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4.7 out of 5
Genesis Healthcare Partners
4060 4th Ave, Suite 310
San Diego, CA 92103 (Directions)

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4.7 out of 5
21 ratings, 21 reviews
Dr Salem performed prostate surgery using the da vinci robot. throughout my entire treatment she was caring and professional. I came thru the surgery with flying colors and I owe my life to this wonderful surgeon. During my surgery, she called my family 4 times FROM THE OPERATING ROOM to advise them on my progress and to ease their concerns. That says alot about Dr Salem. Even after the operations when I was recovering at home, if I called her with a questions on concerns she always got back with me very quickly. Her post operative care is excellent. Thank you Dr Salem for your kindness, compassion, knowledge, skill and concern. You are the best. Bob Pavon
June 14 , 2010
An incredibly rare surgeon. Works day and night for her patients and although she --pulls no punches-- she is kind and caring. A rare gem of a doctor!
July 13 , 2015
I got my prostrate removed by Dr. Salem over two and half years ago on Feb. 10, 2015. Today I am healthy and happy with a PSA of near zero. I had been on Kaiser in 2014 where my PSA came up at #12 after coming in because I could not urinate and they just gave me a lets wait and see attitude while I did self- catheter every day. When they finally tested for cancer it was found I had the lowest level of cancer in only one side node and internal 2 of 12 needle sampling in a non-aggressive slower growing type cancer. However, when the doctors checked my prostrate with hand ultra sound my prostrate did not look overly large. I was just suffering and wanted it out and so they discussed all the standard options. Meanwhile, I checked on their best at robotic surgery and their staff success rate was mediocre. That is when I started researching who was the best in San Diego. It came down to three surgeons and the two from UCSD would not even see me for months way into the next year . Carol Salem had an opening in January of 2015 and found out she worked through Scripps Mercy, director of robotics surgery and formally director of UCSD robotics surgery. When I met her for my visit, I was totally sold on her because of her intelligence and openess to share all information. She was willing to answer any questions I had no matter how technical. I told her that I did not mind having the prostrate removed if it meant I could urinate normally again. When the operation was done, I found out that I had mostly an unusual mutated prostrate with the little cancer not the main issue. Most prostrates have two nodes but she with all the prostrates she does has removed ones with a third node. Basically I had two extra nodes that the other doctors never saw like a sea anemone with one section smashing my bladder which she surgically rebuilt and fixed where it attaches to the urinary canal. Since my total prostrate was twice the size of what previous doctors saw, a wait and watch approach for my prostrate cancer would have never worked. Within a short week I was able to pee like a 25 year old and it never felt so good with no incontinence. All the other nerves were fixed pleasantly, if you know what I mean. I cannot believe I suffered so long for months doing self-catheter, so she improved my life immensely. Doctor Salem is the smartest and most aware doctor I have ever met. If you have a prostrate problem there is no better doctor in San Diego than her.
September 06 , 2017
She is the best there is period. Kept it simple, and everything went as she planned. Couldnt have asked for better.
October 18 , 2016
Dr. Carol E. Salem removed my Prostrate, using a Da Vinci robot in July 2011 at Scripps Mercy Hospital in San Diego. I felt no pain and was up and walking 24-hours after my surgery. She visited me in my hospital room at least twice a day to check on everything and even ordered me breakfast one morning. I went home 60-hours after my surgery. The catheter was removed 6-days later, and in 10 more days I was continent. I’m pleased to give Dr. Salem, her staff, and all the nurses at Mercy Hospital the highest rating for excellence.
August 15 , 2011
"I give Dr. Salem 5 stars in every area of my experience with her, her staff, and Scripps Mercy Hospital. Dr. Salem took time to explain, in laymen's terms, every detail of my prostrate surgery and recovery. Her staff at her office and staff at Scripps Mercy were exceptionally polite, caring and professional. My son is with a large multi hospital company and stated on his visits with me at Mercy ..."
June 30 , 2020
She is the real thing! Number one by a long shot in my book. You couldnt be in better hands.
