Dr. Carolyn Langford Urologic Solutions, LLC
9400 Gladiolus Dr, Suite 30
Fort Myers, FL 33919 (Directions)
3.9 out of 5
Dr. Carolyn Langford Urologic Solutions, LLC
9400 Gladiolus Dr, Suite 30
Fort Myers, FL 33919 (Directions)

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3.9 out of 5
43 ratings, 43 reviews
She is very specialized, makes you feel very comfortable and is extremely passionate about your quality of life.
February 18 , 2022
Dr. Langford was completely professional and helpful with my kidney stones. The surgical center is located at the same office and everyone of the staff was completely supportive and as well as sensitive to my well being. The feeling I received was that of someone caring for a family member. I would and will recommend Dr. Langford to anyone who needs a professional and caring doctor of Urology.
September 13 , 2011
Dr. Langford is knowledgeable, professional, has a pleasant bedside manner and I feel confident in her care. She is willing to stick with an issue until she finds a solution.
September 23 , 2019
Dr Langford is the best female urologist in Florida, possibly in the US! She helped me get my life back when no other Doctor would help with my condition.
January 25 , 2011
Beautiful! The office functions like a well oiled wheel. Very upscale yet not overdone. Staff is hand picked lovely people, really a pleasure to find in these times. The flow is very professional, smooth but friendly. Dr. Langford is very thorough, patient and commands respect. A beautiful and talented lady. I'm so pleased to have her as my urologist.
July 10 , 2023
Awesome Doctor!
September 02 , 2020
Dr. Langfords recommendations and choice of medications worked. She was very receptive and clearly described my condition.
June 01 , 2020
Dr. Langford is an excellent MD. She helped me with my issues on my first visit. Her recommendation was Spot on. Would highly recommend her for your urinary problems. Thanks Dr. Langford
May 21 , 2020
I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Langford as a doctor and urologists. She is very intelligent and trustworthy. She is a great listener, she does not rush her patient as many other doctors tend to do. She gives you eye contact when she speaks to you. For 2 decades I had chronic UTI’s which sent me to the emergency room many times with a great amount of pain. Dr. Langford did a surgical procedure on me 2-3 years ago, and thanks to her I have not had a UTI since. Dr. Langford is a phenomenal urologist and I recommend her to all my family and friends!
June 15 , 2020
Dr. Langford is an excellent urologist who has given me my freedom back. As a very active 63 year old female, I couldnt pass a bathroom without having to make a stop and on a 3 mile walk would often have to seek out a bathroom in between the leave of residence and home stretch. Heaven forbid, I play tennis, bathroom before I play, during and before leaving the courts so I could make it to my house before the urgency came again. I had a procedure called Macroplastique injection which has given me freedom from being a victim of constant bathroom visits. You wont be disappointed, well worth the injection. Thank you Dr. Langford!!! you are amazing!
July 06 , 2014
Dr. Langford helped me with my condition. I am very pleased with my visits.
July 22 , 2020
My mother met Dr Langford last week and had a wonderful experience, the doctor took her time to explain things and was very warm and concerned. She was very compassionate and caring.
April 22 , 2019
She has a deep and personal understands meds and their abuse
August 14 , 2022
Dr Langford is an exceptional Dr. She cares, listens and will provide the best care there is! She is not a 5 star Dr but a 10 star Dr.
May 31 , 2020
I am so grateful to Dr. Langford for her medical expertise and guidance for my long-term urinary stress incontinence issues. I have struggled with this for about 20 years. After having 3 kids, I thought I was destined for sling surgery or even a complete pelvic rebuild as some other doctors had suggested. Dr. Langford suggested a much less invasive alternative that has completely helped me, and I feel like a new person! I am still in disbelief that it worked, and I and I am so grateful for the excellent care she gave me.
September 18 , 2020
Awesome Dr. with a great staff. I would recommend her to anyone.
October 29 , 2020
Dr Langford took the time to listen to my concerns and those of my family. I had 2 different procedure done previously and was very scared to do anything else, but is was difficult to live this way. I wish I would have known her before. I had surgery and am doing terrific! Thanks to Dr Langford and her staff I have faith in doctors again.
April 02 , 2012
Dr. Langford is professional, caring and an excellent Urologist and Surgeon. I was refered to Dr. Langford, and so glad I was. Excellent staff.
December 06 , 2020
A very good doctor that helped me immensely. I would reccomend Dr. Langford.
