2950 College Dr # 2E
Vineland, NJ 08360 (Directions)
4.3 out of 5
2950 College Dr # 2E
Vineland, NJ 08360 (Directions)

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4.3 out of 5
30 ratings, 30 reviews
Dr. Lee did an excellent job explaining the surgical procedure and the postoperative care. In jest, he stated that I was too old for my condition.
October 24 , 2019
Very good treatment at and very good staff
November 21 , 2019
Nice guy , good sense of humor
November 27 , 2019
He treats everyone like family
February 14 , 2020
DR. Lee the best.
December 14 , 2019
Thorough exam. Caring.
August 07 , 2019
Great staff, well organized and knowledgeable.
August 08 , 2019
Very professional and friendly staff.
September 20 , 2019
I felt very comfortable with Dr. Lee. It’s obvious that he is highly qualified and very caring of his patients. The staff is efficient and friendly. We are lucky to have them in Vineland.
August 14 , 2019
I just thank God for leading me to doctor Lee and staff they all treat me great
August 14 , 2019
Dr.Lee is just the best,in my heart I believe he saved my life??will recommend 1000% hes always so welcoming
July 21 , 2020
Dr Lee made me feel very comfortable through the entire process from the exam, through my procedure Always made sure to give me all the information needed. I would recommend him to everyone I know
November 14 , 2019
I had a thorough exam during my consultation with Dr.Lee. He gave me all the information I needed to be comfortable for my upcoming procedure !
November 20 , 2019
very professional. Im very confident that Im receiving the correct attention. and meds
August 08 , 2019
Very great doctor took his time with me and went over everything
September 03 , 2019
I feel dr Lee goes above his duties and makes everyone of my visits a positive and memorable one. He is very caring and profesional
September 13 , 2019
I was welcomed by my name and did not wait long in the lobby
October 24 , 2019
very professional. Im very confident that Im receiving the correct attention. and meds
August 08 , 2019
very professional. Im very confident that Im receiving the correct attention. and meds
August 08 , 2019
very professional. Im very confident that Im receiving the correct attention. and meds
August 08 , 2019
Very professional , first time under anesthesia painless and fast experience I recommend Dr. Lee to anyone looking for a caring and knowledgeable urologist.
August 29 , 2019
Great doctor and kind
August 19 , 2020
very professional. Im very confident that Im receiving the correct attention. and meds
August 08 , 2019
I came into Dr. Lees office due to having a little blood in my urine. I wasnt too concerned, but after procedures and test it was found that I had bladder cancer. I am 27 years old and this is not what I had expected to hear. Dr. Lee explained that I would need surgery, but also told me that it was ok to get a 2nd opinion. I went to Jefferson and UPenn and got the same diagnosis. I finally decided to get my surgery with Dr. Lee because he took time to speak with myself and my family. Today after 2 surgeries I am cancer free and I can comfortably look forward to another birthday.
September 19 , 2012
My script was called into the wrong Pharmacy. I updated my information on this visit and it was not used
December 14 , 2019
Dr. Lee told me I had stage two cancer in my prostate. I agreeded to robotic surgery removing the prostate because he told me it was an aggressive cancer and he was very experienced with this surgery, over 800 accomplished. This surgery was to be a one night stay in the hospital. I was rushed into emergency surgery a few hours after the 1st due to excessive bleeding. I ended up spending 14 days in ICU and another 7 in a step down room. 3 months later I am still with a folley catherter, and a drain on my side. I have suffereed much pain and weakness due to the emergency surgery. The absolutely worse part was a blockage in the intestines from a drain kinking them. Dr. Lee went on vacation leaving me three days after the emergency surgery. I was trancefered to Jefferson Hospital in Phil. before his return. But he never called to ask what happened or how I am. A doctor really interested in his work would want to know what happened, how I am healing, and the results from the 2 surgeries.
November 29 , 2011
Dr. Lee strongly urged me to have green light laser surgery for an enlarged prostate when I was urinating just fine with medication. I agreed to have it but luckily he canceled the day before the surgery was scheduled. When his staff called the next day to reschedule I declined and glad I did because this happened while working at Stony Brook University and he did not inform me he was moving to New Jersey just a few weeks later. I would have had to found another MD if I needed further treatment for work he did. I felt tricked by him.
December 01 , 2018
June 17 , 2020
rude, un caring, not thorough or clear, is the nicest thing I can say
April 30 , 2018
I went to see Dr. LEEfor a kidney stone and he convinced me that my uterus was falling down and I needed surgery to fix it. He had me in surgery the following week. I had complications and went to another surgeon. I was told that I should never have had the operation. I Never Had Uterine Prolapse!
July 13 , 2018

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Education History
Medical School - University Of Medicine and Dentistry Of New Jersey / Newark, 1996
Residency - Montefiore Medical Center Albert Einstein Coll Med, 2002
Fellowship - National Institutes Of Health, 2004
27 years
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