San Juan Urology Associates P C
1450 Burgess St
Delta, CO 81416 (Directions)
3.5 out of 5
San Juan Urology Associates P C
1450 Burgess St
Delta, CO 81416 (Directions)

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3.5 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
Great Doctor! Happy to have him!
February 17 , 2011
Dr. Peterson treats you like a human. He looks you in the eyes, tells you exactly what your issue are, explains all the procedures, how long it will take, and what to expect from the medications and treatment. If you need a Urologist. Dr. Peterson is the BEST. P.S In general I have a fear of Dr.s
July 30 , 2019
Fantastic care
September 22 , 2017
This was an uncomfortable procedure, but Dr. Peterson made it as comfortable and gentle as possible.
October 23 , 2018
hes one of the most caring and capable uriologist ive ever seen
March 28 , 2012
I never have seen him. His office staff was so involved with me filling out paper work that I mailed in and they subsequently lost, and not letting me see him. I did not have my glasses and list of meds and their doses and couldnt fill out the papers. Not helpful in alternate methods of filling out the papers again they lost. I cant believe a doctors office would not allow you you see him because lack of paper work being filled out! They were eager to take my picture, copy my drivers license, and copy my insurance cards. It was a total waste of my time and I went home. I have never been apologized to or called to settle the problem and allow me to make another appointment. Recommend you drive a little and go out of the montrose area for a Urologist.
May 22 , 2015
This doctor is one of the only three urologists in Montrose. I had a bout of pneumonia and wound up hospitalized for a few days, and only afterwards got messages from his staff that I had missed an appointment with him during the episode. When I explained to his staff, he actually went to the extreme of determining that I had missed the appointment during the pre-hospital illness period and not while actually hospitalized, and so my excuse was not good enough for him. He actually called me and explained this, and further went to the extent of including that the other Montrose Urologists ( all also from San Juan Urology) would not accept me as a patient either. A good Practitioner? I dont know. A poor practitioner of the Hippocratic Oath....I do know him to be.
September 05 , 2017
Very unprofessional office. I have Medicare plus supplemental insurance and they wanted a copy of. $100 upfront before seeing the doctor. I am so angered by this money grab, I cancelled the appointment. I am having a kidney stone problem. Ended up in ER the other night and asked the Montrose Hospital staff about Peterson. The differing staff I asked all advised going to Grand Junction rather than seeing him and all said the office staff was questionable. I have read many negative reviews about this guy. Now I know they were are true. Avoid Peak Medical and Craig Peterson office.
February 24 , 2022

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Medical School - University Of Colorado School Of Medicine, Denver, 1993
30 years
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English, Spanish
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San Juan Urology Associates P C
1450 Burgess St
Delta, CO 81416
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