problem. I would reconmend anyone having urinary problems (male or female) to see Dr. Sharpe.
May 10 , 2016
Dr Sharpe and his staff are very professional and friendly, scheduling was excellent and the surgery went smooth with no complications.
March 26 , 2018
I am a patient of Brent Sharpe, MD at Northeast Georgia Urological Associates. Dr. Sharpe is a very knowledgeable physician. He is also compassionate and has a great bedside manner. My medical problems were unusual and complicated. Dr. Sharpe spent time researching the issues and consulting with other medical specialist to be sure he had all the information possible. When the medical issues required the expertise of other specialist, he spent the time finding the right physician to refer me to. I continue to see him and I am comfortable recommending him for any type of urological problem. I live in a very rural area. Although, there are urologist in this area, I am willing to travel an hour and a half to be treated by Dr. Sharpe. I also want to comment on the staff at this office. They have always been very friendly and courteous. They respond to our phone calls quickly. They make being a patient in this office very comfortable and are an asset to the office.
August 01 , 2016
Dr Sharpe is an outstanding doctor. He has been my doctor since 2013 and works for my best interests. Does great and I have recommended server all of my friends to him and they are also very pleased. Ron Eubanks
April 16 , 2018
Very kind, knowledgeable, good experience.
February 08 , 2019
Dr Sharpe is an excellent Urologist. He diagnosed my situation and recommended a solution. He told me what to expect and He was right on. I would highly recommend him.
June 01 , 2018
Dr. Sharpe performed a vasectomy on me four months back and it was a complete success. He was very thorough in my consultations and procedural visits. Dr. Sharpe took ample time to explain everything to me and answer any questions that I had. I appreciated his professions yet personable bedside manner that put me at ease. I would recommend Dr. Sharpe to anyone looking for knowledgeable and professional care.
January 09 , 2018
Further follow up: My stent had to be repositioned and Dr. Sharpe did something incredible; something the whole nursing staff had NEVER heard of, let alone witnessed. He came with a stretcher and took me to the operating room himself. I have never had a doctor like that. I cant express how blown away I was by his kindness and attentiveness. If you dont go to Dr. Sharpe you are doing yourself a HUGE disservice. I trust him 100% and there isnt a rating high enough for him. I am scheduled to have my kidney stone broken up on Oct. 2nd and I know Ill be taken care of by a caring, wonderful doctor.
September 28 , 2014
In the past few years I have problem with kidney stone. One of my friends recommend doctor Brent Sharpe to me and I will never regret. I contact him right away and hi ansor right away. He tritet me very well and he fix my problem. Hes very friendly and he care a lot about peoples problems. I recommend him to everyone who has kidney problems.
October 28 , 2017
Providing me with excellent Prostate Care.
May 29 , 2019
Dr. Sharpe performed my RP on 11/14/17. The surgery and recovery went much better than I expected which I attribute to God and an excellent surgeon like Dr. Sharpe. He and his staff are also top notch in post op care.
December 14 , 2017
Dr. Sharpe treated me for a large 9 mm stone and I am very satisfied.
December 14 , 2017
A great dr. : on time, good nurses, I recommend highly.
April 20 , 2017
Follow up report. Last week I had to be worked in to have a stent inserted for my bouncing, baby boy kidney stone (last measured at 1.6cm). I was in the o.r. in less than 12 hours. WOW - Dr. Sharpe had me in between other patient procedures, amazing! The only negative is that if I had no insisted I honestly believe I wouldnt have seen him before I was put out. Not Good. Im sure hell pop in the next time. I also dont recall seeing him afterward. Hmm. Still, hes my number one choice. More comments to come..
September 08 , 2014
Dr Sharpe takes time to answer all questions and is honest, helpful and kind. Remember, if you need to wait a little bit, its because all patients, including you, get top care.
December 15 , 2017
After visiting Dr. Brent Sharpe at his Braselton,Ga location, my kidney stone gave me trouble and required surgery. Dr. Brent sharp and his office staff were excellent. I would recommend him to anyone.
