Urology Specialists Of Atlanta North, LLC
5673 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Suite 910
Atlanta, GA 30342 (Directions)
4.5 out of 5
Urology Specialists Of Atlanta North, LLC
5673 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Suite 910
Atlanta, GA 30342 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
23 ratings, 23 reviews
That rare combination of doctors - highly knowledgeable, super smart diagnostician who also has a great bedside manner. Took my elderly mother here for a possible kidney stone. He was reassuring, had a good sense of humor, and sorted out the previous tests her other doctors misinterpreted. Careful to explain issues and options in ways she could understand. Helped us weigh need for more tests rather than just ordering them needlessly. Never felt rushed. Nurse was kind and office processes went smoothly other than somewhat long wait at checkout. Highly recommended.
August 25 , 2014
Dr. Hill is an excellent Urologist and has treated my husband with gentle care. My husband is 87 years old and we have been his patient for several years. He always explains how it works, why he feels it is a good medication or treatment for the problem. He gives us plenty of time to ask questions. I consider his advice and skills to be valuable and his medical treatments have always been on target. I think Dr. Brian Hill of Atlanta, GA is NOT interested in the insurance company, but is TOTALLY INTERESTED in improving his patient's quality of life .
October 28 , 2015
Dr. Hill is superior in every way - I thank God every day that Dr. Hill was my doctor when I was diagnosed with RCC. You will receive the best care possible with this great doctor.
February 07 , 2019
I have a urology problem and had to go to four different practices before somebody could help me. This took 3 years. Dr. Hill is part of the practice that solved my problem. It is not this practice but one in Atlanta. Dr. Hill was a backup surgeon for the physician that performed the surgery. The original surgeon was out of town and Dr. Hill covered for him. Dr. Hill was tremendous. He recognized my issues took the time to listen and reacted quick. This is a wonderful doctor. I highly recommend him and his new practice.
November 01 , 2010
Dr Hill removed my right kidney because of cancer, I have never felt so much at ease. He also did surgery on my husband. Dr Hill is one of the most caring Dr's I have ever been to. He explained everything on my level. Wish there were more Dr's like him. He was wonderful, we look forward to seeing him every time.
August 17 , 2010
Sent to Dr. Hill as a result of Renal Cell Carcinoma. He explained with great care, and compassion what the treatment (remove the affected kidney) the recovery, the prognosis and follow up care would be. The surgery was flawless and the recovery went EXACTLY as he described! He is VERY caring, very competent and will answer ALL questions without rushing you. Years later he also performed a laser operation for an enlarged prostate when the medication did not work. That operation and recovery and results ASO went exactly as he described and I am VERY pleased with him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
August 13 , 2016
I have been under Dr. Hills care for a couple of years, he has always been very punctual,and very good bed manners. His treatments has been very good, and he seems to be very knowledgeable about my problem. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has my medical problem.
January 29 , 2010
Very knowledgeable, skilled and concerned.
February 05 , 2015
The BEST! I was treated by several urologist prior to seaking out Dr. Hill. Although it was a big surprise to be diagnosed with prostate cancer at a young age, Dr. Hill identified the problem quickly and I was placed on a solid treatment plan. I highly recommend Dr. Hill!
January 12 , 2018
It is very hard to find a doctor who is like Dr. Hill. He was extremely compassionate and very informative. You can tell that he is on top of his game in all aspects and knows all the latest procedures. This is a man who is a caring excited about helping people. Still very young too. I have to say he was actually the best Doctor I have ever seen. He went above and beyond his duties. I was in severe pain because of a Kidney Stone and he actually called me back on a Sunday within two minutes making sure that I would have an appointment the next day. Later, I needed more medicine because of the pain and I called him - on a Sunday, he answered an phoned it in right away. If you want to see an amazing doctor, this is the one. Dr. Brian Hill.
November 13 , 2011
Could not ask for a more compassionate Doctor. Been seeing him for 9 yeRs.
July 01 , 2017
I recently moved out of state and will have to find another doctor. Will be hard to find one like Dr. Hill. He is the only doctor I have ever had who actually called me up personally after hours to give me favorable lab results. I will miss his compassion and professionalism. And, I might add, great sense of humor.
June 12 , 2020
I read a review on this site before my visit with Dr. Hill and was concerned about the things that were said. I'm a healthcare consultant and have been working with physicians and their offices for over 20 years so I have relatively high expectations. I have to say my visit was one of the most professional and informative encounters I have ever had. I had barely picked up a magazine after being signed in by a delightful receptionist when the nurse called be to the back. The nurse was accommodating and hospitable. She later drew some blood and performed another test and handled both expertly. Dr. Hill had a great energy. He was warm, gentle, humorous, and most of all very informative. He thoroughly explained by options and let me repeat them to him so I was sure I understood. I felt totally comfortable that he was considering all the options and variables at the highest level. I absolutely recommend Dr. Hill and his practice.
February 11 , 2010
Great compassion and knows how to talk to patients and family.
September 27 , 2017
I had been through so much in two years (bladder stones, two surgeries, catheters, superpubic tubes, etc.) I was not getting any better and felt I was going in circles. Decided it was time to see another doctor. After one visit with Dr. Hill, I was on the road to recovery. He's honest and frank with his patients. He has a great personality and positive attitude. I high recommend him.
March 10 , 2016
First visit to Dr Hill was very positive. He spent a lot of time with me explaining what his plan was to determine the cause of my problem. I felt comfortable with him and felt no pressure to get through and get out. Diagnostic test times were set up and relayed to me promptly and the staff performing the tests also had great bedside manners. After tests Dr Hill again spent a lot of time with me explaining the results. I was thoroughly impressed with all aspects of care. Although my diagnosis could not be treated with medication, he gave me other options that might help me. I will recommend him to friends and tell my internist as well so he can refer other patients to Dr Hill.
November 11 , 2009
Great bedside manner, very friendly, knowledgable, attentive, and concerned about finding solutions.
November 25 , 2008
Very caring and helpful, skilled and knowledgeable... a great communicator.
May 03 , 2012
I have been a patient of Dr. Hills for several years and have always been pleased with my visits with him. He cares deeply for his patients, Takes the time to discuss his intentions and concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Hill if you enjoy a spirited and energetic doctor to share your concerns and treatment with.
June 29 , 2017
Extraordinaryly please with knowledge and service
January 08 , 2016
Why is this doctor on CNN arguing against health care? He wants data -- ill give him data. Insurance companies refuse to pay for medical services that are bought and paid for by consumers. we are sick of it. we want a government alternative. this is about this doctors political views. what i know about him as a doctor is about as much as he knows about me as a patient.
August 09 , 2009
Very disappointed with staff & the way the office is run. I was early (per there request) for my appt. They kept me waiting over an hour saying they moved people ahead of me, even though they came in later & their appts. were scheduled later saying they thought the other 2 people didnt need as much time. My total visit with the Dr. took 5 mins!!! You also can never reach staff-the recordings say they will go you back because they are busy. It took 2 days until I was able to reach someone to schedule an appt. The Dr. was very nice-but because of the awful way the office is run. I will never go back.
February 22 , 2015
Hes a know it all, but has not exhibited a comprehension of the overall concerns of folks that require his assistance.
August 09 , 2009

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