Urology Partners LLC
18099 Lorain Ave, Suite 141
Cleveland, OH 44111 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
Urology Partners LLC
18099 Lorain Ave, Suite 141
Cleveland, OH 44111 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
10 ratings, 10 reviews
dr reese did a great job taking care of my problem. his bedside manner is wonderful and he is a terrific doctor. i have already referred friends and family members to him
August 24 , 2012
One of americas finest doctors!
April 01 , 2016
A truly caring Dr. You may have to wait a little, but when he sees you, he takes as much time as you need to get all questions answered. Very compassionate and smart!
August 13 , 2013
I have never been more comfortable with a doctor before in my life. I was slightly nervous about a vasectomy but Dr. Reese made it a comfortable and painless experience. I highly recommend him.
August 06 , 2011
Great Dr who makes you feel at ease
September 02 , 2011
Dr. Reese is the best he is the most caring Doctor I ever met he takes his time when you see him and answers all questions. I am 55 now but when I was 36 I had kidney stone caught in my Uretha he had to go in and put a stint in he said I was gonna be sick and I ended up with Septic Shock I was on life support for weeks he was on the team of Doctors that saved my life one of the Doctors wanted the right Kidney to come out But Dr. Reese said no he could see everything from the cat scan and it was still good now it is scarred up but it is here and working. He has been my rock for a lot of years. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM to anyone who needs a good Urologist I tease him you have to wait for a call back sometimes but I know he is so busy man. He truly is the BEST!!!..Lisa Horton-Wolfe North Ridgeville, Ohio
July 23 , 2019
In your search for an answer, diagnosis or eventual treatment Dr. C. Reese is your best source.HIGHLY recommended for prostate cancer diagnosis, surgery and follow-up.
November 11 , 2009
Dr Reese was amazing. He is so caring and spent a lot of time with me. He isnt bad to look at either!
June 24 , 2011
My experience with this doctor is somewhat disappointing. Over a years time I had 2 different appointments with him on the same issue but a question came to mind after the fact so I called his office and left a message with the receptionist to have him return my call. Just a quick question that is of concern. Its been 4 business days and no call. I called again to find out why and was told the message was sent to him. Yet no call. This makes me wonder how much he cares about the well being of his patients. I wont go back nor recommend him to anyone.
July 19 , 2016
Saw Dr. Reese to determine why there was blood in my urine & felt more urgency to pee than normal. He never reviewed CT scan in my patient folder. Performed a Cystoscopy & pronounced me healthy; said blood was normal for someone my age (67). Less than 4 wks later I had severe abdominal pain and had to have an emergency operation at UH to remove a 7mm impacted kidney stone that could have caused permanent kidney damage. Reese is negligent; I would not recommend this arrogant hack to anyone.
May 26 , 2017

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Medical School - University Of Toledo College Of Medicine, 1989
33 years
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Urology Partners LLC
18099 Lorain Ave, Suite 141
Cleveland, OH 44111
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