Marion Area Physicians LLC
1040 Delaware Ave
Marion, OH 43302 (Directions)
4.5 out of 5
Marion Area Physicians LLC
1040 Delaware Ave
Marion, OH 43302 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
17 ratings, 17 reviews
The absolute best Urologist in this city!
January 23 , 2019
Dr. McClung is a wonderful urologist and the only one I have come to trust so extensively. He was working at COUG (Central Ohio Urology Group) but is changing over to Ohio Health. I’ve heard that he will start seeing patients soon and am hoping to get in to see him right away, although there is already quite a long list of patients waiting to see him. He is smart and extremely knowledgeable on some of the less common urology conditions. He doesn’t talk down to me and carefully explains things. I really depend on him for my ongoing care.
November 24 , 2018
Dr. McClung was one of the most kind doctors I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. He took his time, listened carefully and gave me a thoughtful plan of care. I couldn't be more satisfied with this Urologist and look forward to working with him.
March 18 , 2017
You have changed my life for the best glad I had you around. I live a good life now I feel the best I have felt in 10 years struggling with all my issues. Now I have a life. Thanks a million.
March 16 , 2017
Dr Mcclung was everything I hoped and heard he would be; knowledgeable, kind, and on time! Very pleased.
August 01 , 2023
"Really good. He was on time. He took his time. I liked him a lot."
August 10 , 2020
Dr. McClung was persistent in daily assessment of a strange bleeding issue, and methodically went step by step to work to alleviate the bleeding. He saved my life as far as I am concerned.
May 12 , 2014
I have suffered with a condition for years. I really thought no one could help me. Dr. McClung came up with a plan that was exactly what I hoped for. I already feel so much better. Thanks! Rich
September 27 , 2017
Dr. McClung is amazing. I can't recommend him highly enough.
November 15 , 2016
I'm so glad I was referred to this doctor.
October 28 , 2017
I felt that this doctor was unique enough to leave a review. I've seen a lot of doctors in my life but I was struck by how well Dr. McClung listens. He really heard me when I described my urologic problems and has been very successful in helping me solve them. I'm so grateful that I found him. If you're feeling scared to deal with your issues, this is the right doctor to see.
January 23 , 2018
Dr. Mcclung made me feel comfortable. He offered great solutions for me. I’ll definitely be back to see him!
March 03 , 2022
I know he’s taking his practice private but I went to see him before his last day in December. He’s always my fav doctor. He is gentle and listens well. He’s never too rushed. I trust him. Bottom Line.
January 23 , 2023
Best Urologist I've seen, (and I've seen many). Very professional, and honestly one of the most sincere doctors I've been a patient of. As a patient, he makes you feel that he is honestly invested in your health, and not just in-and-out next patient please. I would recommend this doctor to anyone looking for Urological diagnoses or surgery.
November 11 , 2015
Great doctor, but staff seemed to be confused on how to schedule appointments. They told us Friday, they would call us to tell us when our appointment was but never called.. I called them Monday and they still didn't have things organized in the system to give us an appointment and said they would once again call us at the end of the day today. I doubt they will actually call..
October 20 , 2014
It’s been almost 5 years since this doctor changed my life for the worse. Make sure you have clear and distinct agreement and understanding as to what will be done if you need surgery and must trust his word to do what he said he would do. I went to sleep expecting a minimally invasive, low risk of long term side effects elective surgery and woke up to a 4 year plus nightmare of chronic pain and sexual dysfunction. When confronted after the surgery as to why he did a different surgery than he said he would and the surgery that three other urologists suggested his only response was “I did you a favor” with no full explanation as to why he deviated from our clear agreement as to what was to be done. As a result, I have suffered from chronic pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction for nearly 5 years now and once my wife and I pressed for answers he stopped responding after admitting he had “never had a patient with those problems” and adding it might just take “extra time” to heal. Be careful…he seems genuinely concerned until you are on the table and once unconscious he apparently will do whatever he wants despite you not agreeing to a more invasive and risky procedure. Had he told me there was any possibility he would have to cut through muscles, nerves and blood vessels that are critical to a man’s functionality I would never have submitted to a surgery. The man I consulted with before agreeing to surgery was not the man who left me wishing I had never met him as I continue to deal with chronic pain, sexual dysfunction and now depression because of his actions. He never explained why he did what he did, never apologized for the poor outcome and didn’t help me overcome the alleged “transient side effects” that have lasted for years now. Caveat Emptor. Be cautious and make sure your informed consent form does not give him Carte Blanche permission to cut out parts of your body you didn’t want or give permission to be removed.
September 17 , 2022
So I want to start first by saying this is probably one of the most unprofessional doctors and teams I’ve dealt with. I went to Dr. Mcclung for a medical condition I was dealing with and saw him after hearing great reviews. Everything went well and he wanted to see me 3 months later to do an X-ray and meet with him to talk about it. Mind you, I’m two hours away and it’s very difficult to take off work to take a two hour drive for a 30 minute appointment. So my second appointment rolls around and I call the drs office to confirm my X-ray and appointment. I call and they had no idea what I was talking about. After multiple calls and waiting for someone to call me back their only alternative was to reschedule due to a blatant lack of communication which of course his assistant blamed on a computer error. I had already taken off work and was prepared to make the trip to Columbus at this point. So I went a ahead and rescheduled for around a month later because that was all they had available that worked with my schedule. I leave at 4AM which is 3 hours early to get to my appointment. The X-ray had an arrival time of 7AM but started at 7:30AM and then I was supposed to meet him at 8AM. There was a two vehicle collision that backed traffic up for around 40 minutes. I called the X-ray department at 7AM because they didn’t open until then and asked them to let Dr. Mcclung know I would more than likely be at the hospital around 7:30-7:45 due to a very bad accident that backed traffic up. We arrived at the hospital at 7:20 and come to find out he didn’t even consider pushing my appointment out 20-30 minutes and told his assistant to tell me the only choice was to reschedule. This is after my wife and I woke up at 4AM to head there for the 2nd time because the first time they had to reschedule due to their horrid communication skills. To have him act like such a jerk and ignore me when the traffic jam was totally out of my control is crazy to me. All in all I would not recommend Dr. Mcclung or his team and I will not be using him again. Awful experience.
December 31 , 2021

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