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4.6 out of 5
Northwest Urology LLC
9135 SW Barnes Rd, Suite 663
Portland, OR 97225 (Directions)

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4.6 out of 5
36 ratings, 36 reviews
I appreciate his skill & knowledge as a surgeon - words are not adequate to describe his high level of expertise after my 5.5 hours of surgery. He cares and his in-office explanations are like attending a medical school session - very thorough. Thank you!
July 31 , 2020
Good exam. Efficient registration. No problems at all.
November 19 , 2020
After many years as his patient, he continues to be one of my most favorite 'people' and doctor. He's excellent in every category.
September 30 , 2022
Dr. Shaffer was excellent and biopsy process went smoothly.
August 22 , 2019
Outstanding physician. Very thorough, answers all my questions, good listener.
August 25 , 2022
Excellent Dr. carefully and fully explained options.
July 21 , 2021
I feel like I hit the lottery when I was introduced to Brian Shaffer. I trust his diagnosis, treatment plan, and his style and willingness to explain his decisions. I recall years ago hearing about him....I regret not coming to him sooner!!
October 14 , 2020
I found Dr. Shaffer knowledgeble and personable.
June 17 , 2021
May 05 , 2021
Called at home in evening fabulous!
September 18 , 2020
Dr Shaffer ;listens to what input I have and explains all options so I can make an intelligent decisions. If I dont fully understand, he patiently takes the time to explain more fully. He has been my Urologist for many years and has performed an operation on me. I have the utmost confidence in him as a doctor and surgeon and I feel that he really cares for me and my health.
December 16 , 2020
EXCELLENT Dr.! Person friendly. Outstanding KNOWLEDGE of a difficult subject. And ways to fix things. 100% recommend
December 21 , 2022
Could hardly ask for anything better
March 06 , 2020
When I called for an appointment they were able to get me in fairly quickly. Dr. Shaffer gave me options on how to care for my problem without bias and so far the one I chose seems to have worked well
April 17 , 2018
I was referred to Dr. Shaffer for a vasectomy. Even though it took a little while to get an appointment I am glad I was patient. My initial consult with him was informative, professional, and thorough. He is a very personable and quite entertaining while giving ALL the information you need. The office staff appears to be top notch in handling the constant chaos of a busy medical practice. The surgery went as planned with NONE of the potential complications that were discussed. I have heard some not so pleasant stories from friends and acquaintances and I feel very lucky to have run across Dr. Shaffer who is obviously at the top of his game.
January 30 , 2010
Very happy with visit, discussion and plan moving forward.
November 11 , 2021
Dr. Brian Shaffer - direct, personable, extremely knowledgeable, efficient yet thorough and listens well.
January 11 , 2023
I have been a patient of Dr. Shaffer for the past 4 years. He has been very straight forward, to the point, professional and very thorough in every interface I've had with him. He has very effectively listened and considered my perspectives in the directions taken. I feel very fortunate that he was the doctor handling the required surgery and resulting recovery/monitoring for these past 4 years. I strongly recommend him.
March 06 , 2023
Dr Shaffer has been my doctor for15 years. He is the doctor for many of my friends, they ALL speak highly of him. I feel very lucky having him for my doctor. He states things as they are, very easy to talk with. He is very knowledgeable and always gives a plan of action
May 15 , 2023
I needed a new ENT service provider and made an appointment with Dr. Schaffer. Scheduling was reasonably quick and easy and I felt he answered all my questions. I had one concern about a week after a minor procedure and was able to speak to Dr. Shaffer’s nurse over the phone. All my questions were answered and I consider Dr. Schaffer my go to ENT.
May 16 , 2018
I just had my first visit with Dr. Shaffer, and I learned so much to help me manage my periodic kidney stone experiences. I am thrilled to be a new patient of his!
December 17 , 2020
Explains everything clearly, and asks questions
September 03 , 2020
Brian Shaffer was very kind, patient and professional when he removed my sons tonsils. I would refer him to my family and friends.
February 01 , 2019
Very positive experience. Made to feel comfortable Was not rushed, took time to convey clear information .Very knowledgeable about subject.
September 20 , 2020
An excellent Dr from start to finish
June 09 , 2020
Excellent Doctor and staff! Very professional and caring!
