United Shockwave Services Ltd
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2.3 out of 5
United Shockwave Services Ltd
450 W Il Route 22
Barrington, IL 60010 (Directions)

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2.3 out of 5
70 ratings, 70 reviews
Nurse Dawn is an awesome Nurse and very caring ! How can anyone give neg comments for Dr Gerber when he is saving peoples lives ! I would rate them even higher ! Excellent care !
September 19 , 2017
I have been to several Urologists in Elgin. Dr. Gerber was the only one who was able to help me.
February 15 , 2010
Ive been seeing Dr. Gerber for over 10 years. He and Dawn are both very professional and caring people. I have absolutely no complaints and have recommended him to others.
January 28 , 2021
Just returned from a procedure at Dr. Gerbers office. Both he and Dawn have done wonders for me both physically and mentally. Ive been to different urologists in the past, and Dr. Gerber is number one in my book. I feel sad for those people who write such nasty things about their experience. Try to be a better patient!
January 23 , 2017
Ive been going to Dr. Gerber for about 8 years, and hes kept my bladder cancer in remission all that time. Its afforded me a lot more time with family and friends and I couldnt appreciate Dr. Gerber and his staff more. Dawn is business-like and compassionate at the same time. She certainly knows her stuff, and I definitely give her a shout-out for both. I thank all of you so very much.
January 11 , 2017
Fast and efficient. Staff and Lead nurse Dawn are terrific.
September 23 , 2020
I saw Dr. Gerber for the first time today and could not have been more pleased with the visit. He is cordial, professional and takes time to ask questions and listen to answers. He is thorough in trying to find what is CAUSING the problem rather than putting a bandaid on it.
August 04 , 2017
Helpful and explained our sons condition thoroughly. Dr. Gerber answered all questions and what we can expect in the future. We are happy with our visit and will be taking our son back. The staff in Dr. Gerbers office were very nice and helpful.
January 24 , 2019
Once again, I saw Dr. Gerber to have a procedure done to keep my bladder cancer in check. I am always treated with a combination of respect and professionalism by both Dr. Gerber and Dawn. My wife and I are so grateful for the attention and compassion we receive. So thank you both so much. Bill & JoAnn B.
November 14 , 2017
Dr Gerber and nurse Dawn saved my life because of advanced prostete cancer ! God bless them and if I could I would give them 10 stars !
May 29 , 2017
Dr Gerber and Staff were exceptional!
July 15 , 2019
I have been seeing Dr Gerber for a few years now. Very considerate of any issues I may have and will take the time to listen or explain when needed.
November 05 , 2019
I love this Doctor and his staff. Dr. Gerber saved my husbands life. Timely and accurate diagnosis, thorough checkups and Dawn! Dawn gets down to business and knows her business. Some say shes cold and rushes you. Now tell me, do YOU like waiting in the urologists office? I certainly dont. Dr Gerber and his staff will always have my utmost respect and I would recommend them highly to anyone and everyone!
April 04 , 2016
We want to express our appreciation for Dr. Gerbers obvious skills and concern for my well-being. He has been my urologist for about 10 years and has helped me keep my bladder by doing what two other specialists in urology told me they couldnt do. My family and I are eternally grateful forever. Dawn and the rest of the staff have been so helpful and considerate, too. Thank you again. William Bower
February 13 , 2019
Thank you Dr Gerber and nurse Dawn for the excellent care you have given me threw the years!
January 31 , 2017
All I can say is the few bad reviews I have read are probably the patient being rude and an A-Hole ( you know what I mean many times the customer is the problem). I almost didnt go to Dr. Gerber because of some of these Idiot reviews. I am glad I listened to my neighbor ( who is a patient of his ) and not these Obvious Miserable people writing bad things. I found Dr. Gerber not only to be a great and caring Urologists, but he is also into new cutting age Age management Medicine and Hormonal Replacement. He truly wants his patients to live longer and live healthier. Anybody who actually sits and listens to him can see that.
June 10 , 2016
I've ben seeing Dr. Gerber for about 10 years and wouldn't go to anyone else. He found my prostate cancer, designed a program to combat it, and my PSA is undetectable 2 1/2 years after treatment. He's friendly, personable and thorough. The staff is also outstanding!! 100 stars!!