November 22 , 2018
Dr. Sharpe has to be one of the best. Takes time with his patients. Have had two surgeries and he knows what he is doing. So far i am cancer free thanks to his knowledge and expertise. Would recommend him to my mother
August 17 , 2015
I am so thrilled to have been a patient of Dr. Sharp. He is the most caring and thorough physician pertaining to kidney issues. He also takes time to listen to your concerns and address each of them. I would highly recommend his services and have referred many individuals to his practice. Thank you Dr. Sharp for treating me with kindness and respect.
November 12 , 2012
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Dr. Sharpe and his staff are top-notch! The comraderie in that office is amazing! My needs & concerns were addressed in a most timely manner, questions were answered in detail. Appointments have been made easily and conveniently. I thoroughly ENJOYED my 1st visit to Dr. Sharpes office! Weird, but so true!
July 02 , 2013
I dont trust doctors, as a general rule, but Dr. Sharpe is an exception. He has treated my grandmothers kidney cancer with intelligence, thoughtfulness, and compassion. We are very impressed with his care. Youll be happy to know that he removed her cancerous kidney with a robot, and now shes doing great. So. Thanks Dr. Sharpe. And thanks to your robot friend too. Amen.
September 20 , 2018
I had interviewed a number of Doctors in the area prior to deciding on Dr. Sharpe. I ask each one, --If we have this side effect what can you do?-- All but one told me we could treat it. Dr. Sharpe said --ILL FIX IT--. That was the doctor I wanted. Because of his skill I never had any of the Side Effects associated with my surgery. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Sharpe. Thank you for the great CARE and Great Results.
May 19 , 2013
Finally,a doctor who listens and is compassionate. He found a problem overlooked by another urologist in his practice and he was very gracious and helpful!
April 01 , 2012
Dr. Sharpe has treated me the past few years for my kidney stones that I have from time to time. My most recent kidney stone attack Dr. Sharpe had to surgically bust up due to its position and size and says I would have not been able to pass it on my own. Dr. Sharpe was very quick on getting me in for surgery due to how much pain I was in and couldnt find comfort in pain meds I had. He was very up front on everything he told me and he has always done that from day one. He also has done surgery on my dad to remove his prostate and my dad would also give Dr. Sharpe the same excellent rating. Very good doctor!
July 20 , 2017
I am a young man (47) that was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and didnt know where to turn. Dr. Sharpe made time the day after I found out to fit me into his schedule and guide my treatment of care. I cant imagine going through this process without him and I am on my way to a long life with my family thanks to him and God.
September 27 , 2015
I am a physician myself, and have found Dr. Sharpe to be a trustworthy and skillful physician whom I have great confidence in. I would and have referred friends and family to him.
July 02 , 2017
Outstanding Doctor - has been very helpful.
April 19 , 2018
It seems some of the older comments are from a previous office. They must have had a horrible staff there and if I were a doctor I wouldnt have stayed myself. Everyone knows bad staff puts you in a bad mood before you even see the doctor. That being said, my appointment with Dr. Sharpe was GREAT. He actually listened to me, hard to find that anymore. He has a great bedside manner and although Im not looking forward to the kidney stone being blasted, Im glad hes my doctor. I will write an up to date review afterward.
August 22 , 2014
Dr. seemed over worked, tired, and even yawned during short consultation ( both appointments). In my opinion hes a good doctor. Lobby wait was long past appointment.
June 14 , 2019
Very intelligent and knows latest methods. Did residency at prestigious Emory University Hospital.
August 23 , 2006
He is a very good Doctor. He really know what he is talking about. But he could use a new staff.
March 04 , 2009
Dr Sharpe is very compassionate, wonderful and knowledgeable. However, his staff has been either rude or forgetful the last 2 times I was there. THis last time, two of the staff were just chatting and laughing for the longest time while I waited to be seen and then the one nurse finally decided to come in and talk to me. They really need an office manager.
March 23 , 2010
He was my doctor here in NC and then one day *poof* gone. I did nit find out until I called to schedule my three month SURGERY FOLLOWUP. No one called beforehand, nothing was --announced--...he skipped town overnite. Can someone find out why he was forced to resign and leave the state he received his medical training in (From UNC)? Whats up?
