Acute Care Surgery Of South Dakota PC
7309 N Knoxville Ave, Suite 1
Peoria, IL 61614 (Directions)
2.9 out of 5
Acute Care Surgery Of South Dakota PC
7309 N Knoxville Ave, Suite 1
Peoria, IL 61614 (Directions)

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2.9 out of 5
28 ratings, 28 reviews
I was totally impressed with Dr.Barkley. He asked me relevant, to the point questions about my medical problems. He was courteous and prompt for our appointment. He diagnosed my problem and came up with a feasible solution. The staff was accommodating and friendly. Even the wait was better than expected for a new patient. High praise for Doctor Barkley
February 16 , 2016
Diagnosed with prostate cancer. Given various options-decided on robotic surgery. Completed without a hitch. Very short recovery time and few after effects. Highly recommend Dr. Barkley.
October 29 , 2009
We dont know what w e would have done with out Dr. Barkley.
January 26 , 2019
I have been going to Dr. Barkley for 10 years. I have found him professional and caring. I have never waited longer than 10 minutes.
June 05 , 2014
Dr. Barkley saved my life. Prostate cancer in 2006 and stage 4 bladder cancer in 2009. Performed miraculous surgeries that have allowed me to live a near normal life. Should have been dead by now, but 3 years later I am still here. He is my hero.
October 30 , 2011
I am very satisfied with Dr Craig Barkley, he is very friendly and an extreme competent doctor, sincerely cares, and explains things well. I definitely recommend this place, great doctor, great nurses, and great office staff
November 13 , 2013
Dr. Barkley is a verry direct to the point physician. He doesnt tell you what you want to hear, he tells you the facts straight up. He explains the different options which the majority of physicians dont do anymore. Those other reviews who state he has no bedside manner must like to doctor shop and have their hand held. Dr. Barkley certainly doesnt sugar coat it but explains things in a way that a non medical person can understand.
February 26 , 2014
I appreciated Dr Barkleys honesty. I found him very informative and straight to the point. He is not there to sugar coat and tell you what you want to hear. He explained what my condition was and what could be done in common language.
February 25 , 2014
Dr Barkley has helped me through several urology issues. I would recommend him for urology 100%. If you have possible or confirmed prostate cancer, do not go to an urologist, my opinion, but Dr Sherman and Dr Barkley have limited cancer knowledge.
October 14 , 2018
very helpful and staff great. You get a call back in timely fashion for any questions.
March 07 , 2010
Dr. Barkley was direct and answered all questions that I asked. He explained my diagnosis and what options I had. He does not sugar coat what is wrong with you but he tries to help you reach a decision that you are comfortable with to best correct your diagnosis. I for one appreciate honesty and self confidence in my physician.
May 26 , 2014
Very Arrogant. I chose to find another dr after I found out he had a --meltdown-- in the OR a week before my procedure. Stay away.
June 17 , 2009
The staff seemed very friendly, helpful, and compassionate. However, Dr. Barkley was not compassionate at all, treated me like my symptoms are all in my head, and very rude and impatient when discussing my medical history with him. I wouldnt recommend him.
February 22 , 2009
Beware ! STAY FAR FROM HIM ! Tantrums - doesn’t exam pt - stands in door screams weird unfitting belittling comments - He needs to be dis barred ! Please contact the appropriate authorities with your complaints - they are ALL THE SAME ! No empathy COLD CRUEL HORRIBLE DANGEROUS CUTTER ! Bully ! JUST TERRIBLE - Morton plant staff and his own call him an arrogant ******e ! BAD PERSON HAS NO PLACE PRACTICING AS A DOCTOR ! Something is mentally very off about him . NEEDS TO BE REPORTED AND STOPPED . Made terrible mistakes in Surg - then denies - how does he get away with this for so long ? Shame on Morton plant and Largo Med for having a monster amongst you ! THE WORST AND MOST DANGEROUS MAN WITH A SCALPLE ! Run !
May 03 , 2018
Ask about each test he prescribes. I took a 24 hr. Oxalate test (procedure code 83945) the insurance deems this procedure as experimental. Cost me $145.