May 26 , 2021
used him in the hospital, and he was great. he thoroughly explained exactly what was going on with our new born and in front of a large crowd. I cant wait to take our baby back to him.
May 07 , 2011
I made many visits for prostatitis and elevated PSA.I complained of pain on urination and ejaculation and a tender prostate. Have had many biopsies all negative.Gerber never suggested an Cystoscope or urine flow test to look for the problem. Upon going to a new doctor they did a scope procedure and found a urethral stricture that was causing all my problems..I would not recommend this doctor
November 11 , 2009
Ive seen this doctor twice and he prescribed medication which did not work. When I came back the second time, I still had symptoms and this seemed to be brushed off. He prescribed yet another antibiotic for me and said he would see me in 6 months. What about my recurring symptoms? His receptionist Dawn is rude (I read someone elses post). I called back earlier this week to get another appointment and she seemed really exasperated that I was calling. --Well, do you have an infection?--she asked in a put out sort of manner. And then she said, --Well, doctor wont be back in the office until next Tuesday.-- It was as if it didnt matter what was going on with me. She seemed as if she didnt want to be bothered. I would not recommend this office to anyone. Find another urologist.
October 24 , 2014
I went to Brian Gerber because of my insurance company. I told him what my problem was, so he sent me to the hospital for some tests. I returned to his office a week later. He told me that he does not do that kind of work.
March 19 , 2009
Dr. Gerber himself is very accommodating and takes time to explain to you your condition and all possible treatment options. I cannot say the same for his staff specifically Dawn who does the appointements and scheduling in general. She does not return calls when she said she will and if there is a miscommunication due to her not calling you back, she easily blames it all on you. Im thinking of getting another urologist just because of her. I sincerely hope shes not a nurse, otherwise its such a shame.
September 02 , 2013
I have MSK (medullary sponge kidney). I was referred to Gerber from the hospital when I was passing my 1st kidney stone. Gerber performed 2 lithotrypsies (sp?).nothing worked. went to a nephrologist at University of Chicago Hosp. and was told that Gerber should have known better that lithotrypisies will not work on my kind of stones. Wasted time,pain, money and aggravation.very unknowledgeble need to see another urologist now have a 1.4 cm stone and will not go to him again!
December 20 , 2011
"Nice office and staff but this hormone therapy may be more of a scam than a real treatment. The Dr claims he and his staff are all doing it but I never asked any of them if they did. I really don't think that I would get an honest answer. I did try it , all in cost about $1,800 dollars did not see much results gained some unwanted weight, libido was boosted for about 2 weeks not the 5 months as promised, ..."
November 15 , 2019
I was well had an awful experience. The staff with the exception to his RN is rude! His bedside is awful, doesnt answer questions, makes you feel dumb for asking, and does brush off any concerns. He doesnt explain anything and puts yout through unnecessary treatments. I too had a painful procedure done in office that I shouldve been sedated for! He never did figure out what was wrong and didnt seem to care either. Hes very quick to not examine you, but to shove drugs down your throat and, --hope for the best--. I wouldnt recommend this guy to anyone. A previous comment on here called him Mr. because the term Dr. doesnt apply...I couldnt agree more. How hes practicing, who knows, my guess is for not much longer. Dont see this guy.
January 12 , 2011
Mr. Gerber ( I will not call him Dr.) Is very unsympathetic to patient discomfort... I was literally tortured during a procedure in office that is usually done under sedation in the hospital unneccessarily..I was writhing so badly he had to repeat it AGAIN because he couldnt do it the first time! Hello!!!Maybe because I needed SEDATION for pain! He also was my dads doctor and he failed to treat him as well, when he couldnt figure out his problem, he wrote him off- literally. He refuses to see him anymore!! Nice sensitive doc, huh? Dont waste your time or pain on this one.
April 30 , 2009
Worst experience I have ever had. Patients health is the last concern of this Doctor. I pray the --treatment-- and ensuing complications I received will have to be answered for one day by this man.
January 13 , 2014
I went for his testosterone replacement plan it was expensive you had to buy and take a lot of pills and it did absolutely nothing for me maybe I was just too old but it was a waste of time and money.