July 30 , 2019
I saw dr Langford for first time today. Her staff is great. Wait time great she spent a long time with me..gave me therapies and test to b done. Told me about probiotics for women. Had know idea about that. Scheduled cystoscope and renal ultrasound. Very much needed..very thorough dr and staff
April 05 , 2022
Dr. Langford takes the time to diagnose you correctly, she is a wonderful surgeon and she truly cares about her patients. I have recommended her to others who have had surgery too and all were equally impressed with her professionalism.
January 22 , 2009
I brought my aunt in for evaluation and I found Dr. Langford to be very attentive. She listened well and even answered my questions that I had for my aunt. She had her surgery and sprung back from it amazingly fast and is very happy she had it done. I was so impressed that Ive finally made an with her for myself. I have been putting this off for years. I dont think I could go to another Dr. I hope she can help me as well as she did my aunt.
September 25 , 2014
I was referred to Dr.Langford by a friend a few years back , in regards to an issue that had. Become debilitating. I had prior been seen by several physicians , including a gynecologist ..all were unsuccessful in solving my problem. Dr. Langford not only resolved that specific issue, but was/is a wealth of knowledge in regards to other health issues that had been a challenge. There are good doctors , and there are outstanding doctors , and I am beyond grateful to have come across indeed one of the very best!
May 25 , 2021
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November 08 , 2022
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August 11 , 2022
June 19th, 2018. Dr. Langford IS a very caring Doctor, she gave me EXCELLENT information regarding my health problems. Dr. Langford gave me a truly fabulous referral too! Humans have bad things that happen to them, get over it. She is terrific!! K
June 19 , 2018
As a teacher since 1978 who doesn’t get to go to the bathroom as often as needed, I’ve been having problems for at least 25 years. I had anterior and posterior prolapse surgery in Fort Myers by another doctor. After having it, I told him I thought there was a problem, he charged me for an office visit and dismissed my concerns saying everything was working fine and I just needed to give it more time. After a few years, I was in pain and things were worse than when I first went to o him! Dr. Langford removed and repositioned things and gave me relief, hope, and renewed faith in urologists... When I needed to see a urologist again after 10 years, I went searching for her, relieved to see the charges against her were dropped... I didn’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t use her for my most recent problems!
June 25 , 2019
Dr. Langford listened attentively to my issues. She reviewed my health history and came up with a plan. The staff is friendly and efficient. My follow-up calls were answered promptly.
August 16 , 2022
To the negative retired self-claimed MD (Brereton) I read your message as rediculous. Since when does a medical specialist work off someone elses tests or proclaimed findings? Thank goodness Dr. Langford did and does not deviate from her professional expertise. Women focused on female care is the only way to go. Dr. Langford will get the optimal results if we let her do what she does best; look after our best interest and results. JRC, Richmond, Va & Fort Myers, Fl
July 29 , 2014
Waited 30 minutes to see DR. Spent about 15 minutes with me. Wrote in notes she discussed foods to avoid to prevent kidney stones and that she told me to drink lemon water. That conversation never took place. SMH
January 10 , 2022
NO, do not trust, unnecessary tests and meds, run!
May 09 , 2021
The office staff very nasty. I had emergency surgery because of kidney stone. I have told them I can only make payments. So now I am told that they will let me know if I can get the stent removed that Dr. Langford put inside me. I can only hope as that the Dr. will remove the stent it is very dangerous to leave it in!!
September 20 , 2010
I had surgery almost two years ago to repair a prolapsed uterus and incontinence. Since the surgery my incontinence is 10 times worse. I have had a continual urinary tract infection that does not seem to be cleared up by medication. I have been to three Urologist since my surgery and they cant figure out what kind of surgery she did on me. I now have an appointment with my fourth Urologist in Naples in hopes of getting answers and surgery that will correct the nightmare that I have gone through. Before you allow any Doctor to operate on you please do your homework.
April 30 , 2019
They like to make the most money they can on each of your visits to this office. Instead of doing a simple clean catch urine in a cup at each visit they want to have you urinate in a uroflow, a meter which measures the rate of flow. After a visit or two with normal readings on the uroflow they continue to want you to do this, even though results were normal & this was never a problem to start with! (You are never told what this is & never given results unless you specifically ask.) After the uroflow the medical assistant wants to do an bladder ultrasound , every time you come in. (This is to check if your bladder emptys completely.) Again, after a couple of visits you realize they want to do this every time, even if you do not have this problem. When I finally declined I was spoken to very rudely by the medical assistant who said --Dont you have insurance? The payment for this wont come out of your pocket!-- Then they submitted a bill to my insurance for the ultrasound that I didnt even have done.
