Cabell Huntington Hospital Wound Center
1600 Medical Center Dr Ste 2500
Huntington, WV 25701 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
Cabell Huntington Hospital Wound Center
1600 Medical Center Dr Ste 2500
Huntington, WV 25701 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
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Dr Beals performed the first major surgery my daughter (who has severe CP)ever had and one other one later on. He is a compassionate and skilled surgeon beyond compare. As a nervous and heartbroken parent about to send my baby girl into surgery, I was so relieved when Dr. Beals came out to preop himself and carried my baby girl in his arms into surgery. I cannot express how that made me feel. If my daughter ever has to undergo another surgery it would be my prayer that it could be performed by this man.
April 17 , 2012
My son was born at Central Baptist with a blockage in his intestines where they had not formed correctly. At 18 hours old Dr Beals preformed a life-saving operation on him. Now he is 8 years old and is my little miracle. I think about Dr Beals quite a bit and if he reads this I would want him to know that I truely appreciate him so much and would give him a big hug and kiss if I ever saw him. I have and will always refer to him as my Angel for saving my babies life.
July 04 , 2011
This surgeon is at the top in his field, very nice man and extremely well skilled at pediatric surgery.
October 11 , 2010
Would highly recommend. He took the time to explain everything to us. Couldn’t be happier with the service we received.
July 15 , 2020
he was very afficient in helping us learn how to do my 1 year old daughters daily bowl enemas & urinary cathaders.
December 31 , 2016
Dr Beals saved my daughter's life. He is personable with the family as well as an amazing doctor and surgeon. I will forever be grateful for his the skill God has blessed him with.
August 31 , 2012
I wouldn't usually post on any website such as this one about anyone. But seeing that someone left a review that was not so nice, I had to leave a positive one to make up for it. This surgeon is a life saver, he was my sons dr for 3 years and never let us down. He was caring, showed compassion, listened to us when we had medical problems and wanted to help in any way he could. You will not find many drs who do this. He helped me with my son when other drs turned me away and told me my child was fine, Dr. Beals never turned us away, and I am very grateful for that and still have my son today because of him!
July 04 , 2010
In the Summer of 2005 our 5 year old son had to have surgery. Dr. Beals performed that surgery and he was a BLESSING to us. He was kind, caring and compassionate. Now our second child is facing the same that same type of surgery and just like his older brother, he too will go see Dr. Beals Surgery of any kind is scary especially when it's our children that are going under, but a good doctor always makes that difference. I trust JESUS completely and I believe that HE will send the right people into our lives. Dr. Beals is one of these special people.
June 27 , 2011
After my son was born he had problems, Dr. Beal's took over after Dr. Holland's left. My son still hasn't been clear of his problems. Dr. Beals went on vaction and my baby had to go to the hospital and his nurses came over to the hospital and the younger nurse kept trying to force medicine on my son that he couldn't tolerate. Then there answer to his problems is just stick a g-tube in him. That didn't solve the problem. Can someone recommend me a better doctor?
March 28 , 2013
well i thought at first that he was a realy good doctor till i started having problems... comes to find out that he didnt have every thing put back the way the were supose to be.. i recomend cleavland clinic to everyone out there that needs a major procedure done they have top notch doctors that get the job done right.
September 11 , 2009

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