Regents Of The Univesity Of California - Ucsd Medical Group
200 W Arbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92103 (Directions)
5 out of 5
Regents Of The Univesity Of California - Ucsd Medical Group
200 W Arbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92103 (Directions)

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5 out of 5
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I am usually suspect of ratings which are all 5-star but I must say there wasnt a single negative experience or issue with the care I received from Dr. Kane and his staff.
October 25 , 2016
He is one of the highest rated robotic surgeons in the country. My experience with him lived up to his reputation.
November 02 , 2019
I am glad I have seen Dr. Kane before the health crisis. It seems that UCSDHealth is going down the drain because doctors must be multi-tasking scholars, profs., and physicians. From the survey on morale, it was found that some doctors complain because the scholars request too much from those who are not involved in academic-like activities. Dr. Kane seems to be a seasoned professional who is also an administrator. So, I guess the survey is not thorough enough and does not gauge the real attitudes of the doctors who complain about the administrators. Administrators should be role models, and Dr. Kane is one of them, but he is probably intimidating just because he is over-accomplished. It seems that the others just have to wait to over-perform or choose the path of least resistance. But it is more interesting that the doctor involved in cancer studies did not mention the role of private funding and the distribution of moneys to doctors who under-perform. Do they have low morale because they cannot catch up with research, because only senior doctors put their hands on foundation money. Material for Jill Castellano et al.
August 12 , 2020
I had prostate cancer and Dr. Kane was my surgeon. I HIGHLY recommend him. He is very meticulous, pays attention to detail, and is very ethical. In addition, hes a very nice person and easy to talk to. His patients are very lucky to have him as their doctor.
December 13 , 2010
Dr. Kanes level of surgical expertise is as high as is possible. My radical, robotic prostatectomy , performed by Dr. Kane, after the cancer diagnosis has been relatively pain free and the recovery results have exceeded all expectations. I will always be grateful to Dr. Kane.
August 08 , 2020
My prostatectomy to remove the enlarged cancerous prostate was done brilliantly with spectacular results, thanks to Dr. Kane & his team. Thanks again, for everything. Dr. S. Zisook
August 18 , 2020
After going to other doctors for years about a renal tumor and never being treated for it, I decided I needed to find a better doctor. I came across Dr. Kane by doing an internet search for top urologists in my area and Dr. Kane came up. Setting up a consultation was easy and his staff was very friendly. I brought past imaging and reports to the consultation for his review. He sat me in front of the computer screen to show me and explain to me what I had. None of the prior doctors ever did this for me! He told me what my options were and what he recommended. After this first visit with Dr. Kane I knew I had found the best doctor. I was scheduled for robotic surgery a month later and recovered quickly. I am so thankful for Dr. Kane and his staff for taking care of me and would strongly recommend him to anyone!
January 16 , 2013

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Regents Of The Univesity Of California - Ucsd Medical Group
200 W Arbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92103