Lahey Clinic Inc
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4.2 out of 5
Lahey Clinic Inc
41 Mall Rd
Burlington, MA 01803 (Directions)

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4.2 out of 5
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Dr. Kuftinec is by far the BEST urologist I have ever seen. I had urinary tract complications since birth, losing one kidney as a child due to severe ureteral reflux (VUR). After UTIs and kidney infections continued to occur into adulthood, every doctor I saw dismissed it as everything from my detergent to not urinating after sex. When I finally was referred to Dr. Kuftinec, she took a special interest in my case and finally diagnosed me as having reflux on the remaining side of my urinary tract, which is incredibly rare in adults. I had surgery to correct it three years ago, and finally am living without chronic illness. Without her diligence and extra care, I likely wouldve continued to suffer infections until I lost my other kidney. Thank you, Dr. Kuftinec!
April 07 , 2011
Vasectomy was performed well and the nurses are awesome, she kept my mind occupied while I was nervous. The procedure was as best as I would expect for this kind of thing, all questions answered and I felt as comfortable in their hands.
August 28 , 2016
wonderful doctor I would definitely recommend her to others.
October 28 , 2009
Great Doctor....very thourough. Sad to see her leave to another practice. Worcester is lucky to have her.
December 06 , 2009
Does not provide sense of sincere interest in patient. Makes you feel like the interaction is a business transaction. Not very experienced or professional.
November 15 , 2018

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Lahey Clinic Inc
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