New Jersey Urology LLC
36 Newark Ave, Suite 200
Belleville, NJ 07109 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
New Jersey Urology LLC
36 Newark Ave, Suite 200
Belleville, NJ 07109 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
29 ratings, 29 reviews
Great Doctor and Great Staff. I have been a patient of Dr. Schlecker for over 20 years. I have had medical problems that Dr. Schlecker has addressed and resolved. I now go every 6 months for follow up visits and testing.
May 02 , 2015
Dr Schleker personally to me is the best Urologist in New Jersey and I’m certain he is among the best in the country.I’ve been a patient of his for 20 years alonside my 97 years old mother.Coudn’t be in better hands.
April 01 , 2022
my 10-month old son is going for a re-circumsicion and all my prior visits w/dr schlecker were wonderful. he took the time and answered all of my questions & listened to my concerns i had about my son being so young.
May 06 , 2007
After going to several area urologists a few years ago and receiving no relief for my Interstitial Cystitis,(a severe bladder disorder), Dr. Schlecker was the only one who helped me. He is an expert in his field, as far as I am concerned. No wonder he has received such a large number of commendations. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a competent urologist.
April 21 , 2010
Great doctor, very knowledgeable. Would not hesitate to recommend Dr Schlecker to anyone.
December 16 , 2009
Dr. Schlecker was the only one who was able to diagnose me with IC. I have gone to him for 20 years and he has always been so nice and helpful. He explains things to me in detail as to what he is doing and why and never hesitates to answer any of my questions. I would recommend him to anyone. wait time use to be long but has gotten alot better. Staff is alway helpful and has a smile.
June 03 , 2013
July 19 , 2009
Ive been going to Dr. Schlecker for six years or so and have had several surgeries by him. I have full confidence in him and would recommend him to anyone. Im not crazy about the office experience in Clifton, though. Ive never experienced rudeness by the staff as some are saying, but they overbook on a routine basis. Sign in and youll see someone else with an appointment scheduled five minutes before you and someone else five minutes after. Waits exceding a half hour are not prepared to sit in the docs office staring at cross sections of urogenital systems for a long time.
November 01 , 2012
I would recommend Dr Schlecker to anyone looking for the best urologist. He performed my surgery over 5 years ago and the results were amazing. His office staff are amazing and caring. Wait times can be long...but worth it.
June 07 , 2011
Dr. Schlecker is by far the best urologist I have ever been to. He couldnt have been more caring and nice. More importantly though, he definitely knows what hes talking about unlike most in his field.
April 10 , 2011
Doctor and staff deserve the excellent rating.
May 03 , 2015
Great Doctor. Great Staff
October 31 , 2014
I have a history of urologic problems and have visited doctors all over the country. Dr. Schlecker was far and away the most knowledgable and helpful. There is a reason he is so busy.
June 22 , 2008
Very good doctor with nice manner. Seems to really care about his patients.
October 16 , 2006
Seems knowledgeable. He does most of the talking. He needs to learn how to listen more to the pt. Doesnt spend too much time with pts only about 10 min.
December 21 , 2006
Great Dr. , but totally rude staff, especially in the Clifton office. The women at the front desk are totally uncaring and extremely rude! Shame on you Dr. Schlecker for putting up with these kind of employees!
May 23 , 2011
Doesnt seem to give full consideration to patients concerns. Does not explain all options for follow-up proceedures which would result in patient making an informative decision.
January 10 , 2007
Called office 2 times with emergency. And was assured the dr. Would return call. Called office again and answering service answered. After 1 hour still no return call. Husband on floor in pain. Do not go here. Obviously, there is lack of communication between dr. And staff or they dont care.
February 24 , 2014
After going to this doctor several times, I am very disappointed. I received NO followup, had to followup to get lab results, saw a different doctor each time, felt no personal warmth or regard from the doctors, and just am really displeased. They kept me waiting when there were clearly no other patients around, and were just there to make money and get me in and out ASAP.
August 22 , 2010
By far the WORST office staff I have ever dealt with. They book appts. Then when you show up the DR isnt there. They have no sense of urgency for emergeny situations, they don’t call back when they are suppossed to, they hang up when you are asking questions, they are the most uncaring and unproffessional office I have ever seen. STAY AWAY!
October 27 , 2017
My son had surgery yesterday with doctors Slechler. The office staff in Wayne was terrible they kept changing my appointment cancelling the appointment very unorganized. The doctor didnt even come and talk to us after the surgery left it up to the nurses thought that was very unprofessional.
June 30 , 2015
waited and hour to have less then 5 minutes with him... Not very happy
March 09 , 2011
dr. schlecker was nice but office staff not. they never return phone calls.
April 20 , 2008
i called was Setting up an appointment after reading all of this bad experiences on the internet and read them to her she hung up on me sounds like she needed a big cucumber in her mouth
March 24 , 2015
After waiting 2 long hour gave me wrong diagnosis, do not recommend
April 11 , 2013
DO NOT GO HERE! He has an office in Wayne and Clifton, Wayne is a little better but stay away from Clifton! The people there especially the office manager are unhelpful and rude. The office manager Michael hangs up the phone on patients while they are asking questions. Dont think you will ever get through to Dr. Schlecker he never calls back thats why they have Michael call. When I called regarding a problem and because I was feeling very sick their response was go to the ER. The nurses and front desk didnt even get the DR. This was by far the worst doctor experience I have ever had.
April 22 , 2010
This doctor has a terrible bedside manner. he was in a hurry and was I was not treated like a person.I would never go to him again.
January 19 , 2007
Do not go to this DR. I have been to both the Wayne and Clifton offices. The Clifton office was the worst doctors office experience I have ever dealt with. They are rude and unprofessional especially the office manager Michael, who tries talking down to people because he doesnt know the answers to their questions. They use a cheap and inexpensive laboratory and it takes weeks to receive test results that could be available in 3 days. If you are going for a routine check up then its okay, but if you have a serious issue do not go here because they dont care about their patients. The doctor gives patients infections and then cant figure out what the infections are. Absolutely worst experience I have ever dealt with.
April 23 , 2010
horrible!!!!Doctor was having a bad day and took it out on my husband
March 01 , 2013

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