April 14 , 2017
Dr. Salems done over 1000 Da Vinci prostatectomies, and I was one of them. If anyone was BORN to excel in their field, its her. When I had to choose a surgeon quickly for insurance reasons, she met with my wife and me for 90 minutes after hours on a days notice for free-- and she made sure we understood everything. Afterward, we decided Dr. Salem was the one before we even reached the elevator. During my operation, she spent an extra 90 minutes gingerly separating the neuro-vascular bundles from my prostate. Within a couple of weeks I was able to ease back into normal activities. Its been a few weeks and I couldnt be happier; Im now cancer-free and all my stuff works! To say that were grateful to Dr. Salem is a gross understatement. She completely rocks.
March 25 , 2011
Dr. Salem is a truly wonderful surgeon and human being. She accurately diagnosed the severity of my cancer and skillfully operated on me to remove it. She always clearly explains what I am going through and what I can expect in the future. She is accessible, warm and reassuring. I cant imagine going through this experience without her and I am thankful and grateful that she is my doctor.
September 28 , 2008
I was went to see Dr. Salem after my previous doctor did not provide, according to my own research, including consulting with other urologists, appropriate care and treatment of my bladder cancer. I followed Dr. Salem from UCSD to her present private practice. Ive put up with using other doctors, to my chagrin, just to remain a patient with Dr. Salem. Ive been with her for about 6 years. The amount of trust I have in her abilities is unmeasurable. She is an outstanding doctor and person.
July 01 , 2009
July 26 , 2010
Dr. Salem is amazing!!! She is approachable, knowledgable, and compassionate. Im so lucky to have her as my doctor:)
February 06 , 2013
I recently had a Robotic surgery for prostate cancer with Dr. Carol Salem. She is a Godsend doctor. She has done a phenomenon job with my operation. I am 50 years old. I had incontinence for only three weeks after operation and no sexual dysfunction whatsoever. I am a very happy camper. Thank you very much Doctor for caring so much about your patients.
March 26 , 2021
Dr. Salem saw me after another Dr. told me I had stage 3 bladder cancer and had 6-9 mos to live-she operated 10 days later and I am now cancer free and living a normal life-God works thru her hands-she is a blessing to know.
December 01 , 2010
Dr. Salem is the most expert and competent doctor I have ever encountered. She has been my oncologist and urologist for several decades. She has literally saved my life on two occasions. Not only is her competence supreme but her personality and sense of humor and caring are so beneficent and healing. I highly recommend her!
December 08 , 2021
I found Dr. Carol Salem to be very skilled and professional. As a urologist and surgeon, you could not find anyone better. She cares a lot about her patients. She also worked closely with two other physicians, and the three got me back on my feet, when I knew that death was tugging on my shirt-tail. The other two physicians were Dr. Sabina Wallach of La Jolla, CA and Dr. Anuradha Koka in Vista CA. If you wish any further information from me, please contact me Jeff May, email address
April 18 , 2014
Dr Salem is truly one of the best (invested in her patients: excellent bed side, always explaining the course of treatment/action, and putting the patient first) doctors Ive ever had the pleasure to be treated by. Having baldder cancer, and needing to have a cystoscopy regulary, she is always concerned about my discomfort. Before becomong her patient I called her office to scehdule an appointment to obtain a second opinion, she saw me gratis, reviewed the diagnoses/report, and recommended a treatment path with a formal letter.
May 26 , 2014
My father recently had surgery and under Dr. Salems care. She is the most AMAZING doctor I have EVER CAME ACROSS. She is knowledgeable, professional and she has the BEST interest of the patient and family.
September 07 , 2014
She is an awsome doctor who has helped me alot and has done great surgeries on me with no complications. Even when I was in the E.R. waiting to be seen, her nurse came down and Dr.Salem saw me in her office instead of having me wait to be seen by someone in the E.R.
October 30 , 2004
Shes a great doctor. Too bad she didnt do the surgery, letting a student do it instead. Being under general anesthesia, I didnt realize until I tried to get a copy of the surgery report, and it was writting up by one of her students, who said that she was --scrubbed and ready-- but did not actually do the surgery, which resulted in me becomiing impotent
November 10 , 2010
"I am a citizen of Mexico and chose Dr. Salem to perform robotic surgery to extract my cancerous prostate, after biopsy performed by the University of Arizona Medical Center... In 2011, the possibility of undergoing surgery with the least invasive methods and top robotic procedures was worth the economic sacrifice for this , now 81 year-old , tough hombre. This was performed by Dr. Salem at year ..."
April 01 , 2020

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