1503 Lansdowne Ave, Suite 3011
Darby, PA 19023 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
1503 Lansdowne Ave, Suite 3011
Darby, PA 19023 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
12 ratings, 12 reviews
He is the best urologist ever
May 18 , 2019
Didnt feel a thing and the safe was great.
March 24 , 2019
Will take all the time needed to answer any question. You dont feel that he is rushing to the next person.
February 12 , 2012
This doctor really listened to me! He was very positive, understanding and helped me with my problem. I highly recommend him.
February 10 , 2012
I have been a patient of Dr. Sloane for almost 15 years. He has always impressed me as a knowledgeable and caring professional with a straight-forward demeanor that gets to the heart of the matter with efficiency and directness.
September 22 , 2019
I would highly recommend Dr. Sloane to friends and family
October 11 , 2012
Dr Sloanes easy going and casual, yet sincere approach inspires confidence.
April 02 , 2012
Dr. Sloane is very compassionate in dealing with matters that are very personal in nature.
March 06 , 2012
My father had a Urolift done by Dr.Sloane and passed away three days later. He called Dr.Sloane and all he did was leave a message saying he rather him not call him on his cell phone but wait until the office was open.
May 17 , 2018
Terrible doc if you've a serious condition. Probably ok for routine visits etc. Friendly and jovial fellow but lacks diligence and patient care. I had a serious issue and he sent me home twice when he shouldn't have. Thankfully I found a better doc and moved on. I am writing this in the hope that others don't go thru what I did.
January 11 , 2023
Back in 2004, my sister went to Dr,. Sloane. Lets just say he never checked her for cancer and operated on her . Removed her kidney and guess what, she had cancer. She died 2 months later. Its awful because she trusted him and the cancer spread so fast. Ive been living with this and I just know if things were checked before her surgery, maybe she might be here. Ugh
October 16 , 2015
An absolutely pretentious person with a God complex. He gets visibly upset if a patient questions him. This doctor is beyond arrogant and underestimates, undervalues and marginalize patients of certain ethnic groups.
January 26 , 2018

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Education History
Medical School - State University Of Ny Upstate Medical University, 1984
39 years
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
Board Certified

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1503 Lansdowne Ave, Suite 3011
Darby, PA 19023
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