Campbell And Heaton Mds
4403 Harrison Blvd Ste 4400
Ogden, UT 84403 (Directions)
2.5 out of 5
Campbell And Heaton Mds
4403 Harrison Blvd Ste 4400
Ogden, UT 84403 (Directions)

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2.5 out of 5
6 ratings, 6 reviews
Excellent care and follow up. Helpful, careful, swift, and personable. Professional, excellent Doctor, Staff friendly and efficient.
December 09 , 2014
Dr. Campbell is a great urologist. Because of him I believe I'm alive today. Through diagnosis, surgery and post op care, he has always been there for me and shows great professionalism. I would recommend him to anybody.
December 30 , 2009
Waited an hour for a 5 minute exam. I had questions that weren't answered. He seemed preoccupied and in a hurry
March 29 , 2019
As I was leaving the exam room I overheard his nurse and a office staff women taking about my exam.!! The nurse had been in the room during the exam and was telling the other woman some derogatory comments about my body oder and my tattoos and my "complaining". My friend says there are laws against this. Its called Hippa or something . The doctor was just okay. Didn't explain much about my problem. Just told me to come back in two weeks. But that nurse was a gossip.
August 05 , 2018
My husband starting going to Dr. Campbell after his regular urologist retired. We weren't too sure of him as he seemed so rushed. When he attempted to do a cystoscope without the assistance of a nurse I became more convinced of his haste to get out of there. He had to hold the eye portion of the scope with one had while attempting to insert with one had. He seemed to get frustrated and gave up. Because my husband had to have a biopsy of his prostate he said he would scope his bladder at the same time as an out patient. On my husbands second testing of his PSA when the nurse called she said there was no changed. I keep track of this information and found his PSA had gone up. We talked to our family doctor for a new recommendation. When we got my husbands records from Dr. Campbell I started to read them and there was so much information which was inaccurate. Now mind you he has only been going to Dr. Campbell for a year so his file isn't that big. The first erroneous information I notice was the information on our first visit. Dr. Campbell said here is a 76 year old man. My husband was 60 yrs at the time. He also put he had again encouraged my husband to stop smoking. Now how can he encourage him again when this was his first visit. He often notated that we wanted certain procedures done when in fact he was the one who encouraged us. I am so glad we are going to a new doctor.
January 17 , 2019
Waited almost an hour. Spent 2 minutes examining, ordered unnecessary tests when previous test results were sitting on his desk. In a big hurry to usher us out the door. Would never recommend him to anyone.
November 23 , 2011

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Campbell And Heaton Mds
4403 Harrison Blvd Ste 4400
Ogden, UT 84403
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