September 11 , 2020
Both Dr. Shaffer and his staff do an excellent job in not only treating the medical issue, but describing it and the options for treatment in a way that is easy to udnerstand.
June 23 , 2021
Found this doc to be very personable and professional. Would go back again - no problem.
October 22 , 2011
Dr. Shaffer is Excellent. He was very informative on what I should expect with my surgery. He made me feel very comfortable and did not make me fell rushed as I ask my question. He has great bedside manner and the follow up care has been great!! I will defiantly continue to see him.
August 29 , 2014
Caring doctor excellent surgeon
January 04 , 2022
Dr. Shaffer operated on me for aggressive prostate cancer. He did an excellent operation and now 1 year later my PSA shows undetectable. There was very delicate surgery around important nerves and due to his expertise I have no problems with incontinence.
March 03 , 2009
One of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a doctor. Dr Shaffer was thorough in his exam and explanation of his findings. Outstanding! Thanks
July 22 , 2020
I have been a patient of Dr. Shaffers for a few years. I was treated with a drug therapy that did not work for me and when I asked to try something else I was told there were no other options. I found by my own research a therapy that was said to work when HTCZ failed. I asked him if I could try it, he said NO via his MA. My general physician prescribed the new medication for me to try and guess what, it worked. It is still working well too with no side effects. Recently I had some test results that required a CT Urogram to investigate a possible blockage in my kidney/ureter. I was told by my nephrologist to consult my urologist for the CT. I called Dr. Shaffers office and told the nurse what the nephrologist requested. A week later I had no return phone call, so I called again. Finally they scheduled the CT yet another week later. I had it done on a Friday; called the following Monday and was told they had the results but I would have to wait for a return call from Dr. Shaffer on Tuesday. It has been over a week since then and I still havent heard from the office or the doctor. It is clear the staff nor the doctor cares at all about their patients. I am DONE with both.
December 20 , 2010
My mother discovered she had a kidney stone that had been there for quite some time. She had been told by one doctor that the left kidney would not regain functionality. She wanted another opinion. Dr. Shaffer was optimistic and recommended removing the stone immediately to give the kidney a chance to come back. The ureter was scarred, and prevented removal of the stone from below. My mother was awakened and asked if she wanted to go to Radiology, where they would try to reach the stone from above. Due to the anesthesia she has no recollection of this conversation. The stone was also not reachable from above, and the doctor made the decision to drain the kidney with a nephrostomy tube. The kidney did not regain functionality, and now the only option is to remove the kidney. This procedure can cost anywhere from $35 - $70 thousand dollars.It was never explained to my mother that once the kidney had been penetrated, it was a point of no return. At the very 1st appointment, if Dr. Shaffer had said that the likelihood of the kidney regaining functionality was extremely low, OR if he had not asked her to make a major medical decision while under anesthesia, she would not be in this situation now. My mother was upset by the outcome, and Dr. Shaffer was very difficult to talk to. He was impatient and angry, and expressed no compassion or regret. So Dr. Shaffer is in no way affected by any of this, and my mother now has to face a life changing surgery (financially), and the possibility of surgery overseas.
April 02 , 2010
I visited Dr. Shaffer for urological problems. He was dismissive of concerns and barely listened to me. I had to actually tell him that he is not helping me at all during the visit. He seems knowledgeable but biggest part of patient care is to at least listen to patient concerns. I felt like that was a lot of money to pay for a doctor to not even listen to my concerns, let alone address the concerns in any meaningful way.
January 10 , 2021
RUN! After reading all of these FAKE "5 star ratings" of "Dr." Shaffer(you tell by the tone and verbage of the writing) it made wonder how on earth these people can sleep at night knowing they were, at the very least, misleading the public about a medical colleague and at the very worst...subjecting patients to such an aggressive bully. From the fumbling wreck of a nursing assistant to the disheveled exam room, the doctor entered aggressively insisting that we were probably "wasting his time" because he was a "surgeon!" All of this before we had said 3 words. Things got much worse from there. Find yourself anyone else to care for you. This person needs to be removed from the medical community. RUN!! I'm just SICK that I brought my loved one here. SICK.
March 15 , 2023

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