November 30 , 2015
I went to doc Barkley with a low PSA but an ultrasound found I was a Gleason 7. Gleason7 isn’t bad and he was fully certain the cancer was contained within my prostate. I trusted him! Dr had too few daVinci surgery experiences so he said I could wait a year for him to have 200 daVinci surgery Experiences. In one-year he went from 58 to 200 - I now doubt that was true. When I would take Notes he actually took my own notebook from me telling me to just listen to him. Of course he guided me to use the daVinci robotic surgery because that’s what he had begun to do. He swore to my wife: “I swear on the lives of my children I would never have any problems after my daVinci prostatectomy” . No other doctor can believe any doctor would be so arrogant to say such a thing. My supposed tiny daVinci scar is 5-inches long. After 5-years myPSA went up meaning the cancer is still active so I underwent a full course of 7-weeks of radiation. 5-years after that I’ve now undergone another full course of radiation for my cancer that metasticized. I’m presently on a large and strong course of female hormones. When they end in February ‘19 I hold my breath for the next shoe to fall. I doubt I’ll be cured; just hope to live until something else takes me! Unbelievable arrogance!
October 13 , 2018
No I didnt ask for him. ER doctor suggested him as I had no urologist. He didnt explain what type of surgery he was going to do ( I had a 5 mm kidney stone removed) nor did he tell me any side effects after sugery. My husband had to ask Dr many questions after my surgery. Didnt tell my husband he out a stent in. Has no bedside manner. Very uncaring. DO NOT GO TO THIS DR
February 02 , 2015
Dr. Barley was incredibly unprofessional and did not listen to anything I had to say. I waited over an hour and a half for him to see me and he only spent 5 minutes in the room. I had less attention from him than a CVS clinic. Terrible experience that ended in tears. Save your time and precious money and see someone else.
June 04 , 2015
Daughter had a hysterectomy at 33 yrs old and couldnt urinate afterwards. Dr. Barkley was brought in by her OBGYN and later saw her before she left the hospital with a foley bag. After quite a long time with the foley, he said she should learn to self cath. He also had her do 2 very uncomfortable tests filling every opening with water to see how long she could hold it. It is a wonder her bladder didnt explode. Then he did the testing implant and after only two days decided she was good to go for a permanent implant. All this has been going on since October 2017. The implant seemed to work for a couple of weeks and then she was in horrible pain, not urinating enough, having constant diaherra, flank pain, etc. No pain meds. Told her that her pain tolerance level was too low and to toughen up. Now she is going in to have the implant moved over as it seems to be on a nerve and is in her butt cheek instead of upper hip so every time she sits its like sitting on glass. Dr. Barkley has no bedside manner, very abrupt, stands in the door way to speak, doesnt listen or care. Im so sorry we ever met him. Surgery is scheduled for 6/29 and she is scared to death!
June 27 , 2018
I dont understand how this Dr. (?) is still practicing!!!! I wish I had read the reviews on him first. Shame on Morton plant hospital for employing him. I had a 12ml stone that they had to blast. Stint was put in and was told to follow up with Barkleys office . That was a nightmare as well. Ill just end my comments with --staff and Dr. only care about the $, No Interest In The Patient
May 24 , 2015
Willing to take risks, without the knowledged to correct his errors.
August 28 , 2009
I called for my annual check up and was informed that Dr Barkley has retired. Naturally I was quite shocked and asked why they did not let his patients know? The lady said the Dr did not want any fanfare....what? I was talking about patients finding a new urologist not a freaking retirement party! Lol
June 17 , 2019
Dr. Barkley assisted my surgeon, during surgery, by placing ureteral stents for lighting. Barkley also inserted my catheter. The morning after surgey, I began having severe pain in my uretha. My catheter was removed. That evening, I was having that severe pain again. I spoke with Barkleys P.A. and told him that Barkley used a catheder way too large for my uretha. Later that day, Barkley came to see me. He insisted he did nothing wrong and acted like a pompous a_s. He said, Ill make sure they give you something for pain and walked out of my room. After being home for a few days, I got a call from his office to schedule a --follow up-- appt. What better way to tell him about his horrible bedside manner. So I scheduled an appt. His office called to remind me about the appt., at 8:30. No my appt. is at 9:00. I ended up cancelling the appt. His office called again and said I had to come in because he left a stent in me. When were they going to tell me this? Seeing different Dr. for removal.
