Providence Health And Services-Wa
1321 Colby Ave
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3 out of 5
Providence Health And Services-Wa
1321 Colby Ave
Everett, WA 98201 (Directions)

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3 out of 5
23 ratings, 23 reviews
Great job... - Great job
February 05 , 2023
Excellent services.... - Excellent services.
February 08 , 2023
Excellent... - Excellent
February 07 , 2023
Efficient and professional... - Efficient and professional
February 07 , 2023
There were no bad experiences. E... - There were no bad experiences. Everybody acted courteously and professionally.
February 10 , 2023
Very nice caring and. Knowledgea... - Very nice caring and. Knowledgeable.
February 04 , 2023
I had a large kidney tumor that I thought would get the better of me and he was able to remove it and now I'm cancer free! He explained the procedure clearly to me and the outcome and recovery were exactly as he described. He is an expert in robotic and minimally invasive surgery and I only was in the hospital one night and back to work after the weekend. When making my decision, he was patient with me, as I went down to the downtown hospital for a second opinion but felt I was in great hands locally. It's good to know there's expert care close to home.
August 02 , 2017
They have always been the best... - They have always been the best
February 04 , 2023
I despise doctors, but.....I was surprisingly pleased. Dr. Fong was knowledgable and answered our questions. The thing that impressed me most? Dr. Fong said he would not do the surgery if he didnt think it would be beneficial. He did, it was. And he called personally for a post-op check.
September 28 , 2019
Good experience - much needed an... - Good experience - much needed and appreciated
January 19 , 2023
I've had nothing but positive ex... - I've had nothing but positive experiences at providence. Thank you
February 14 , 2023
Not at all confident in this doctor. Very rushed. Not interested in my concerns.
April 08 , 2015
Dr. Brian Fong constantly interrupted us and did not listen. He did not examine my father as a new patient and wanted to rush the exam room. The total time he spent with my father was just about 10 minutes with the rush. I had to ask him to at least examin my dad. He was speaking so fast without listening to what I am saying to him. Awful doctor!
April 08 , 2014
In general the provider seemed a... - In general the provider seemed a bit dismissive without much personal dialogue and personal care.
February 12 , 2023
Dr. Fong seems like the young Doogie Houser. A prodigy who knows it all. Who talks fast and gets you out of his office. I just don't feel like he has the experience and wisdom of someone with more experience.
August 23 , 2017
I saw Dr. Fong twice, a year apart. The first time was a referral by my PCP as a "just check in case ..." for an illness that could have had effects on my kidneys. Extremely brief office visit and examination lasted about 5 minutes, but he ordered a bladder examination using an orthoscopic camera. The test seemed justified, but I was charged a co-pay for the lab visit & it was billed to the insurance co. as a lab test and also as an office visit because he gave me a verdict on the examination right then. I thought that was hokey since the examination and the verdict together took up about five minutes of his time. The second occasion was a year later and this time there were significant symptoms involved. He spoke with me for about three minutes, made a diagnosis without examining me, prescribed a medication, handed me two bottles of physician's samples of the medication and as he's walking out he says, those are two weeks worth of the medication, they will last until your mail order supply arrives. I asked, What mail order supply?!!! He replied, Oh, don't worry, it won't cost any more than what you would have paid to pick it up at the pharmacy. I got the distinct feeling he was "pushing" a particular medication and a mail order pharmacy. he was almost out the door when he stopped, turned around and said, let me do an exam just to be doubly sure, and he proceeds to do a prostate exam, which takes almost 20 seconds, says, yup, just as I thought and then turns around to leave, but stops when I ask, what does this medication do? What should I expect? He stops mid-stride, gives me a two-sentence explanation of how the medication works and leaves. Total time with me: about six minutes! He had already made a note in my chart for his office staff to start a mail order prescription for me, with a company I had never heard about, and promptly the next day I received a call from the company to get all the details to start the mail order prescription! The real kicker was when I got home I noticed that both bottles of the Physician Sample medication had expired! Over the phone his nurse tried to convince me that expiration dates don't really matter! He had not bothered to review my chart for possible contraindications to this medication or interactions with other medications I was taking and had not discussed with me any adverse side effects or reactions to the medication. I DID react badly to the medication, and called his office and spoke with his nurse. He never spoke with me, but he prescribed another medication and his nurse informed me to go pick it up at my pharmacy. I reacted badly to this one too so he prescribed a third medication and I reacted badly to that one too. He prescribed a fourth without speaking a word to me, but I refused to pick it up from the pharmacy and decided to demand that my PCP refer me to another urologist. At least one of these medications DID have an adverse interaction with another medication I was taking and this was pointed out to me by the pharmacist. I don't believe Dr. Fong ever checked. Also, the way he wrote his notes, which were sent to the second doctor I saw, made it seem like he had just done the orthoscopic exam with the catheter camera whereas in fact he made a diagnosis of a serious condition based on an examination from a year ago. In the process, he also ruled out very serious conditions which are usually fatal if not detected and treated early. I'm lucky I didn't have those conditions,. So is Dr. Fong. I won't be seeing him again.
February 15 , 2015
very rude and overcharges for unnecessary procedures
January 20 , 2015
All this doctor cares about is the money, I saw him twice, he's quick worded, doesn't explain anything rushes you out of his office as fast as he can. I showed up to my last appointment 10 minutes early had to wait and then when I was finally brought back he took less than 2 minutes to talk to me handed me some papers and then rushed me out the door. I myself am in the medical field and I would never do that to a patient, as I wouldn't want to treat them like cattle. It's sad when doctors think that they're so great that they forget about the patients they are supposed to be helping.
December 07 , 2019
July 08 , 2014
Worst bedside manner! I called another Urologist and I will not be going back
June 26 , 2015
he did have copy of some records for me to take that was nice.the appointment felt rushed and impersonal it literally felt like it was only 3 minutes he was not interested in my concerns about my remaining kidney at all. he did not want to discuss more details or treat me like I would be knowledgeable. I am going to a different urologist as fast as I can.
September 04 , 2015
Dr Fong might be an excellent surgeon; his bedside manner is poor. He rushed into the exam room talking. The exam on my bladder was fast & rushed. He left the room talking & said to come back in three months. I didn't.
April 25 , 2020
June 29 , 2015

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