Central Florida Urology
4106 W Lake Mary Blvd, Suite 215
Lake Mary, FL 32746 (Directions)
3.2 out of 5
Central Florida Urology
4106 W Lake Mary Blvd, Suite 215
Lake Mary, FL 32746 (Directions)

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3.2 out of 5
42 ratings, 42 reviews
I have a rare form of kidney cancer on both of my kidneys and have seen numerous doctors in the area and I was given no hope or they had no clue about my illness until I saw Dr. Witten. Dr. Witten is knowledgeable, spent a lot of time with me informing me of my illness and I finally have hope. I have a long road ahead of me however I am grateful for Dr. Witten and his staff for taking care of my complex health. He has great bedside manner, caring and sense of humor. I will be his patient for the long haul.
March 26 , 2015
this dr is very very very good at what he does I would never think of using any other dr than him when he was told I was in the hospital he came over as soon as he could spoke with me did surgery the next morning and was on my way to recovery and his nurse called the day after I left the hospital to see how everything was going this dr is a excellent surgeon
November 15 , 2017
I find Dr.Witten to be very professional, straightforward, yet down to earth. . I like and trust him.
April 23 , 2015
They dont get any better than Dr. Witten.
December 05 , 2015
Great humor. Takes his time with you.
February 01 , 2012
I have been a patient of the practice for many years, the staff is excellent and friendly. Personalized, professional and competent care every time. He is one if the few very well educated, competent and compassionate doctors in town. He fixes medical issues that many others in town have botched.
July 06 , 2015
Dr. Witten has been my familys Urologist for many years. He is always straight forward and provides excellent service, care and diagnostics. I wont go to another Urologist. Hes the best!
November 17 , 2017
One of the most personal caring doctors, I have ever had.
January 06 , 2019
"Terrific. Best and most professional dr. Expert and kind. Extremely happy with my care. Problem resolved"
November 11 , 2020
This office is great. The doctors and staff are wonderful. Great results !!!!
October 21 , 2014
Having been to several neurologists in the Orlando area, Dr. Witten is the best of the best. I didnt have to wait more than 15 minutes to see him and he took the time to answer all of my questions and take care of all of my issues. He did an in office procedure and everything went smoothly. The follow up visit was equally as quick and easy. He has tremendous knowledge and is very caring with his patients. Ill definitely recommend him to all of my friends and family.
December 23 , 2011
Upon arriving to the office the front desk staff was very friendly. I was able to fill out my paperwork prior to my visit and my wait time to see Dr Witten was very short. The nurses that took care of me were also very friendly and knowledgeable regarding why I was there to see Dr Witten. Along with the ultrasound tech they put me at ease. Dr Witten took his time with me and did not rush through my visit. I would highly recommend this practice. Mike
June 03 , 2020
I have had prostate issues and kidney stones and have seen numerous urologists. Dr. Witten was the best - by far. Very pleased with my results.
July 01 , 2019
An extremely intelligent physician with excellent patient care
January 03 , 2012
Thank you so much! You are the Best!
March 17 , 2016
Fantastic doctor. Very happy. Excellent surgeon. Well educated and spot on with diagnosis and patient care. Doctor providing personalized care. Not an assembly line doctor like most of the hospital doctors . Only urologist in town to see if you have urologic issues. Excellent
July 07 , 2015
dr witten has been my dr for over 16 yrs,hadnt needed his expertise for a few yrs ,, but when i was admitted to hospital, dr witten came to hospital asap spoke with me , said what the surgery would be and time , came back to hospital next morning,did the surgery then told me he would discharge me and to recover at home . which I did , his nurse called the next day to see how I was and if I was comfortable and needed anything , if this dr takes you as a patient ,, consider yourself lucky, very lucky
November 16 , 2017
After reading some reviews it made me wonder were we talking about the same doctor. Dr. Witten has been treating me for kidney stones. I found him to be easy to deal with and he communicates clearly regarding my treatment. I found his staff to be very efficient and they also are a caring group. I have dealt with many physicians staff(s) over the years and Dr. Wittens team is the best. Especially, Ilena Adorno who coordinates his surgery schedule. She is excellent!!!!
May 07 , 2019
The staff is great, friendly and acomodating. I had to wait a little to see the Dr. but it was worth it. He was able to diagnose me quickly and set me up with proper treatment. He has a dry sense of humor and a good bedside manor, would and have reccomended to people.
December 08 , 2016
Thanks to Dr Witten no more pain
September 13 , 2019
My sister recently visited Dr. Witten. She said he was very professional and kind. She also said that he did not hurt her in any way and that he did not recommend procedures that she considered to be unnecessary.
