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4.8 out of 5
6363 Verde Trl
Boca Raton, FL 33433 (Directions)

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4.8 out of 5
31 ratings, 31 reviews
Moving from Georgia we were concerned about finding a new uroligst dr. Bernsley is by far the best doctor we have dealt with in this field. there are no words to describe how lm he’s put us at ease his staff and his follow up are great and the staff is unbelievable Dennis & Renee B
July 28 , 2018
Great Doctor. I cant believe his office has closed.
May 02 , 2019
I have seen Dr. Bernsley at least a dozen times over the past 4 years, and he is without doubt the most caring, professional, and intelligent doctor I ever went to! I was so upset to see the previous review calling him crazy, which was certainly written by a disgruntled or very disturbed patient. Dr. Bernsley is the most down to earth and wonderful doctor I ever met! Just look at all the other online reviews. Or just ask any other doctor in the community. If you need a urologist, do yourself a favor and make an appointment with Dr. Bernsley. He is the best!!
August 30 , 2009
I went to him for one problem, but because he was so careful he discovered I had early stage bladder cancer which because it was discovered very early was treatable.
July 01 , 2014
Dr. Bernsley is the greatest ! There is nobody in his league ! Going to an appointment usually Im anxious , BUT not with Dr Bernsley . He is calm cool and collected. He makes you feel better immediately and I refer All friends and colleagues to try and see him. There is Nobody I trust especially in his field like Dr. Bernsley. With a town full of Good Doctors, this man is hands down the best. ! His staff is beyond amazing which also makes this visit less anxious and even a relaxed atmosphere ! There is nobody but Dr Bernsley to trust with this type of medical checks ! Hes simply the best. Thanks Stephen. Bedside manner Unmatched. The best.
January 07 , 2016
I was dealing with severe pain for over a year. Dr. Bernsley and his staff went above and beyond to help me get proper treatment and later surgery. It is rare to find a doctor that cares about their patients, I would recommend him in a heartbeat.
August 21 , 2013
In this age of factory medicine, whereby doctors try to cram in the most patients and spend as little time as they can with patients, Dr. Bernsley takes the time to talk and explain your condition and options for treatment. He has a very easy going manner and empathy and you feel that he does really care aboutyou.
December 11 , 2013
i have seen dr bernsley for many years. he has always been totally professional and wonderful. he answers all questions patiently and he really knows his stuff. bravo. MARK from PGA.
July 24 , 2018
After 3 visits with Dr. Bernsley, I can only say great things about him and his staff. Sometimes the wait is a little long, but he spends a lot of time and always listens carefully. He is an excellent diagnostician and I recommend him highly!!
May 08 , 2010
Highly recommended doctor and office. Spent extra time with me and was very thorough with his exam. Helped me where other doctors couldnt. Also very kind man.
August 17 , 2012
Dr bernsley was spot on in finding the tumor in my bladder... Skillful surgeon...great bedside manner. I followed everything he told as ordered...he caught my cancer early. Best decision of my life was going to him....my PCP missed all signs. Dont hesitate.... Call Dr bernsley if you have any bladder issues!!
February 08 , 2015
I was I was happy with my urologist & then ran into Dr. Bernsley 2X while at rehab. If you’re looking for (or not), but are searching for a Dr. who’s kind, gentle, intelligent, actually listens to you & hears you & will come to your home if you need him & doesn’t charge for it, as an RN of 45 years myself, Dr. Bernsley is your guy. He’s not the type that will “pawn you off” onto his assistant, nurse practitioner & has a staff that treats you like a #. Dr. B. actually gave up his private office so he personally can care for HIS patients.
June 26 , 2020
I think the Bernsley is very personable takes his time and always looks to help, I really like this Doctor and will continue to use him even though I have to drive a hour to see him. Hes worth the drive, When you find a great Doctor you stick with them. Great guy
April 12 , 2012
Spent a lot of time with me and was very thorough in the office diagnosing my problem. Very kind, courteous, and professional. One of the best medical experiences I have had in Florida! Highly recommended.
December 16 , 2009
He is the best
March 02 , 2015
First time to this doctor. Spent more time with me than anyone else. Seemed to be very concerned about my problem and did a very thorough exam in his office. Really helped me a lot, and was very kind and compassionate. Very highly recommended!
July 16 , 2011
I have been a patient of Dr. Bernsleys for 2 years. He is an excellent doctor, recommended by many of the other doctors in the area. Dr. Bernsley also has a friendly easy going manner, explains everything in detail and is happy to answer questions.
September 30 , 2013
After my PCP missed the mark sending me everywhere for teststests & other doctors I finally went to Dr bernsley. He was beyond accurate in diagnosing my issues. I trust him with my life...hes intellegient... Forthright... And great bedside manner. I highly recommend him & his wonderful staff. He saved my life.
February 09 , 2015
What a wonderful Doctor! He’s very knowledgeable, was able to help me. Sent time with me and always available when I need him.
March 04 , 2018
I just wanted to go on this site and say that all the previous reviews are accurate. Dr. Bernsley is a very good doctor. He took his time and answered all my questions. I had back pain and he did an ultrasound test in his office and gave me the results immediately. Also told me how I could look into my problem further. Very pleased with him and his office. Will definitely go back if I have any more problems
February 17 , 2013
Had great experience with Dr. Bernsley and his office. He was very thorough and did tests of my bladder and kidneys in his office and gave me immediate results. Also good sense of humor. Professional and clean office. Definitely one of the best doctor experiences Ive had in Florida.
October 05 , 2011
I was happy to see the previous reviews because they are correct! He figured out my problem right away and has a wonderful bedside manner. When I was having a problem with the medications he called immediately and fixed it for me. then called then next day to check up on me. Hard to find a doctor like this who is so smart and caring!
March 22 , 2011
Best doctor and best office Ive ever been to!
February 20 , 2009
Dr. Bernsley is an amazing doctor. He addressed all my issues on the first visit, did numerous tests that were needed on that same visit. Then he ordered another test just to make me feel that all things had been fully tested and we were getting the correct diagnosis. He was caring and very professional. I would highly recommend him.
June 03 , 2013
It just take a few minutes to feel comfortable with Dr Bernsley, he is very caring and stands out from the rest ..Kind, patient and friendly and of course he knows what he is doing...thumbs up!
December 21 , 2013
Dr. Bernsley is one of the best doctors ive seen. He figured out my problem after 2 other urologists missed it. He also spent more time with me than anyone else. Office is very clean and professional
December 15 , 2009
Dr. Bernsley spent a lot of time with me and correctly diagnosed my problem. Great bedside manner. Staff is professional and office is very clean. Definitely recommend him highly!
December 29 , 2010
Good Dr. He takes the time to listen. The front desk employees are really nice and seem to like their job. I will recommend this dr to everyone. Drs like him are rare.
July 02 , 2013
Dr Bernsley is great but a few of his nurses are careless and have a do not care attitude . She kept mis pronouncing my name and heard her making fun of my name when she thought I was not listening
March 16 , 2017
Overall good Dr but was not able to diagnose my issue due to lack of test results. His adminstrative staff (in scheduling appointments and tests) were not coordinated at all as it took over 3 weeks to schedule a simple test that is usually done on the same day . I was told If I am not comfortable with the time table just go to the emergency room for faster scanning services. My own GP scheduled the same exact test in one day and had the results in 24 hours
July 28 , 2013
Bossy secretary
January 10 , 2015

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