Houston Female Urology PA
18300 Katy Fwy, Suite 565
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3.8 out of 5
Houston Female Urology PA
18300 Katy Fwy, Suite 565
Houston, TX 77094 (Directions)

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3.8 out of 5
26 ratings, 26 reviews
Dr. Pramudji is very professional with an easy friendly manner. She listens to me and takes her time during office visits.
August 19 , 2014
Dr. Pradmudji has been so helpful for the issues I’m dealing with. Her office staff and assistant are wonderful. So happy I found this doctor!
July 25 , 2019
I have been a patient of Dr Pramudji since 2007. She has performed three surgeries on me and I have had excellent results with each surgery! I have recommended her to my family and friends. She is a very knowledgeable doctor and has an excellent bedside manner. She explains everything fully so you understand and is truly concerned about her patients.
December 14 , 2014
During my initial exam she was pleasant and friendly. During my examination she was efficient, kind and knew what she was doing. When she revealed her diagnosis to me she was compassionate and very thorough, presenting all treatment options - including non-surgical options. I have referred many friends/acquaintances to Dr. Pramudji.
September 21 , 2009
Dr. Pramudji is one of the best doctors in Houston, you want a caring and compasionate doctor who will review ALL your results, symptoms and your healthcare history as well as an exam in the office. It is bad medicine if a doctor gives medical advice over the phone to a person who has never even seen in their office and it is childish slander if a person who has never been seen by the doctor to write nasty and hateful review of a doctor they have never seen. Dr. Pramudji helps many women overcome thier urinary problems daily. I highly recomend her to anyone who is having a urological problem.
October 15 , 2010
I want to say very big â??THANK YOUâ? to Dr. Pramudji and her team members (Kim, Heather, Yoisel) I appreciate professional service they demonstrated within last 3-4 months of my life helping with health problems. Congratulate again with new practice, beautiful office and wish success for many years.
July 24 , 2014
She was very thoroughly with my examination. She understood my concerns. She explained different options to me and certain exercises that I could do at home. Her staff was very professional as wll! Would highly recommend Dr. Pramudju to anyone with urology concerns! Thanks!
September 29 , 2014
I have seen Dr. Pramudji for years and she is great, one of the best, but her new medial assistant is so amazing too, that It motivated me to leave a review. Carrie is sweet, knowledgable, professional, and caring all at once. Really, the best MA Ive ever dealt with. I hope someone reads this because she deserves some credit :) although Dr. Pramudji is so smart that Im sure she already knows it...
January 31 , 2013
Yesterday was my first visit. This is a visit I have been putting off... I must say, EVERYONE was so nice, warm and welcoming. When walking into a doctors office, this kind of cars and environment is what I desire. They are a TOUGH act to follow! They even sent me a follow up email thanking me for my visit
October 10 , 2014
I am so impressed & thankful to have a female urologist with the problems I have. She is so attentive caring & really understanding. The staff is also wonderful just dont have anything neg. to say.
September 15 , 2017
for the last 8 years she has been great.she and her staff have gone beyond what I expected when I first started seeing her in the office. she is everything you want a doctor to be.
May 17 , 2012
I love that when I call Dr. Pramudjis office her voice is the one that I hear on the answering machine. Her voice sounds like she cares for her patients and that she is very proud of her staff members. I could go on and on about what I have observed in her office. Not one negative comment would come out.
September 17 , 2014
Physicians come no better than Christina K. Pramudji. She is the best of the best in my book.
August 02 , 2016
Dr. Pramudji is very very good. Easy to talk to and very sweet disposition. i felt very comfortable with her. Her office staff is top notch. Very professional and organized. Her office manager also very helpful and nice. Office is beautiful. Highly recommend her.
October 30 , 2014
Dr. Pramudji is as real as real gets and she is a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful Spirit of God. My wife has had many health problems and surgeries and Dr. Pramudji prays with my wife openly and compassionately. She is a very nurturing person and dont be afraid to talk to her about anything. I switched from a male doctor and I feel so much more comfortable with her examining me. Her knowledge and confidence shows through her thoroughness in both diagnosis and explanation of her findings. She is a bleeding heart for the hurting and suffering and a really great surgeon with hands guided by the Spirit of God dwelling within her. We both love Dr. Pramudji!
