Daniel J Caruso, M.D., P.A
221 Greenwich Cir, Suite 107
Jupiter, FL 33458 (Directions)
3 out of 5
Daniel J Caruso, M.D., P.A
221 Greenwich Cir, Suite 107
Jupiter, FL 33458 (Directions)

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3 out of 5
24 ratings, 24 reviews
I would highly recommend Dr. Caruso. He demonstrated concern, a great bedside manor, knowledge and skill in my recent kidney removal. He took the time to answer all my questions, brought in a consulting surgeon to make sure I got the best care possible, and coordinated my care with the cancer specialists, hospital and nephrologist.
September 17 , 2015
Dr. Caruso has been my doctor for many years. I needed a kidney surgery and he was the doctor to go. He is one of a kind . I never feel rush with him and every time I see him, he demonstrate nothing but kindness. His waiting time can be a little bit longer, but I understand because he never rushes me out. I am sure, he does the same with all his patients. I personally, can not agree with the other comments about the staff. Janet is very respectful and shows a lot of patience towards us patients. I watch her interact with others and she is always the same. Lindsey, the check out young lady is very helpful and always with a smile. I will always be thankful to Dr. Caruso.
January 17 , 2016
Finest Doctor around. Pleasant, smart, patient, no rush, asnwers all questions. A+ all around
March 27 , 2011
Dr Caruso is one of the most impressive professionls I have ever come in contact with. He has made efforts beyond my expections to provide the most complete medical care I have ever experienced. He genuinly cares for his patients and goes to extrordinary lengths to insure the best medical care possible. But dont take just my word for it, I also spoke with the Chief of Urology at a very prominant hospital who told me that he holds Dr. Caruso in high regard and that he is a great doctor. Dr. Carusos practice is busy, and there may be a wait involved with your appointment, but that is to be expected when a Dr is providing the best care possible to every patient. The wait is worth it, and when its your turn you can be assured you are dealing with one of the best Drs you are ever going to see.
November 15 , 2012
Handsome, intellectually gifted, an excellant surgeon. Dr. Caruso performed a extremely delicate surgery on me. Much to my relief, the result was as was expected. All the expectations that Dr. Caruso explained prior to my surgery were precisely what transpired after the surgery. Also, Dr. Caruso has always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. He goes out of his way to instill patient confidence and trust. Dr. Caruso is a blessed gift to the medical community.
November 27 , 2012
Dr caruso has performed a number of procedures on my husband including a nephrectomy over the last 7-8 years He is excellent and my husband had great results. We trust him totally and highly recommend him- wouldn’t go to another urologist!
June 26 , 2019
March 18 , 2012
Dr. Caruso is amazing! His staff is horrible and not organized. If they would pay attention it would be a much better experience.
May 04 , 2016
Worst staff I have even seen, made me wait for two hours, black nurse gave me the worst additude and even got into a argument with me telling me she called my name when I never heard my name called. No communication whatsoever. Really sad.
November 18 , 2015
Dr. Caruso is well known and highly recommended in this area. He is an amazing doctor and I would recommend him to anyone. Heres the catch...you have to overlook his reception staff. Why most facilities dont realize that a good front desk is the key to a good business is beyond me. Maybe hes so busy that he doesnt realize how horrible they really are. Maybe not enough people have complained about them. Not only is the staff not knowledgeable about the practice, but the are uncompassionate and act as if you are inconveniencing them by doing their job. They should also establish a no cell phone policy for the staff. Ive read many reviews about Caruso and its a shame that everyone raves about him being an amazing doctor but agree with me on his staff. Dont let them get to you (hell realize it soon enough-hopefully). Its worth it to go to him.
August 19 , 2015
Doctor Caruso is excellent.his staff is terrible.Wait times are way too long dont bother going until an hour past your appointment.
September 26 , 2017
Dr. Caruso is great, but Im considering changing doctors because his staff are a total hindrance. They are unfriendly and unresponsive.
December 15 , 2016
Staff is extremely rude and not doing any favors for Dr. Carusos bussiness. He is a very good doctor and if I didnt have to deal with Colleen or one other staff member life would be good. Rudest medical office staff I have ever had the unpleasant experience of meeting.
May 08 , 2014
I was referred to Dr. Caruso by my gynecologist due to continuous bladder infections. After many appointments and tests, including a 15K procedure in the hospital, I was told they could not find anything wrong in my bladder and did not know what caused my bladder infections every two months. Sent me home with pills for incontinence, which was not even one of my problems. Gave the pills back and told him thanks…but, no thanks!
