Urology Of St. Louis, Inc
6812 State Route 162 200
Maryville, IL 62062 (Directions)
4.8 out of 5
Urology Of St. Louis, Inc
6812 State Route 162 200
Maryville, IL 62062 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
Dr. Shands is the most personable Dr. I've ever met. He has a great bedside manner and will take the time to explain things to you in a fashion that anyone can understand.
February 26 , 2023
January 08 , 2020
Excellent bedside manners. Very thorough and assuring. Competent and cares well for his patience.
June 16 , 2021
Very recommended, good bed side manners, and actually seemed to care about your issues.
October 19 , 2015
Very efficient run office. Always on time, very friendly. The best doctor in his field. Keep up the good work.
August 13 , 2021
I went in for my initial consultation today. Dr Shands was ver understanding and explained to me the procedure in full detail easy to understand.
May 12 , 2017
I love this man. I could not get a diagnosis from heads of departments. They would tell me that nothing was the matter with me without seeing me or my tests. Dr Shands looked at previous tests and could tell me where my problem was and two more tests later what my problem was. He listened when I wanted to try a different treatment option that would not harm me and was perfectly honest on my limitations. He has given me a great quality of life. Knowledge is power and he gave me that.
June 03 , 2009
December 09 , 2021
The staff is very friendly and efficient. Dr Shands treated me with excellence
November 27 , 2021
He is fantastic and really helped me through a very rough time!!
September 15 , 2015
Been seeing Dr. Shands since the early 1990s after him doing kidney surgery for me. At that time he fought for me with the insurance company for my safety. I have never forgotten. Still today he cares for me as a real person and not a number. One of the best!!!!!!!
June 11 , 2021
I really like Dr Shands but I have never experienced a worst staff. They are rude, NEVER return calls, and make you feel like you shouldn’t ask questions. Were it not for my confidence in Dr Shands I would look for another doctor. The staff is your first introduction and should be the best.
January 15 , 2019
My real concerns with this particular rating is not that the doctor is bad - hes quite interesting and seems knowledgeable. Im not comfortable with the end result (two months post-vasectomy and there seems to be a big disconnect in physiology). The biggest issue and the worst is the lack of motivation, concern and care by the front-desk staff. I can guarantee youll come away feeling like youre a burden on them and if you would go away, their life would be happy-happy joy-joy. I cant say enough on how poorly Id rate the office staff as a whole unit. Dont plan on being someone they care about.
March 02 , 2011

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Urology Of St. Louis, Inc
6812 State Route 162 200
Maryville, IL 62062
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