November 19 , 2019
Worst doctor i have ever been to! He could not figure out what was wrong with me so he made me feel like i was stupid and crazy and refused to explain any medical terms that i did not understand. Very rude, impatient, needs to learn interpersonal skills. I would never recommend this doctor to anyone unless they want to waste their time. Worst Doctor EVER!!!!
June 26 , 2010
I cant believe Dr. Gerber still has patients! Although he his a very good Dr, the entire office staff is quite honestly beyond belief! And not in a good way! I dont know if Dr. is aware of their attitude towards patients, but shame on him if he isnt. Dont just walk away from this office, RUN!
April 13 , 2016
I had lithotripsy last year done by Dr. Gerber for a 8.5mm kidney stone. At my follow up he said there was no more stone which was great. I then asked how long the pain would last and he handed me a card for a pain specialist and proceeded to basically call me a drug seeker. Recently I was in the ER with another kidney stone. I simply called to make a follow up appointment and he said it was unnecessary and I needed to see a pain specialist yet again. He said there was no stone but it was clearly seen and he looked at the wrong scan or didn’t look at the right one. I highly discourage anyone to see this man. Not to mention he’s very arrogant and pompous.
April 19 , 2018
Impossible to get a hold of. You can bet that every Friday they leave early. Dawn is a rude witch. Bad enough people are dealing with cancer but the have to put up with her.
December 09 , 2014
April 06 , 2011
Well, I hear it is a better place on the other side. That is just where you will end up if you trust this man with critical issues involving health problems. So that does not make him all bad I guess.
November 07 , 2018
Absolute worst dr experience of my life! Dr Gerber is very nice and competent, but is office staff is extremely rude and down right mean! Stay away from this office! Too many other good options in the area then to have to put up with his office staff.
April 14 , 2016
For reasons we do not understand bad things happen to good people. If you want to find this to be true, start seeing this doctor.
March 05 , 2018
1. I had two biopsies by Dr. Gerber. Before the first one, he told me to go to my happy place. 2. Before the second biopsy, I said I wanted a local, and he assured me I would have one. He forgot. 3. I had to wait with man attendant with my back end exposed for 10 minutes waiting for my second biopsy. 5. After a procedure he performed, inserting pellets in prostate for cancer, I suffered severe blood clots. I called him hours after the procedure for a suggestion. He informed me he was going on vacation tonight. If I wanted him to insert a catheter, he would but won't be back to remove it for 2 weeks. When I asked who was covering his patients, he said, "Any doctor will work. "
October 02 , 2021
Well I went to the doc and he prescribes an antibiotic for cancer. Well, Duh I guess I should have gone to Cancer Center of America or anywhere but here. Lots of luck with this fool.
August 03 , 2019
This office should be named Schlock Urology Center
October 14 , 2020
Save yourself a lot of misery and misdiagnosis and find another urologist. It took another urologist at NW Medicine 5 minutes to tell me I had cancer. If I had stayed with Dr. Gerber I probably would not be alive to write this review. Your Choice!
November 04 , 2017
I am a family man, loved by 3 daughters, 1 son and 10 grand children, we are all together. Because of this careless stupid doctor I almost died from cancer and would have been missed by all including my many friends. This man is disgrace to the medical profession- BEWARE
April 06 , 2018
Dawn is very rude and said to me -- dealing with your insurance co. Is becoming a full time job and dont hve time for this-- because I needed a letter of medical necessity for ALL the unnecessary labs THAT the Dr . ordered. She will not return phone calls. And final result was Dr told her to call me to inform me that-- he does NOT and will NOT write a letter of medical necessity. He also tried to sell in pushing me to buy a bunch of -- natural herbal vitamins -- worse phycian experience ever! Will never ever recommend him to anyone!
May 20 , 2015
Poor overall experience.. rude staff dont see this doctor very unprofessional
May 20 , 2015
Reading the rest of the comments, I feel like I dont need to warn you. Youd be better off seeing a veterinarian for your urologic issues. Words cannot even accurately describe the rudeness and ineptitude of Dawn. 4 weeks after a procedure, still in pain. Told it would be 2 weeks max. My opinion is that it was botched. Once Dawn got rude with my wife, it was over. Let me make this very clear: if this was the last urologist in our solar system, Id let myself die of prostate cancer, rather than go back to the rudest, most apathetic and condescending physicians practice I have ever encountered in my 50+ years. A disaster waiting to happen, in my opinion. There is a special place in hades for that beast of a female, Dawn. Stay away from here unless you have no other option. If that is the case, be sure to bring a VERY BAD attitude with you. Youll fit right in.
