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4.5 out of 5
Wakemed Specialists Group LLC
23 Sunnybrook Rd
Raleigh, NC 27610 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
34 ratings, 34 reviews
I saw Dr. Kalorin in Raleigh, NC. I was told by several other Urologists that my kidney stones were in locations that could not be treated and I would have to live with them. Dr. Kalorin treated them with a small flexible telescope and a laser and I was stone free after ONE treatment. I did have to come in a week later to have my stent removed in the office (not the most fun procedure), but it was well worth the wait to find Dr. Kalorin. Very pleased, and I highly recommend him.
May 05 , 2010
Dr Kalorin was great, I had a massive tumor in my bladder. He explained my options. Operated on me and removed the tumor and has checked on me to keep the tumor clear. My outcome has been excellent so far. we just have to keep track of things and hope they stay that way.
October 06 , 2011
This doctor was very understanding and did not seem rushed. He explained everything about my procedure prior to scheduling. The surgery went very well and his follow up was excellent. I would recommend him to others in need of kidney stone surgery.
May 25 , 2013
Dr Kalorin & his staff did a tremendous job taking care of me during my recent surgery.
November 20 , 2018
I went to a well regarded urologist 8 months prior and was seeking Dr. Kalorin as a second opinion. He was so compassionate and took so much time with me. I would recommend him highly!!!
January 11 , 2016
I could not be more satisfied with my care. Dr. Kalorin has been accurate with my diagnoses, Thorough and accurate in relating my options to me, and has displayed an interest in my care and a willingness to take all of the time necessary with me.
November 25 , 2015
I am so happy my primary physician recommended Dr. Kalorin. He is by far, the epitome of what Doctor should be: Knowledgeable, Kind, Patient, and Caring. I would highly recommend this Gentleman to Anyone!!
July 05 , 2013
was very nervous about my surgery - he was great
March 02 , 2015
Dr. Kalorin has a great bedside manner and patiently explains issues and answers my questions. His procedures are controlling my urological problem and preserving my kidneys. I highly recommend Dr. Kalorin!
March 14 , 2016
It is rare in the field of medicine to find a practitioner who articulates accurate expectations, performs with excellence, and provides methodical and conscientious follow-up. While I hope never to have the need for his services again, if I do, Id go nowhere else. He and his staff are exceptional.
September 10 , 2016
Dr. Kallorin is awesome. He knows his stuff.
January 12 , 2015
I have the highest regard for Dr. Kalorin. He pursued a difficult to identify cancer by going to an MRI biopsy and thus elimianting the need for me to do a 36 core (and painful) second biopsy. My first, a 12 core, was negative even though my PSA later continued to increase. Lesser Drs. would have done the 36 core as a second and, given the unusaual nature of my malignant tissue, may have missed it again. He is a warm, open man with a no nonsense approach to patients and truly interested in their best care. He is one of the best, if not THE best physician I have ever had. I appreciate the extrodinary care that he and Wake Urology have given me. Thankyou, Wil Maiorano Wake, Forest, NC
October 25 , 2018
Dr. Kalorin is one of the best physiciansI have ever encountered. He is intelligent, attentive, thorough, and, both professionally and personally, communicative.
July 26 , 2017
Dr. Kalorin took time to explain exam results and classifications. He explained all options in detail with outlining pros and cons of each option and future limitations if any. His nursing staff responded to phone calls promptly and were very easy to talk to in a difficult situation. Surgery was as expected with no problems afterwards. Recovery was better than expected due to his experience in robotic surgery. Great Dr. and Surgeon.
October 16 , 2011
Dr. Kalorin is professional, honest, caring and ethical. His recommendation for treatment of his diagnosis of my case was based on his examination of me, the results of biopsies of me [tested by an independent outside laboratory], my health history and present status, and his consultation with other physicians.
June 12 , 2010
Did a really outstanding job. Highest recommendation.
January 14 , 2015
Professional, takes time to explain all procddures, answers all questions
July 27 , 2017
Dr Kalorin is one of the best Doctors I have ever been to in my life of 69 years. He was very thorough and explained everything that was happening to me and his recommended course of action to resolved it. I wish I could have him as my full time Doctor and I would recommend him to anyone.
October 12 , 2013
great surgeon
December 01 , 2016
Dr. Kalorin went above and beyond in treating my kidney stones. He has a wonderful bedside manner and is very thorough in his treatment. I recommend him to anyone who needs an A+ urologist.
