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3.1 out of 5
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
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3.1 out of 5
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Dr. Canterbury is one of the most empathetic, caring physicians I have ever known. He is thorough and kind -acknowledging risks and benefits to every procedure. I read one of the old negative comments about him and couldnt believe it - it was someone who had no idea what a good doctor he was with sound advice. Sometimes things dont go the way we want to, but he is definitely NOT arrogant. Given a poor diagnosis he was so caring and even gave me his own cell phone and told me to call any time AND he would come and meet me if necessary - Im 64 yrs old and NEVER had a doctor offer that -he is AWESOME
January 23 , 2014
Great doctor. Surgery went very well. Highly recommend!
December 31 , 2013
Dr. Canterbury was an amazing resident and treated my child with great respect and care. Im not sure about your experience with him, but he was a very knowledgable and caring physician who went out of his way to keep us informed about our childs condition. My son still talks about him whenever he goes to the doctors office in hopes that he will be there. He can take care of our children anytime.
October 05 , 2009
The office staff at this new location (Exchange St.) is just terrible. Dr. Canterbury is a good doctor but his office staff has no concept of professionalism and accountability. I was very disappointed with the unreturned phone calls and lack of awareness displayed by the staff.
March 13 , 2018
Dr. Canterbury is a Urology Resident that needs to go back to medical school. His confidence and conceit are completely misplaced. It is sad they made him Chief Resident as he is completely incompetent. This Doctor need to learn that antibiotics do not make you --super immune--. That is one of many completely ridiculous direct quotes from Dr. Canterbury. Some surgeons and specialist have wonderful skills and no bedside manners. Dr. Canterbury has neither. I would never trust him anywhere near my child again.
January 09 , 2009
The price for the facility charge to see this doctor was $200 or 3Xs the copay. We have never had a CCF doctor that has this high of a facility charge. Visit was not worth it...
July 15 , 2020
The idea that doctors provide a service and patients are clients appears to be a foreign thought to this doctors office. The office is on a one-way street in the middle of a major construction zone on the outskirts of downtown Akron. When I arrived 10 minutes late the waiting room was packed--clearly overbooked. After waiting another 20 minutes I was told Canterbury could not see me and that I should reschedule. If I treated my clients in this way I wouldnt have any business!
October 25 , 2017

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