July 26 , 2014
Although Dr. Sharpe is younger than me he seems to suffer from ADHD or Dementia. The first time I saw him he prescribed HRT even though I told him my wife and I were trying to have a second child. He completely forgot to order a blood test when he walked out of the room, and I had to have the nurse track him down to get it ordered. The second time I saw him he freaked out when I repeated we were trying to have kids and told me to stop the HRT IMMEDIATELY (emphasis his). Then I got an order for blood work from him, but it was the WRONG ONE. He wrote down a blood test for me that was completely unrelated to my visit. Yet again I had to have a nurse track him down to get it corrected. Also, every blood test result Ive gotten from that office has been wrong when compared to the exact same test done by my GPs office. The numbers were all over the map from Dr. Sharpe, but the numbers from my GP made sense. Get a second opinion if you see Sharpe, and dont trust the blood test results.
February 14 , 2012
Unfortunately I have not had a good experience with this dr. He was very rude and impatient with me and my family. I had surgery have been given the run around and am awaiting the second procedure, Even when verbally reassured that I would get a call back I did not. There was such a miscommunication regarding my surgery we had no preop instructions with the exception of time. I found that the Dr was in a hurry to get to his next task and was not helpful in answering questions.
December 13 , 2011
One of the most arrogant doctors I have ever seen. He is always racing through your appointment and does not take the time to listen.
July 07 , 2014
Doctor made me feel like I was imposing on his schedule. He was in a hurry and actually had to retract a piece of misinformation. The burden of proof was definitely on me as the patient.
March 27 , 2019
Dr. Sharpe is very inexperienced in communicating with patients. He is abrasive, rude and sometimes, downright mean. He left us waiting long past our appointment time while he sat outside the examination room eating and joking with residents. He did not listen or even read my chart before entering the room. He did not even review the reports sent so the appointment was a waste of time. He appeared to be young and I hope he matures as he continues in this profession. For now, I would suggest you look elsewhere if you want a competent, respectful and professional medical care provider. Unfortunately, Dr. Sharpe is none of these.
September 08 , 2011
Dr. Sharpe ordered a CT scan after a possible cancer diagnosis. It took a 1 1/2 weeks to finally get the referral despite numerous attempts to find the referral status. Of the couple of people I was able to talk to no one was able to ascertain the status of the referral. Calls to his office were not returned or disconnected while trying to find the status of the referral. Finally, after the CT scan was done, I made several attempts over two weeks to contract Dr. Sharpe to talk to him. Again, calls were either disconnected or voice mails were not returned. I never heard from Dr. Sharpe or anyone in his office. After that two week period I finally found another Urologist.
August 16 , 2021
A urologist should not be correcting pelvic floor prolapse. I was sold the “gold procedure” by Dr Sharpe... a procedure that altered my life by adding permanent pain and bladder dysfunction.
March 06 , 2019
First of all his Office in Gainesville is creepy and there is no privacy. Everything said can be heard through the walls. Being at an Urologist is the last place any man wants to be. Dr Sharpe is not very sympathetic toward kidney stones. If a 64 yr old man with health issues comes in with a kidney stone you would think the Dr would do something to help him. NOTHING! Told him to go 4-wheeling etc. Dr Sharpe needs to work on his bedside manner.
September 27 , 2019
I definitely DO NOT recommend Dr. Brent Sharpe for any services related to cancer. I was diagnosed with Gleason 10 prostate cancer December 2022 and Dr. Sharpe operated (removed prostate) at end of January 2023. After the surgery, Dr. Sharpe advised no further scans, PSA testing, blood work, or oncologist consultation until after a PSA testing date that was scheduled 105 days after the surgery. At that point, my PSA was over 100 and subsequent Bone and PET scans showed that the cancer had spread throughout my entire body. This cannot be cured. So as a (formerly) healthy 64 year old male, my median life expectancy is now 5 years assuming I continue with the multiple invasive treatments I am now receiving at Cancer Treatment Center in Newnan (Chemotherapy, Hormone Injections, Hormone Pills, Bone Injections, and Supplements). Dr. Sharpe represented himself as the person who could guide me through my cancer treatment and cure, connecting me with experts and modern methods, and instead he basically handed me a death sentence due to his inaction and poor guidance. I have filed a complaint with the Medical Board of Georgia in hopes that Dr. Sharpe is prevented from causing harm to others in the way that he harmed me.
June 19 , 2023

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