Saint Vincent Physician Services Inc
85 Prescott St, Suite 403
Worcester, MA 01605 (Directions)
5 out of 5
Saint Vincent Physician Services Inc
85 Prescott St, Suite 403
Worcester, MA 01605 (Directions)

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5 out of 5
28 ratings, 28 reviews
Dr Patel is very friendly and easy to talk with. He explains every thing he is doing in detail. I felt very comfortable during both exams to his Derry, NH office. Extremely satisfied with my cystoscopy.
October 18 , 2018
My PSA level had nearly tripled in one year. Dr. Patel was very knowledgeable and took the time to fully explain what he felt was going on. Given my research and Dr. Patels explanation, I ended up having a biopsy. I feel confident that I am in great hands with him moving forward with my care. I have found Dr. Patel and his staff extremely personable, and he showed great interest in not only my medical situation, but also took interest in my personal life/family as well. He is a great doctor.
March 04 , 2019
Dr Patel is an outstanding surgeon with the perfect balance of talent, skills, and experience. With Dr. Chintan Patel you feel it in your heart that he cares for his patients wellbeing and quality of life. He a very nice human been.
December 01 , 2018
Dr. Patel listens to the patient and is incredibly honest. Also tries to get to know the patient, very friendly!
March 04 , 2021
Dr. Patel is leagues above other urologists in the area. For the first time in a decade Im free of kidney stones and feeling fantastic! I would definitely recommend him.
March 17 , 2019
Dr. Patel did a fantastic job with resolving a stubborn kidney stone, and performed the procedures without a hitch. Very friendly guy and he is more than willing to help answer questions. Would recommend!
November 13 , 2018
I am beyond thrilled with my experience with Dr. Patel! His explanations were clear and concise, he really listened and heard my questions and his surgical skill is exceptional. He is easy to talk to and he clearly loves what he is doing! 10 stars for Dr. Patel!
August 07 , 2019
Dr. Patel and his staff are so nice and professional. I had no idea what to expect and I was terrified. Dr. Patel kept me well informed the whole way through. He was always available for questions. I highly recommend him.
October 23 , 2021
Dr. Patel is a cares about his patients and I would highly recommend him.
November 07 , 2018
We have been team UMASS for a very long time, and it was the first time we worked with Saint Vincent. Our family doctor recommended us to Dr. Patels office for my husbands issues with peeing out blood. My husband has high anxiety issues and depression after undergoing two open-heart surgery within the last five years. He is seldomly mistaken to be very hard patient to please. I was amazed after the first visit that my husband couldnt stop talking highly of Dr. Patel and his knowledge in the field and graciously took his time explaining what he is planning to do with my husband to figure out whats going on with him. The hospital and Dr. Patel took action on my husbands case. He could undergo a minor procedure reasonably quickly after the initial meet. Dr. Patels walked my husband through the process, explaining to him what caused the bleeding. Lastly, as I mentioned, my husband has terrible anxiety issues. He was so comfortable with Dr. Patels that he didnt need me to be by his side. As a result of Dr. Patels care, he had created trust with my husband. Saint Vincent and Dr.Patels is an excellent asset, and we are so grateful to receive the care.
October 27 , 2021
I was very satisfied with Doctor Patels treatment and advice. Im glad to have him on my team!
November 09 , 2018
I have seen Dr. Patel a couple of times now. I find him to be very knowledgeable, thorough, friendly, and caring. He recently performed a cystoscopy on me that went fine; He spoke with me just before and just after the procedure. I would highly recommend him!
November 15 , 2018
Dr. Patel provided a great experience. Made me feel comfortable to talk about my issues and provided thorough information on what I was dealing with it and how we can correct it!
October 08 , 2020
Dr. Patel is the finest Urologist that I have found. My past doctors were all a part of larger practices and every time I went for a visit I saw a different doctor. This did not make me feel comfortable. I feel very fortunate that Dr. Patel came into my life. He is caring, compassionate, and took the time to explain the pros and cons of every procedure so that I was able to make informed decisions about my health. He reviewed medications, biopsy and surgical procedures, and helped me to develop a comprehensive plan for wellness. Every visit that I had was with him. He is both a wonderful doctor and an excellent surgeon. Dr. Patel has exceeded all of my expectations. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a Urologist.