April 16 , 2015
Excellent well trained caring physician
March 14 , 2015
Im his patient for more than 10 years. I have no doubt regarding knowledgibility, but Im staying with him just because he is close to my home and I dont want,in my advanced age, be looking for a new urologist.
July 13 , 2009
This doctor has the WORST bed side manner! He was so rude and was trying to walk out of the office while I was asking him questions about my procedure. He made it apparent that he did not care about me or my condition. He spent less than 5 minutes with me and whenever I asked a question, he made it seem like I was wasting his time . He is mean, rude, disrespectful, and a terrible person. I will NEVER go back to him and urge anyone who needs a urologist to go to someone else.
February 09 , 2017
Dr. Witten was extremely rough in administering the exam with the endoscope. He caused unnecessary severe pain, and several days of suffering. He did not wait for the local anesthetic to take effect before the procedure. He was in too big of a hurry, and did not seem to care that he was being too rough. He treated me like I was some type of inanimate object on an assembly line, and not a human being. I will NOT go back to this doctor.
February 20 , 2012
The office staff is so unbelievably rude and nasty when questioned about records Dr Witten wrote, that by the way are different from what was discussed. I can understand mistakes made we all make them.. I have NEVER been to such a strange , out of line unprofessional doctor. While in his company, Dr Witten drops --f-- bombs repeatedly throughout the conversation and felt the need to share with me when asked how are you? That he is better now hes on some --Happy Pills-- This man needs to take a leave of absence immediately!! I will not be going back obviously. Please do not trust this doctor. He use to be great but I feel he has lost his love for life and his career. We dont need to hear about your personal life. Please get some help Dr. Witten and consider changing staff members.
December 04 , 2017
No great, staff is amazing. Doc will hold your medication until you do an expensive procedure. They will also change location the day before and charge you double. Searching for new Doc!
March 16 , 2023
I went to him for 6 years, and finally gave up. He was up to 2 hours late most of the time. (NEVER on time). Poorly organized and not a good manner was my experience. He may know what he is doing, but I would never go back.
April 27 , 2008
Doctor acted like I was wasting his time, almost like he was mad that I was there. I did not trust him so I went to another doctor and found out that he misread my blood test. Save yourself some time and grief and go to another doctor.
November 16 , 2013
Bad bedside manners
December 26 , 2006
Dr. Witten is the worst doctor I have ever been to. He was condescending, sarcastic, arrogant and just plain rude. He would not let me finish a sentence when we were discussing my problem without interrupting me. Every time he asked me a question he would hold his hands up in the air, and get a sarcastic expression on his face and lean his head forward (Picture someone saying are you going to hurry up) and then still not let me finish speaking. Perhaps I caught him on a bad day, maybe he felt bad that day, whatever the reason, his actions and attitude was insulting and appalling. Reading the other reviews here (if not left by office staff) it appears some people had good luck with him. That was not my experience at all. There is no way I would trust this man to make a decision that could have an affect on the rest of my life. If you need a urologist my advice would be to go elsewhere if at all possible.
March 18 , 2013
Paid $40 to be treated in a disrespectful manner. Dr. Witten was rude, interrupted me consistently and snickered even though he could tell I was upset. I left his office feeling frustrated and angry at his lack of professionalism. I’m no closer to finding an answer for my pain.
April 25 , 2018
Was recommended to see this doctor thought he was a good doctor me and my wife were at his office there was racial discrimination and religious discrimination he spoke about the Jehovah Witnesses very bad also never return my calls people at the office were very unprofessional they never gave him any information about my condition the doctor never call me eventually the doctor let me go because I had an argument with the person whos supposed to be taking the messages my feeling is the doctor discriminated against me because of my religion and also because I am Spanish my wife was a witness to the whole thing received the letter doctor letting me go never treated me with the pain that I had also sent me a bill even though I met my Medicare deductible Please be aware not to bring the subject of religion because there is discrimination of religion even though he told me he had patient that was Jehovah Witnesses spoke very bad about the Jehovah Witnesses even made up some stories that I never heard before I told him that I respect all religions because everybodys trying to reach God he was smiling when he was saying it almost sarcastic I was very hurt this board on anger towards me later on I told the secretary what he did she told me that if I had a witness to get a lawyer Im so disappointed after hearing this doctor being good doctor try not to be that he did not care about his at least not me is it a true story I would not make up any stories just to let you know this happened a little bit over a month ago Orange City office my wife was a witness to the whole thing she went with me to the rooms for the medical exam I have mentioned to him about my religion and my moms religion immediately he started making comments about that particular religion I cannot believe what I was hearing before leaving I told him that I respect all religions no matter who they are seems like you didnt care I am looking to what to do now if he does not contact me Im contacting a lawyer discrimination attorney also will follow up with a letter to the medical board hope that you dont go what I went through it was horrible may God forgive him for treating me that way I wish no harm nothing but love I believe in God and God says to forgive those who hurt you Im not happy to leave this comment but I have to put the truth down my wife is a witness to this and also the secretary that was there that day that he was bringing it to her attention to Im very sad about this may God forgive him you should not talk bad about God like he did and other words he uses words very carefully but still I felt hurt about it my mom is Jehovah Witness Im about to ask witness even though and go to the Kingdom Hall it is still my religion I have never spoke about no ones religion bad I cannot believe this happen to me but it is the truth thank you for your attention Jose Velez
March 29 , 2019
I saw Dr. Witten a couple of years ago for blood in the urine. Long waits in the examining room, and after two cat scans and a cystogram, I could not get a diagnosis out of him. I changed doctors, but had a hard time getting my medical records transferred to the new doctor. Dr. Wittens office is a motherlode of apathy.