March 09 , 2016
AWFUL!!! JUST AWFUL!!!! NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE!!!! Do research on ALL your doctors thoroughly so a mistake isnt made, especially when it can jeopardize your overall happiness and maybe even your life.
June 09 , 2013
It makes me wonder how someone wants to be a doctor if they do not really want to help, must be for the money and the money only. He is not a good doctor a doctor with all the credentials but very short on being a caring person. Believe me when things go wrong its going to be your problem and yours alone.
October 13 , 2020
Could it be the fickle hand of fate or just a mistake. Dr. Gerber is a Big mistake and your best interest is questionable to say the least.
April 03 , 2020
I just left the office and I agree with all the horrible things everyone else is saying. I had a post surgery follow up with the dr and they tried to charge me my full copay!! I told the lady I will not pay for a post surgery follow up, she said very snotty that this is the insurance i chose and its not her problem, she told me I wont be seen! I have a Stent in my kidney at this point with a raging infection in my kidney and NO IDEA what to do now. Very rude, and inconsiderate of others circumstances. I will find another urologist at this point. That lady needs to lose her job!!!
December 29 , 2014
Hopefully you new patients took time to read the reviews, unfortunately I did not. I believe the facts are brought out in these honest reviews. This doctor needs a miracle to change his heart to care for us. We come to him with our problems and illness and are treated like a pain in the butt. Until this change occurs I suggest finding another doctor, this is serious business.
May 10 , 2018
We all love Santa Claus, Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy and then there is Dr. Brian Gerber. Really, is this guy for real. Big mistake waiting for good things to happen at this office. Save your money, time and your life and exit left. Absolutely nothing that would benefit me by suggesting North West Medicine, but my mister good guy instincts prevail.
December 16 , 2019
1. I had two biopsies by Dr. Gerber. Before the first one, he told me to go to my happy place. 2. Before the second biopsy, I said I wanted a local, and he assured me I would have one. He forgot. 3. I had to wait with man attendant with my back end exposed for 10 minutes waiting for my second biopsy. 5. After a procedure he performed, inserting pellets in prostate for cancer, I suffered severe blood clots. I called him hours after the procedure for a suggestion. He informed me he was going on vacation tonight. If I wanted him to insert a catheter, he would but wont be back to remove it for 2 weeks. When I asked who was covering his patients, he said, --Any doctor will work. --
October 02 , 2021
After two visits was told I have overactive bladder and possibly an enlarged prostate. Took other urologist to detect bladder cancer and perform emergency surgery. Im now on cancer treatment 5 months later.
June 15 , 2017
If you are looking for the answers for your problems, you are at the wrong doctors office. This man does not have a clue.
June 01 , 2019
In simple words this guy totally sucks. God help you if you think he knows what he is doing
April 02 , 2018
This is the worst dr office I have ever been to. DAWN in his office is the ruddest, non caring person I have ever met!!!!!!!!!!!! She actually told me very sarcasticall, well shouldnt still be in pain and if you are then maybe I should have the surgery done again. She also told me she thought I was just trying to get more time off and that wasnt going to happen with her. I went to another dr that told me I was in a lot of pain because there was A LOT of blood around my kidney and I should have been hospitalized but the dr and DAWN think I shouldnt be in pain so he released me to go back to work. I had to find another dr and he found out why I was in a lot of pain. BAD. BAD. BAD horrible office. No one in that office was very knowledgeable at all!!!!
May 07 , 2013
The reviews seem to be running from 0 to 100. Apparently some of the patients are sold on Dr. Gerber and some feel he is lacking in his urology skills. I will vote on the poor side and put my endeavors in finding a good doctor.
February 18 , 2019
Do not trust this person. I cannot even call him a doctor. He is inefficient and inaccurate at the office and even worse in surgery. Do not trust this guy!
July 24 , 2018
Called the doctor for 10 hours Was having a reaction to medication am a new patient does not know my history tried explaining symptoms he hung up. Paged him again twice with no call callback. I have been sick needed a specialist not many to choose from.