August 27 , 2015
Dr. Kalorin has done a fine job for me. He removed my bladder cancer and answered all my questions. The office staff is not very friendly. The nurses are a little better but none of them are as nice or friendly as the nurses at Rex hospital. Just having to go in for cancer surgery is bad enough the office staff at Capital Uro makes it worse.
June 11 , 2010
He spent time with me and listened to my problem. Moreover, he actually seemed to CARE. Very rare these days. Very good experience.
December 01 , 2012
I was referred to Dr. Kalorin by a phsician in whom I have complete confidence and could not have been more pleased with the referral. It was a matter of some urgency and one with which I was completely unfamiliar. Dr. Kalorin had reviewed in advance the file in detail and was able to discuss every aspect of the procedure in clear and simple language. He outlined the options and the pros and cons of each and made a complicated situation clear and a decision process simple. The final decision required a referral by Dr. Kalorin to another physician, but he remained involved and interested throughout. All in all, my experience with Dr. Kalorin and his staff simply could not have been better. As I indicated above, it was as good as it gets.
December 05 , 2013
The Capital Urological Associates staff is so informative and caring. Dr. Kalorin is very knowledgeable and explained everything to me so I could understand. I just moved to the area and so happy that I have him and his staff to assist me with my health issues.
February 23 , 2012
I was very impressed with my whole experience
September 10 , 2015
Excellent care; very attentive and willing to answer questions clearly; didnt make me feel rushed; explained the options thoroughly. Nice to find this kind of care in health care these days.
February 18 , 2020
I have seen Dr Kalorin for a few years now and I have nothing but good to say about him. He is knowledgable, personable. He takes his time and talks to you not at you, he listens and answers questions you may have. He and his nurses are very responsive to messages sent.
July 20 , 2021
Dr kalorin was very caring and compassionate person. Explained all of my options, never rushed during my appointment, listened and answered all of my questions numerous times. He performed a robotic partial nephrectomy. I had a tumor on my right kidney that was Clear cell renal cell carcinoma. He was able to get clear margins with my 4.2 cm tumor. Everyone was amazing at the hospital. Everyone was super friendly and very reassuring, the operating nurses, anaesthesia, and CNAs. Dr. Kalorin is a very talented Doctor. I am 7 weeks out now and feeling better. God is good!
September 12 , 2021
I liked Dr. Kalorin the first time I met him and every encounter afterward. He really takes an interest in his patients and their problems. Like so many men I have a prostate problem. Ive had a problem for many years but it was not bad enough to treat. ( had not flaired ) When the time came to deal with it I found Dr. Kalorin and knew I was a very lucky man to have somebody this good to treat me. I have confidence in him.
June 10 , 2010
Fantastic mix of: - thoroughness, - kindness, - helpful drawings, - easy to understand explanations
May 02 , 2017
Was trying to set up an appointment for my dad. The person on the phone was uncaring, rude and a witch (if you know what I mean). Decided to cancel the appointment and find another doctor.
May 11 , 2020
Dr. Kalorin is a great doctor BUT the new phone system is very anti-patient. Since the move to the new location, their phone system does not allow an option to talk with a anyone. You have to leave a message and wait for them to call you back at night at their leisure. I could say a lot more, but I think that is enough.
July 17 , 2014
"I went to see Dr Kalorin in January after having back and flank pain. I had originally gone to my PCP who sent me for an ultrasound (where I was told I had multiple stones in both kidneys) After seeing Dr. Kalorin and getting a KUB he told me there was nothing and sent me on my way. Fast forward a few months of dealing with the pain, thinking I was imagining things I followed up with a colleague ..."
September 16 , 2020
I went to see Dr Kalorin in January after having back and flank pain. I had originally gone to my PCP who sent me for an ultrasound (where I was told I had multiple stones in both kidneys) After seeing Dr. Kalorin and getting a KUB he told me there was nothing and sent me on my way. Fast forward a few months of dealing with the pain, thinking I was imagining things I followed up with a colleague at a different office where I was told I had 6 mm ureter stone on one side and a 6/7mm stone in my other kidney. I was able to have ESWL to deal with the ureter stone, only to pass that one and have another expel into my ureter days later. (Confirmed by another KUB) After hearing of this the NEW Dr. even stated that he saw on my ultrasound from January that there were multiple stones. Long story short, I was told there was nothing wrong with me by Dr. Kalorin, when clearly I had and am still dealing with multiple stones. Thanks for nothing!
September 16 , 2020

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