May 14 , 2014
This man had the worst bed side manner ever, dies not communicate with family and takes advantage of the elderly!
July 18 , 2013
May 04 , 2010
Completely agree with other comments...many mistakes were made and he fails to acknowledge or correct the mistakes. He made my diagnosis based on --what was probably happening-- instead of ordering blood work for me.
February 09 , 2011
Rude - does not examine pt. Walks out when spoken to - spends less than a minute with pt . Standing in door way - SCREAMS RUDE COMMENTS - lacks empathy and skills - PLEASE FILE COMPLAINTS TO STOP THIS MAN ! Do not want him ever touching my body again . BEWARE.
May 03 , 2018
gets sent to dr barkley after i get my first ultrasound. -He reads me my results and says its a severe case of testicular variceles phase 3 on the right and he just said small ones on the right side with a 85% chance of being infertile and a 15% shrinkage in my left testacle. was urged to do surgery asap while being given no alternatives. -surgery was scheduled for the 9th around 9a.m. i undress into my gown and distinctly remeber not having a cut on my penis and being able to lightly urinate earlier without feeling a sting while i use my hands to aim. -First person i meet is my attendant for surgery who inserts my iv and i wait briefly to meet my anestishiologyst team who talked with me briefly but werent available after surgery. Never did i see dr barkley that day before or after surgery. - I was in the recovery room for 4 hours and the pain in places that ive never felt was insane and was given dilation and morphine left and right. when i could stand and make it into the wheel chair i was wheeled out and vomited into a bag instantly feeling awful nausea. -I finally get home and have to pee when i see that i have about a 1.5-- cut on my penis as well as the two incisions on my bladder that i didnt see when they asked me to urinate before i left the hospital because i used a plastic bladder under the sheets. I contacted Dr. Barkley immediately and scheduled an apt for that Tuesday when hed be in his bardmoor office which i was promptly charged for. -After looking at my penis the 13th he said it wouldnt scar and not to worry. i asked how this could happen and all he did was insure me that it wasnt him which i think is insane. We talked about my pains levels and he said that i should be feeling sore for the next 2 weeks after surgery and a week off work. At the time i didnt feel much pain because he had me on a prescription of 10 mg of oxycodene every 4 hours for pain so when he asked me if i wanyed another perscription of a highly addictive pain killer my answer was no because i felt i had all i needed and if i needed more of a lower painkiller killer for truely real pain i would get one. I was never even prescribed a any antibiotics at all after surgery period. At the end of that meeting he said there were a few people he could call and see if they had cut me and that he would get back to me which he did saying that he has no idea how i got this cut and saying once agin that it was not him. and im sitting here thinking so that makes this okay and there wont be any repercussions? - The 3 days sucked following up to my my 10 day check up as i ran out of any kind of painkiller to suppress awful pain that i couldnt stop feeling. I thought it was going to be a okay apt we were going to talk about my pain levels and prescribe me a much lower painkiller for the awful pain and soreness i was feeling in my testicles, and my inner and outer thighs and we were going to talk more about what we were going to do about my cut on my penis. what happened was Dr Barkley saw me after 45 mins of waiting and said there was no new news about my cut and that i should be on Advil at this point in recovery and that he was not going to prescribe me anything and that i have the lowest pain tolerance he has ever seen in his career of twenty years in a belittling and unprofessional way. I was in tears as he walked out of the office and as he went to his personal office and I walk down the hallway in tears of pain the secretary said i need to make another apt in which I responded loud enough for the office to hear and another patient spoke up as i was out the door saying not to talk like that as i repeat basically the same thing to him. -The next day i spent the day in the e.r.waiting to get my pain eased and get a second opinion on the surgery which they couldnt do through unless they cut me again. so they did a second ultra sound that came back okay. prescribed me painkillers for my all too real pains and called dr barkleys office to speak with him about me. Dr Barkley told the attending nurse that he would like to drop me as a patient 11 days after surgery which the er dr insisted was illegal even if i threw a tantrum. I asked simple questions about my surgery like how many veins were cut and tied off in each testicle that the e.r. Dr with all of my surgery notes couldnt answer saying -- my surgery notes looked like they were rubber stamped and very vague.-- Dr. Barkley hasnt contacted me since.
January 04 , 2017

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