Ochsner Clinic LLC
1514 Jefferson Hwy
Jefferson, LA 70121 (Directions)
4 out of 5
Ochsner Clinic LLC
1514 Jefferson Hwy
Jefferson, LA 70121 (Directions)

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4 out of 5
12 ratings, 12 reviews
I was lucky enough to find this MD and my experience was incredible.With out a doubt, one of the kindest,dedicated and professional Drs that I have been treated by and worked with. His knowledge and ability to explain my condition and his recommendation for surgery were spot on. I used to go places and the first thing I would look for is the restroom location. Had to constantly have a pad. Unable to swim,ride horses, jump on trampoline,or even laugh with out leakage. He explained everything clearly and consicily. He made me feel so comfortable and genuinely kind . I would reccomend Dr Goudelock to anyone,no hesitations from this patient. He will be missed in Chattanooga, we are going to be short one excellent MD.
June 08 , 2019
He is a great doctor, very knowledgeable and professional service
July 03 , 2022
Doc Goudelocke is the best! Recommended by my primary Urologist, he confidently & professionally performed a complex procedure that requires skills & experience that many other Urologists don’t have. He took the time to clearly explain to me, my condition and the options, risks & rewards of my selected procedure. The results of the surgery exceeded my expectations, resolved my problematic condition and greatly improved my quality of life! Dr. Goudelocke was a champ throughout, to include his care and attention during post-op visits. I have 25 years of experience as a patient of 6 very good Urologists. Dr. Goudelocke is the best! Most highly recommend him and his team.
May 23 , 2022
Professional; knowledgeable; great bedside manner.
February 14 , 2022
Dr. Goudelicke is an awesome Dr. He is knowledgeable and tells you everything like it is. He will do whatever is in his power to figure out what’s going on as long as you are on board. He’s friendly and an all around good person!
July 25 , 2022
"Great bedside manner. Very thorough, knowledgeable, and willing to spend time with you! Highly recommend "
May 08 , 2021
This doctor will always get high praises from me. I was told I needed bladder lift but this great doctor solved my problem with a pill. So grateful to find him.
November 29 , 2018
My first visit with Dr. Goudelocke went extremely well and I am pleased to say that I think that he’s a great person as well as a physician. I like the way that he is down to earth and yet very professional at the same time. I find that he is a very thorough doctor!!!
June 21 , 2021
Dr. Goudelocke inspires confidence with a combination of professional excellence and personal compassion. He is never rushed and thoroughly answers any and all questions. He is specific in explanations, and his staff id helpful and pleasant.
July 27 , 2021
I went to Goudelocke for probably four years. I had problems with excessive UTI's. Staff was generally OK. But got lots of misleading info. About 4-5 months ago I went to an appointment and saw a trainee named dr. Smith. He stated that I was not having UTI's, "Who" had told me that! I felt under attach so said, you did, this office. He roared out and returned with goudelocke who acted like some sort of attack dog, generally sending me on my way saying I would have to live with it. On Jan 29, 2019 I returned for a follow up appointment, saw goudelocke. He apparently had notes so cane in with a very condescending attitude. Every thing I told him, he answered with "yeah, OK". I told him I was having to cath every 3-4 hours, requiring me to get up sometimes 2-3 times, of course disturbing my sleep. He answered "Yeah, OK" all in a condescending voice and attitude. Time for me to get another "Doctor".
February 01 , 2019
This office has no communication at all. We recieved calls from separate office techs that should have known the information given but obviously didnt talk to each other. So we had to continuously give out the same info to different techs. They had no clue what dr had said or done. The office lost test results and kidney stone sample. Those arent easy to replace. We loved the dr and hate the office will not go back.
November 13 , 2018
My husband saw Dr Goudelocke /Amy(np) for several years, finally telling him that there were no more procedures that could help him. Then we get a letter of him leaving so thankfully we switched to Dr sing ( in the same group) and two weeks later my husband is a new person. Thank you Dr Singh
July 05 , 2019

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Ochsner Clinic LLC
1514 Jefferson Hwy
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