September 27 , 2012
Wonderful bedside manner.
November 26 , 2005
Very kind. Treats patients with dignity and respect. Highly recommend!
May 13 , 2010
She has rescheduled 4times so far. The last time to go assist another dr. for his patient! My mother has yeast issues in her bladder and is 87 years old. She is in a lot of pain and the procedure is paramount to getting her out of this pain! The thought of being postponed even three days made her cry and that was the straw that broke me! What really is an issue also is that because she had postponed so many times she had forgotten all the issues troubling my mother!
March 27 , 2013
Dr. Pramudji is still ruining peoples lives by continuing to place polypropylene mesh in womens bodies. She also is in tight with johnson&Johnson one of the mesh makers and was paid to be an expert witness. She performed 6 surgeries for me with many complications. I was implanted in 2009 and still have no life. I know this has been a long time since people have checked here but one word of advice, let no doctor put anything plastic in your body. The doctors can just say no too. However the money is just too good. She will never take a scalpel to me again!
August 29 , 2015
Dr. Pramudji and her partners encourage mesh surgeries for incontinence and prolapse. She is a very sweet person. She has the best bedside manner, but she is not as knowledgeable or experienced as other doctors about mesh procedures. When my procedure went wrong, she did not know how to fix it. She was not able to figure out what was wrong. I am now having to seek out a new and more knowledgeable urologist. Her office staff are incredibly rude and will make you wait if they are having personal conversations. I had several billing issues as well. They coded several things incorrectly, and I had to correct the problems with the insurance company. The billing manager would not admit that she coded anything incorrectly or help to resolve the billing problem. Also keep in mind that Dr. Pramudji is a part of a very large practice. If you have a procedure done with her, you may end up dealing with one of her partners. Some of her partners are not very nice at all.
November 29 , 2010
Same as as the others she still uses mesh and she , by using it, has robbed me of an entire decade of my life! I now have to fly to california to see the ONLY doctor in the United states that will take out all the mesh, including the anchors. When I went to surgery that day in 2009 I had NEVER even heard of mesh, seen mesh or even had a clue what was going to be done. She implanted a TVT-O as well as a prolift. She filled me up with mesh. I have had 6 revision surgeries, one I hemorrhaged and nearly died and she showed up 1 time during about 6 days in the hospital. She is not to be trusted as she has lied to me several times! I hold the doctors who ended up with free rides on this responsible as well as others that could have just said no! I didnt even have incontenence! I dont know what God she is praying to in her blogs, but it must not be the same one I pray to. What she has done and continues to do shows no conscious or accountability on her part. But there has to be some karma in the universe. She will run into it somewhere!! She has her head stuck in the sand as she just keeps ruining womens lives!
February 24 , 2016
I sent a fax to Dr. Pramudji with detailed information regarding a renal scan I had recently taken. I had a question and asked her to kindly get in touch with me. She never did. This was first faxed over on 9/15. I have sent the same fax and results again a week later and have still heard nothing. Not even a courtesy call from her nurse. Nothing! Today I called and asked for a call back, I will see if that produces any results.
September 24 , 2010
The doctor makes me feel as though Im her only patient when I see her. Does not rush.
March 20 , 2015
She is only nice while you are happy with everything. As soon as I had a problem, she got on the opposite side and showed no sensitivity to what happened... zero understanding, and compassion and defending something she didnt even personally witness.
February 11 , 2017
I had an appointment today and was running a little late due to unforseen traffic. I called to give them a heads up and was told to turn around and not come. The nurse who answered the main line, was very rude and I was almost in tears. I took off work to head to the DR and was never told I needed to be there early. It really rubbed me the wrong way. I will be finding another DR today.
February 18 , 2016
Here is my experience with this Doctor. I called for an appointment and the receptionist was quick to tell me that they dont take Medicare or private insurance but she only was on a private pay for all her patients. I bet this Dr had her hands wide open when she got all her student loans to get her through medical school. Doc it is time to pay it forward. I think you are unamerican and very selfish when you domt accept insurance. There are too many other excellent doctors who dont think there only purpose is to help rich people I think you should be boycotted. Bad Doctor
May 14 , 2016

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