Jefferson Surgical Clinic,Inc
1234 Franklin Rd SW
Roanoke, VA 24016 (Directions)
2.8 out of 5
Jefferson Surgical Clinic,Inc
1234 Franklin Rd SW
Roanoke, VA 24016 (Directions)

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2.8 out of 5
11 ratings, 11 reviews
You will not find a more professional, knowledgeable, and caring doctor anywhere! He is truly the best of the best. He also has the best staff of any Dr I have ever seen. 5 stars, and more! I wish all doctors could be as thorough, and as caring as this gentleman is!
April 26 , 2011
Dr. Daniel was super in every way as was his staff. Explained each part of my prostate surgery and what to expect.
February 06 , 2019
I had stage 4 prostate cancer when I went to see Dr. Daniels. He explained exactly what would happen during my prostatectomy and how we would manage my recovery. When I had some scar tissue causing issues post-op, my wife called their office and they told me to come down right away. I had to have a follow-up surgery to remove the scar tissue and again, Dr. Daniel told me exactly what he was going to do and what my recovery would entail. He has a great bedside manner and his nurse is super about calling back when you have questions/concerns.
October 20 , 2020
He explained my diagnosis and options thoroughly. Went over every detail. Really made us feel comfortable and confident!
July 21 , 2018
Three weeks ago I had my Prostate removed by Robotic Surgery and everything has worked thus far as planned. 1st. Let me counter another review: I wasn’t looking to find a best friend, and actually liked Dr. Daniels type of humor, having said that, I insisted on experience and years of success with Robotic Surgery. If you are looking for the Surgical success that comes with Dr. Daniel and team, then my suggestion is that you found the right Doctor.
December 26 , 2017
I found him pompous, arrogant, and condescending. Wants to blame the patient for everything that is wrong. Takes no responsibility after surgery.
February 28 , 2022
I didnt care for this doctor, he is sketchy.
February 27 , 2018
He was extremely rude and condescending to me. He scolded me twice for cancelling a prior yearly appointment. He would not listen to me. His medical advice was to try to simply help me sleep at night. I will never go back to him as I felt he was treated me like a child.
July 02 , 2022
"Terrible bedside manner...he’s rude and patronizing. Hours-long wait for appointments, no clear follow-up protocol or procedure, takes days to get a call back. So glad I’m done with this office. "
December 18 , 2020
He has no bedside manner...he’s rude and condescending. Very patronizing, as if he’s talking to a stupid child. Hours-long waits for appointments...your time clearly means nothing to him. Doesn’t explain things, talked over me and even held his hand up to stop me from talking. Caught an attitude when I mentioned using my MMJ card for pain, said there’s no proof it helps with pain - lies, cuz, SCIENCE. Waited 2 hours to see him last month and had to reschedule cuz he just never came...this time I was supposed to be the first patient and still sat in a room for an hour. Never told me my stent was being taken out so I had no time to mentally prepare my anxiety. He just has no compassion or patience. So glad to be done with this office.
December 18 , 2020
I went to Dr. Daniel after being referred to him for mild/moderate Interstitial Cystitis, which was diagnosed by a gynecologist who is a world-renowned specialist. He took a look at my surgical pictures of my bladder, laughed and said I didnt have IC. He asked me if I knew what IC was, and I explained and was correct. He then asked me why I was there to begin with, I told him I had extreme urinary urgency and sometimes retention, and got diagnosed with mild IC by my endometriosis doctor. He then asked me if I knew what Endometriosis is.... A disease Id had for about seven years at the time and am much more knowledgable about than most doctors Ive seen, which is a LOT. He then, did an exam, with the worst bedside manner Ive ever seen, and came back in the room and tossed some sample pills for urinary urgency on the bed and laughed, saying I should see if those work. This jerk takes the cake for being the most condescending, ignorant and unprofessional doctor with the worst bedside manner Ive ever experienced. If youre looking for a caring doctor... or, even just a decent human being, look elsewhere.
April 08 , 2015

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Jefferson Surgical Clinic,Inc
1234 Franklin Rd SW
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