March 10 , 2019
None of us are exempt from the nightmare of getting cancer. Yes, that nasty debilitating disease that spreads thru your body like a invading army. The toxic cells grow relentlessly into unruly tumors that have no boundaries. Fortunately methods of immunotherapy and chemotherapy give you a fighting chance once cancer is detected. Relying on this doctor to deal with any of this would be costly for you. Ok, a prescription for Viagra or some hormone replacement or maybe testosterone pellets is harmless enough, but the cancer problem ,I suggest going some place else, he does not know how to detect it or treat it.
December 28 , 2018
Don’t waste your time or money. The worst experience I had with a doctor in my life. Please read all comments before making an appt.
February 14 , 2020
I strongly urge anyone with medical issues that involve a urologist to get a second opinion. I think including Dr. Gerber in those opinions would be a mistake. Reading his reviews he seems to treat patients on a basis if he likes you or not. So I would not give him the opportunity to treat you or diagnose you because you might be the chosen one that isnt worthy.
January 11 , 2018
This doctor saw my husband in the Hospital and then REFUSED to see him for a follow-up when we showed up for the appointment! My husband is in a wheelchair and it took a lot of effort to get him to this confirmed appointment only to be turned away by the doctor for no reason. What a JERK!
September 12 , 2011
The office manager is one of the most unprofessional, rudest person I have ever dealt with. I scheduled an appointment only to find out, the day of my appointment, that I had been canceled. The office manager had canceled it because I failed to call her back within a day. She claimed I had to call her (but never contacted me to explain this) because I had to pay for service. I had already paid & she had my credit card information on file. When I asked her why she just didnt call me, she began screaming at me saying how she didnt have time to babysit me or my credit card information. What a horrible, crazy, unprofessional, nut! I would never recommend this office-not even to my worst enemy. Find another doctor with a professional staff.
December 07 , 2015
Finding another urologist might keep you alive this Dr. is not looking out for you.
October 03 , 2017
Thank goodness I went to another doctor after Dr. Gerber found no problems. I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, yes you read that correctly, and started immediate chemotherapy. I am out of the woods for now, and pray to be around to enjoy life.
December 05 , 2017
I find it incredible this man has been a doctor for 25 years he must be related to the great imposter. Presence Health System must be overlooking something they recommended him to me.
June 14 , 2018
Once upon a time there was a bad cop, a bad teacher, a bad plumber, a bad truck driver, a bad salesman, a bad electrician, a bad priest, where my story is going there are bad people in all walks of life, there are also bad doctors. Vindictive and nasty best describe this man to a T, and also a bad doctor.
October 02 , 2018
The phrase, hope for the best , prepare for the worst, best describes your confiding in Dr. Gerber.
April 16 , 2019
My first thoughts are how did I get so unlucky to be referred to this doctor. There is a right way and a wrong way and a Dr. Gerber way. After my first exam I was told there were no immediate problems and was given a clean bill of health. Unfortunately this was not true, 8 months later I went to a different urologist and was told I had stage 3 muscle invasive cancer in my bladder. I return to Dr. Gerber for a explanation, and he is disturbed I confided in another doctor, thank God I did. So Dr. Gerber wants to start Immunotherapy right away and then remove my bladder and prostate after treatment. By this time I realize it is time to run for my life. After speaking with two oncologists immunotherapy treatment is absurd for cancer that has advanced like mine and started chemotherapy at North Western Cancer Center and 6 months later had my bladder and prostate removed at University of Chicago. I might add Dr. Gerber is in private practice and answers to no one the 9 affilliations to hospitals does not mean he is a good doctor. A word to you cancer victims, a lot of things start happening once you find out you have cancer you do your best to understand and accept what your chances are, Dr. Gerber just adds to the problem. Please do get a second opinion and stay away from Dr. Gerber, Bless you.
December 05 , 2017
DO NOT go to Dr. Gerber, instead of figuring out the issues. He would rather shove pills down your throat that is not covered by insurance. Their Techs cannot draw blood correctly as they collapsed a vein and took 2 months to get feeling back in my elbow again. Reason why this so called Doctor has a low rating
November 02 , 2020

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