April 17 , 2017
If you want to see a physician who tells you one thing and does another, I suggest Dr. Langford. My wife saw her, and as a retired physician, I was there during the visit. The diagnosis seemed to be apparent on P.E. and as our ins. does not cover any testing or procedures, and she already had the tests done by her FP, we were assured by Dr. Langford that no more testing was needed. A month later we received a bill for almost $300. As a phsician, I know these tests were completely unnecessary. Attempts to contact the office led to incredibly rude responses. We have since learned that a friend had the same experience but has agreed to make payments. I flat out refuse to do so. We have now been turned over to a collection agency. I consider this business medicine at its worst, possibly even fraud, and I also say:This is not over. R.M.Brereton M.D.
February 09 , 2012
Had a chest x-ray on May 19, 2016 and never heard a word about it. Had to pull the report to give to another doctor and it said I had a density in the right lobe of my lung and that a follow up was needed. Dr. Langford never notified me and never followed up. I even called the office and told her nurse about this and still nothing. On Sept 20 had a upper right lobectomy and am still recuperating. Let me ask you, is this a good doctor? I think not.
October 28 , 2016
The ACell she inserted failed within months. My new UroGynocologist said he does not use that product because of the high failure rate. I am still under the care of my Neurologist, UroGynocologist and a Woman’s Pelvic Floor DPT since my surgery 2 years ago. She wrote (after my surgery) in my records she does not treat for pain. I was seen in ER 7 times, admitted to a different hospital with excruciating abdominal pain and bladder infection and aspirated 3 times within 26 days of the surgery she preformed on me.
April 08 , 2021
I do not recommend Dr. Carolyn Langford and do not trust her. Even after stating I had no urinary problem, she/staff performed costly and unnecessary urinary tests which caused bleeding and required antibiotics. I saw Dr. Langford for prolapse and sphinter muscle repair but she exaggerated the degree of prolapse and had no method or resource of evaluating or repairing the sphincter muscle. Her answers on prolapse repair did not meet the standard of known success. She shared inappropriate personal information including that her employer threaten to stop paying her if she does not catch up on her record keeping. She recently was involved in a car accident under the influence of prescription drugs I read in the paper. This is a money making operation and questionable medical operation.
August 16 , 2018
Typical Fort Myers doctor...fradulent, rude, obnoxious, hours around their golf schedules, writes their own prescriptions for themselves and charges needlessly and flagrantly without the financial concerns of their patients... and needs to have their license taken away. GO NORTH if you need an operation. Or just go north altogether. Florida SUCKS for medical care. The worst of the worst come here to practice.
July 03 , 2018
"2 years and 8 months out from my pelvic floor surgery I wake up at 5:30 am today with pain again from the damage I am left with from the surgery dr Langford did on me. She never acknowledged it even knowing I was in the ER 6 times and hospitalized twice within 26 days of the surgery with excruciating pain. I regret having this surgery done by her. It was a total failure in every way. "
November 22 , 2021
This doctor misdiagnosed me. I had to go to another doctor to finally get answers. This doctor was DUI and arrested a few months ago.
May 06 , 2019
3 years and 6 months out from my pelvic floor surgery I still have pain and neuropathy from the damage I am left with from the ACell matrix surgery dr Langford did on me. She never acknowledged the damage even though knowing I was in the ER 6 times and hospitalized twice over within 26 days of the surgery with excruciating pain. I am left with incontinence . I regret having this surgery done by her. It was a total failure in every way." And the matrix sling became detached on one side almost immediately.
September 14 , 2022
I had been referred to Dr. Langford by my gynecologist as I was new to area. I have had past history of experimental urological surgeries performed by a highly decorated doctor. She had no knowledge of this doctor nor his procedures. After having spent my whole life going to urologists I am very familiar with how they work. This office was a meat packing plant for medicine. If you want top notch care, DO NOT GO HERE! I have since traveled to VA for a former urogynecologist I had who had moved for my care as I was so upset with what I received here. My current doctor is a former military doctor and trained under my original urologist and actually saw my surgery when it was performed.
November 01 , 2016

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About Carolyn F Langford

Education History
Medical School - Rutgers School Of Dental Medicine, 1999
24 years
Languages Spoken
English, Spanish
Board Certified

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