Palm Beach Pediatric Urology
5325 Greenwood Ave Ste 203
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
Palm Beach Pediatric Urology
5325 Greenwood Ave Ste 203
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
12 ratings, 12 reviews
Dr. Flack, NP, Evelyn, and new patient coordinator, Tammy exceeded my expectations! I called the office several times and received a return phone call within minutes of each call. I was able to make same day and next day follow up appointments with ease. My questions were answered and my concerns were addressed in an informative, caring way. Dr. Flack and his staff made every accommodation for me and my son, and I am very grateful for their professionalism and expertise. I appreciate their rapid response and bedside manner. I am confident in Dr. Flack's treatment and recommendations.
March 17 , 2014
Dr. Flack is the best! He really made me feel at ease about my sons surgery and did an awesome job! Definitely great with people, especially children, and great at his job.
June 17 , 2015
Dr. Flack was amazing. I was way beyond nervous going to this visit, but made us feel at ease. With patience and kindness explained every detail till we felt better. I traveled an hour and a half to get to Dr. Flack and with pleasure I would do it again. THANK YOU DR. FLACK & staff. ;)
August 15 , 2014
I had a tough time making an appointment, played phone tag. Once I got the new patient coordinator, Tammy on the phone it went well. She was very kind and helpful. When I brought my child in I could see why I had to play phone tag, the new patient coordinator works up front and checks you in. Very busy. I had a conversation with the office manager about a payment plan and she was down right rude! Dr Flack is amazing. Smart man, I'm glad that i brought my child there. Nurse Lauren was very sweet, gentle, and caring with my child.
July 07 , 2014
Dr. Flack is an amazing physician. My son is now 15 years of age and at the time he did his reconstruction I didn't know what to expect. Dr. Flack assured me I would be pleased and I'm. I lived in Tallahassee and traveled back and forth just for him. When I was told my son needed to see a urologist for another reason without hesitation I made an appointment with Dr. Flack.
November 29 , 2016
Dr. Flack is an outstanding urologist and surgeon. He saw my 6 month old son for emergency surgery and went above and beyond to help him. He truly cares for his patients and he is very good at what he does. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
January 04 , 2019
Prior to my 8 mo. old son's surgery for hypospadias, we had an appointment with Dr. Flack who clearly described the procedure my son was about to undergo and assured me that this procedure was routine. My son would be back to crawling happily in the house like normal in a matter of days. My son would just need the appropriate time to heal from his surgery which did go successfully. The hospital staff at Palms West were awesome and Dr. Flack did an amazing job at correcting my son's urethra.
November 23 , 2015
Dr. Flack did a good job on my son's surgery, but his scheduling staff are blatantly rude and difficult to deal with. I had the displeasure of speaking with them on three occasions and each time they acted as if it was a bother to answer the call. Finally decided not to go back for follow up after I was told there was no possible way to reschedule an appointment that the hospital booked at a particular office ("you'll just have to keep the one you have"). I've worked with docs and hospitals for years, this was the worst staff I've encountered. At best, they need training in customer service and basic manners; in reality, they should be fired.
September 27 , 2013
I waited Over two hours. My time is valuable too! Never going back.
June 02 , 2019
Over an hour to see the doctor. Overcrowded waiting room and a distracted front desk staff. The visit was awful!! I rather drive farther than ending up aggravated over the many things wrong with this doctor visit. People have forgotten than we pay high price for a doctor’s service.
April 11 , 2020
After almost two hours waiting in the waiting room we walked out. Way over book and don't care how long we wait as a result! Terrible office, stay away. Drive, if you have to! It'll be better service. Money Mill Warning. Quantity NOT Quality?
July 17 , 2019
This was the most unprofessional doctor's office I ever went to. The entire staff is incompetent. They filed our claim wrong with insurance and refuse to pay us back the $900 they stole from us. Do not waste your time with this doctor.
February 01 , 2015

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Palm Beach Pediatric Urology

Palm Beach Pediatric Urology
5325 Greenwood Ave Ste 203
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