September 16 , 2014
shame on him. he was over two hours late for my ninety year old mothers appointment.she was very sick at the time, and she died a few days later. his delay didnt cause my mothers death but..nonetheless, you just dont do that to someone. oh, the doctors always have their excuses for delays...still, it just isnt right. god forbid if they didnt have a patient for an hour...so cram them in and, if they have to wait....so be it. it can be a very sad world...why add headaches to it.
June 10 , 2014
Dr Caruso is a great Dr! However, his staff needs evaluating!
December 20 , 2015
I go to Dr Caruso every six month for a check up and blood test since my prostate cancer operation. Last appointment in March I left with my script for my blood test. Upon receiving the results Dr Carusos office called and informed me that they filled the out script wrong and I received a blood test for my thyroid. They sent me back again for the correct test. That was two weeks ago and I have called three times to see if my cancer has come back and have had two rude conversations with his office. The last call I asked to have Dr Caruso call me. Still waiting and dont have the results. How compassionate.
April 29 , 2013
Dr. Caruso’s patient scheduling is overbooked. I’ve been a patient over ten years but decided to find another urologist. Rarely have I been called within fifteen minutes of waiting. Two hours wait time and more is the norm and that’s disrespectful to patients. The front office staff could care less if patients actually have lives. When I asked for a copay credit the lady never asked why and didn’t care. Dr. Caruso has too many patients scheduled at the same time. Office management is poor. I’m not going to be inconvenienced any more and that’s too bad because he’s a very competent physician. I’ve burned this bridge. Hopefully this practice will make major changes. No other medical practice I’ve been to treats patients with disrespect such as this one.
July 08 , 2022
The first visit I waited over three hours. Next was two hours. Both times my urine was supposedly clear for infections. Odd that all other signs pointed to them. Ended up going to MD NOW the next day with what the Dr. said were RAGING bladder infections with blood in urine. Must have also caught Dr. Caruso on a really bad day since he was rude and nobody cared when I went in and showed them my lab results from the other facility. All I kept calling for was for them to test my urine again but as usual, no calls back after 5 calls to them. When urinary issues is all they deal with, why is it they dont find issues when a regular MD sees them within a minute of testing?
July 23 , 2018
The worst office staff ever. I got Dr. Caruso because I was a patient in the hospital and he treated me. Had 3 follow ups, wanted to see the actual dr. Didn't get to. I had to have a stent put in my kidney which is kinda serious. He then removed it went for follow up, had first appt so I could see him and was told he doesn't come in that early! Have had 2 UTI's since all this in late Sept. Called on Tues, just got voicemail, called Wed. morning still no call back. Ended up at Helix and on antibiotics and just today got a call back from his medical assistant wanting to know if I felt better or did I still need a script. DO NOT GO THERE. If I could rate it less than one I would.
June 05 , 2022
Horrible service. I wound up with Caruso because I had a kidney stone attack and he was on duty. He pawns you off to his physician assistant. I went in his office for three follows ups and each time I waited 90 minutes or more. Totally disrespectful. You either need to see less patients and be close to on time or at least have your secretary call patients and alert them that you are running 90 minutes late. I walked out today after waiting for 1 hour and 40 minutes….
December 10 , 2022
He. Came and. Saw me at Jupiter hospital ,, when I had kidbney stones , and never showed up again , and. Billed thousands a dollars,, never called me again. After he puts a. Stent In me ,, he is horriable,,, no bed side manners at all . All about the money ,
March 06 , 2019
"The worst office staff ever. I got Dr. Caruso because I was a patient in the hospital and he treated me. Had 3 follow ups, wanted to see the actual dr. Didn't get to. I had to have a stent put in my kidney which is kinda serious. He then removed it went for follow up, had first appt so I could see him and was told he doesn't come in that early! Have had 2 UTI's since all this in late Sept. Called ..."
May 06 , 2022
"My elderly father, who has alzheimer's, needed a kidney procedure at Jupiter Medical Center. Dr. Caruso tried the first time and due to complications had to wait for some other work to be done. I have no problem with Dr. Caruso. However, when I was called by Jupiter Medical to inform me that my dad was going to have another urology procedure, I tried to call Dr. Caruso. That is when I came in ..."
January 13 , 2020

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