July 24 , 2016
I was warned by my Father In Law about this Doctors attitude when I mentioned I had an appointment with him. Of course I did not listen, so I guess you can say lesson learned. I thought he may have been exaggerating, but he wasnt. Doctor Witten is very rude and condescending just as others have commented on here. He did not even seem to be listening while I was talking, just kept staring at the papers in front of him. I dont know how good of a Doctor he is, but I just can not put trust in someone who acts like that. Luckily with my insurance I dont need a referral, so I will be going to see someone else.
December 23 , 2016
I echo the negative reviews here and have had a similar experience with odd, off putting and condescending behavior, dr not showing up for appts (after you wait 2 hrs and this is on more than one occasion), etc. The staff is equally rude. I would never go here again or recommend it. So unprofessional. And beyond that, I truly believe there is something wrong with this doctor as another reviewer below has said.
May 14 , 2015
I saw this Dr. 3 times, Dr. Witten, in one month and went by the office to get results from my CT Scan. No one ever called me to make an appointment to discuss the results. I saw the Dr. at the front when I came in ask about my results and he looked at me and said -- I dont even know who you are-- The receptionist ask me to be seated and then called me up front and gave me the report. I now have to wait a week to see the Dr. Witten. I would never go back to Dr. Witten.
March 27 , 2019
I have insurance and made a new patient appointment 3 weeks in advance. I received no new patient information, etc in the mail. I showed up for the appointment, and I was extremely surprised and insulted when the front desk wanted $200 from me before even seeing the doctor. I was embarrassed, and it made me feel appalled and insulted. So, I walked out feeling very insulted and appalled. I totally wasted my time keeping this appointment for nothing. Very unprofessional and staff insulting. Horrible experience!!
March 29 , 2018
This Doctor is just plain rude and sarcastic. I could tell he enjoyed it by the little smirk he had on his face every time he was condescending. I go to doctors for help, not to be talked down to and be made fun of. He was making little smart remarks about my condition that may have been amusing for him, but it is very embarrassing and difficult for me to discuss with anyone. I was referred to him by a PA at my family Doctors office. I have not talked to her since then, but plan on telling her about my experience and see what she has to say. I may even reconsider my choice for a primary Doctor if they can not refer better specialists than this. As far as Dr. Whitten, I am flat out amazed that this man can be practicing medicine.
May 24 , 2019
Against the advice of a few people at my Church I went to see Dr. Whitten. It is hard for me to describe how he acts, but another person here wrote he has off putting and condescending behavior. That is an excellent way to describe him. He may be good at what he does but I could never trust a Doctor who acts like that, Its just not worth it when it comes to my health.
February 22 , 2017
I agree with all the reviews below. What a horrible office - rude and unprofessional. I had two appts with Dr Witten a year apart and both he did not show up for. I was truly ill and was upset I waited over 2 hrs and he did not show. I tried to see his associate a week later and they waited until 1 hr before the appt to tell me I was not welcome there as I was not happy with their office. Really? Who would be when the Dr never shows up for appts. And when he does show up, he acts like a jerk. Hes all ego and I truly feel there is something not right with him. His office staff is just plain rude. Go elswhere. I have since found another Dr and much much happier. Just wish I never wasted my time here.
October 20 , 2014
I wish I would have done a little research first, because my experience with this doctor was exactly like one of the other reviews here regarding this mans attitude. The only good thing that come from the way he acted, was that it made me go somewhere else and I found out that he had misread my blood work. Do not trust this doctor.
November 08 , 2013

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