North Georgia Urology Center, PC, Inc
1434 Broadrick Dr
Dalton, GA 30720 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
North Georgia Urology Center, PC, Inc
1434 Broadrick Dr
Dalton, GA 30720 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
5 ratings, 5 reviews
Faith in God, Faith in doctor Dr Idom is an excellent surgeon/doctor. Good communicator, tempered in a personable fashion. Thorough in his commitment to care for his patient. His staff is an extension of his patient care mindset.
June 05 , 2019
Dr idom is an excellent Dr. Did wonderful job on my surgery. Excellent caregiver. Wouldnt want any other Dr.
August 14 , 2020
He would get 5 stars, but dealing with the office is terrible. I do not think he knows the difficulty they place on patients. They do not communicate well, they do not manage insurance and credits due back well, scheduling treatments are hard as it seems no one communicates. He needs a better practice manager who will understand Customer Service and Operations.
July 26 , 2018
He is very knowledgeable and good at what he does. But because he is the only Urologist in the area, it takes a long time to get an appointment. He can not spend much time with you because he has so many patients to see. Had my appointment cancelled and when it was rescheduled, surprised to find out I was only seeing the nurse practitioner. Additionally, he is VERY expensive. Im guessing it is because there is no competition. If you have great insurance that pays most of your bill, this will not be a problem for you. But you can easily end up paying thousands of dollars if not. Plus, lab tests are sent to a local hospital that really over charges for simple things such as a culture. Make sure you ask about the cost of tests before you have them done.
May 26 , 2013
Dr Idom is probably a good doctor for men but does not like treating women. He may seem ok on the first visit but after that all you will see is a nurse practitioner. Dr Idom does not have a clue what interstitial cystitis is. Do not let him treat you for it. He does not know what he is looking at or how to treat it. Please see real women’s drs in Chattanooga, Dr. House or Dr Singh.
October 19 , 2020

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North Georgia Urology Center, PC, Inc
1434 Broadrick Dr
Dalton, GA 30720