Advanced Urology Associates Sc
1891 Silver Cross Blvd, Suite 430
New Lenox, IL 60451 (Directions)
1.7 out of 5
Advanced Urology Associates Sc
1891 Silver Cross Blvd, Suite 430
New Lenox, IL 60451 (Directions)

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1.7 out of 5
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I picked Dr. Marks out of our insurance plan so I had no experience with her before my first appointment for a consult. Some of her reviews were less than complimentary so I was a bit concerned about my visit to her for a 2nd opinion on the recommended treatment for a small lesion on my kidney. Both my husband and I thought she was great. We went through a lab report on a line by line basis to make sure I understood what it was saying. She gave me alot of information that I had not received from my current urologist. One of the things I liked was that she was very optimistic. She did not rush us. In fact, I was the one who said --Ok, thats all I need to know.--
March 31 , 2015
The last 2 visits went from bad to worse. If you want a judgmental, confrontational, uncaring doctor, this is the doctor for you. She doesnt like to answer a lot of questions on follow up visits. She doesnt seem to want to collaborate with you. If you act like a dumb patient, you get better care because you arent at all challenging her. Her nurse is much the same way. I wont go back.
March 08 , 2014
She might be a good doctor but she has a bad bedside manner. If you’re old or nervous pick a different doctor.
January 14 , 2023
worst experience i have ever had with a doctor. she basically told me i had an std and sent me on my way. told me not to follow up with her and she would call me. she never called me of course, so i had to follow up with a different doctor at a different practice. she was nonchalant and made me so uncomfortable and i was so very upset. the staff was awesome and so very polite, and worked hard to squeeze me in. the MA didnt know what she was talking about and also made me uncomfortable. my pulse was very high and she said that was normal, when its not. im an MA so i knew it wasnt normal. the nurse was very nice for the 2 minutes i saw her. dr marks basically stereotyped me because im a young adult who has sex. very upset.
March 01 , 2017
Extremely rude. No empathy whatsoever. My friend just saw her and had a bad experience with her also. Stay away from her.
September 12 , 2022
"Dr. Marks was rude and dismissive. I have never felt so uncomfortable during a doctor's visit. I waited 40+ minutes in the room to see her for no more than 90 seconds. "
November 13 , 2020
Regret not doing my research thoroughly on her. She botched my simple procedure and does not have empathy.
March 02 , 2016
This physician has little or no bedside manner. Just because youre a doctor doesnt mean that you dont show empathy or common courtesy to someone. She just seems really impressed with herself.
December 07 , 2011
awful went to see her once and never went back. She was cold, uncaring, ln a hurry, no bedside manner at all I felt very uncomfortable with her. She made me feel dumb.
August 06 , 2013
Saw Dr. Marks in the hospital and followed up with her today which was a mistake. She was dismissive and unsympathetic and not well educated on my condition. She kept throwing text book answers at me instead of treating me as a person. At first she wouldn’t give eye contact and by the end of the appointment she started giving me the oh so rude “ i hear you”. She was dressed inappropriately as well.
April 02 , 2019

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Medical School - Harvard Medical School, 2001
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Advanced Urology Associates Sc
1891 Silver Cross Blvd, Suite 430
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