November 20 , 2018
When my long-time urologist retired, I asked my nephrologist to recommend a superstar. And Dr. Patel is that! A brilliant surgeon, a kind and patient person who just loves what he is doing. He is a really good listener. And he has a wonderful sense of humor! Five stars are not enough, I would give him 10!
August 08 , 2019
His attitude is upbeat, he is open and clear about procedures and recoveries, he listens to the patient and responds, well beyond the aha and head nod stage. There is a good back-and-forth discussion, and I was never disappointed in any part of my discussions with him. I would never hesitate to have him as my surgeon again, if the need should arise.
April 15 , 2019
Very professional, and great bedside manners. He explains everything nicely and understands the patient. I can be a handful at doctors and was very happy with his help and my results.
March 01 , 2019
I have been going to Dr. Patel for about six months at this time, for kidney stone procedures. Dr. Patel is competent, very professional, while being at the same time a very reachable and patient care provider. I enjoy my visits to his office, because I know I’ll get the answers that I need, and can also trust. I’m glad I had the good luck to be connected to him!
August 09 , 2019
am very happy to share my experience with Dr patel. He is an excellent surgeon . He is very professional and understands the patient very clearly.
November 19 , 2019
I have been a patient of Dr. Patel for approximately one year and recently underwent surgery in March of 2023. Dr. Patel and the staff at St. Vincent Urology were very professional and compassionate. I felt like I was in good hands from the very first day I walked into the office at 85 Prescott St. in Worcester, MA. He and his staff provided me with what I consider to be the the highest quality of care.
June 29 , 2023
I used Dr. Patel for a routine procedure and could not have been more pleased with the results. He is that rare combination of high skill and excellent bedside manner (often the former does not mean the latter!). The whole process I felt really informed and really comfortable with everything. He is kind, responsive, and everything one can hope for with such an experience. I will certainly be recommending him to others who need care that falls in his specialty!
July 30 , 2022
My first visit with Dr. Patel was excellent. He reviewed my past history and he listened carefully to all my concerns about treatment. We discussed treatment options and a new prescription that could help. I found him easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. Looking forward to seeing him again.
November 15 , 2018
Dr. Patel is fantastic! Its rare you find a doctor who will take the time to really listen to you. I believe the he really cares about you and your medical condition, and will do his best to resolve your medical condition, whether its surgical or not. Hes very easy to talk to, and makes you feel at ease. Im very happy to have him as my Urologist.
September 28 , 2021
I saw Dr. Patel for an urology issue that I had for a few months. He provided an excellent evaluation, was kind and professional, walked me through all my options, and even did an on the spot preventive service during that first visit to ensure I did not run into any issues on my vacation! I look forward to going back to Dr. Patel for my surgery as I have the utmost confidence in his ability to full solve my problem.
March 28 , 2019
We had the great good fortune to be referred to Dr. Patel when my husband’s PSA levels were elevated. Dr. Patel took his time with us, explaining all available options. He answered all our questions with professionalism and kindness. We went through biopsy and surgery with him and his skill is very evident in the way my husband went through and recovered from surgery. Dr Patel made himself accessible at all times and treated us with respect and courtesy. New Hampshire is very fortunate to have a physician of his knowledge, skill and professionalism. Dr Patel was very professional and clear regarding my needs and procedures. I fully agree with what my wife presented in this text. With my years working in the medical field with Abbott/ Ross Labs, calling on physician offices and hospitals, I give thanks to Dr. Patel, his staff and the staff at Parkland Medical Center for a first class performance. - Michael Remington.
December 12 , 2018
From the moment I spoke with Dr. Patel on the phone to the moment we left his office, he was professional, genuine and transparent with all of my elder family members medical needs and concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Chintan Patel and his staff.
August 13 , 2019
I’m so glad to have found a quality urologist in Nashua! Dr Patel is Professional, caring, empathetic, kind and very reassuring. Clearly knowledgeable with an excellent bedside manner, Dr Patel talks to you like a human being and makes sure you feel informed and at ease. Excellent experience!!!
March 14 , 2019
Dr. Patel worked with me through kidney stone issues and came up with a non-invasive treatment program that works with my active lifestyle. He was very quick to respond to questions and concerns that I had and provided clear, concise descriptions of what was going on with my issues.
November 16 , 2018

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