4300 W Main St, Suite 102
Dothan, AL 36305 (Directions)
3 out of 5
4300 W Main St, Suite 102
Dothan, AL 36305 (Directions)

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3 out of 5
23 ratings, 23 reviews
"Always enjoy my visit with Dr. Deighton, ever since I met him over a year ago, every question I asked him he did answer me where I can understand what he was telling me! I would/will recommend him to anyone that should ask me how good and what kind of doctor is he!"
November 17 , 2021
Excellent physician and staff. Prompt
June 24 , 2011
I first encountered Dr. Deighton in the hospital ER. He was very professional and caring, and took care of my kidney stone! I would recommend him to anyone!
November 15 , 2012
Great staff Great Doctor
March 09 , 2015
This is the best urologist in town. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a urologist. He explained in detail what I was going to have done. Very professional and pleasant staff.
July 10 , 2011
Efficient and professional. No pain, swelling or complications from My vasectomy.
June 16 , 2017
I have been with this Dr thru prostate surgery and dont believe I could have found a better oneto handle this problem.
November 09 , 2010
July 28 , 2011
Doctor is good, office staff is rude and unprofessional
March 24 , 2010
My visits and treatments have always been handled very professionally, very little waiting time, advice that proved to be accurate and several trouble-free procedures. Office staff have always been friendly and efficient.
July 14 , 2011
Dr. Deighton is a fantastic physician. He has excellent bedside manners. I really appreciate the care he gave me with my complex prostate issues. I was surprised how rude the woman at the front desk was to everyone. When I arrived the first time the waiting room was so full that there was standing room only. Several patients had to go outside to wait in line to be called. One gentleman was outside when she called his name. She waited about one minute, then went back and into her cove behind the frosted glass and never tried to find him. This poor man did not know what was going on and simply waited until there was an empty seat inside. The woman is always very rude and has a silly sign on the window that said: --Do not tap on the window--.
November 01 , 2013
his staff has always been very friendly and work very hard. They always seem to get things done in a timely manner. There was hardly any wait time and the doctor was very efficient. He is very blunt and to the point but he gets the job done; which I like because I dont have time to chit chat. You can tell he knows his stuff. The office stays very booked but they have always worked me in if Ive had a problem. Dr. Deighton has always answered any question I have had and I will continue to see him.
August 12 , 2015
Be it I only went there for a Vasectomy, it was done in the office and Dr Deighton himself is not that bad. He explained every step he was performing and generally seemed to care. His front office staff is a whole other story. The women he has representing him are ABSOLUTELY rude and seem to be annoyed that I even asked a question. I tried to schedule a follow up with the Dr to discuss results and was told it would 2 months before I could see him! When I asked if I could just speak wih him briefly when they called me with the results, the lady gave me a dirty look and said he doesnt call to give the results and wouldnt speak to me unless I made an appt. She also rudely asked what my question was about and when I told her it was some personal questions I had for the DR, she immediately gave me a dirty look and scoffed at me and turned away. I wish the Dr was present to see how his staff treats people, I bet their attitude would be different. He needs to fire all of them and hire people who have some sort of people skills!
January 16 , 2012
Was very rude to my husband and I both times so far. Trying to find a new doctor. Told us contradictory things as well as calling my husband a liar for being in pain
June 22 , 2016
Not compatible with this doctor but what other choice do I have but go to Macon.
March 27 , 2014
Dr Deighton and his staff are awful. I have had recurrent UTIs. Dr. Deighton acted like I am crazy and making it up. But each time my primary care dr would do a culture and that same bacteria was there. Dr Deighton finally gave me a prescription for a refillable antibiotic (which doesnt even work for the bacteria I have) and told me not to bother his office anymore! I also wrote them a check and asked them not to cash it until I got paid. I post-dated the check even but they went ahead and deposited the check. My bank charged me $35 for their mistake and all Dr. Deightons office said was they wouldnt charge me for a bounced check! I will NEVER go back there again and suggest no one else does either!
August 10 , 2010
My husband contacted this office to get his medical records because we no longer live in the area and neede them. Office staff was extremely rude and will NOT release records unless he goes in person.
March 10 , 2015
staff are so rude! who the heck do they think they are? Never did any tests or asked any questions-Dr. came in and out and didnt solve any problems. Everyone is scheduled for 9:15 (per the receptionist) and then they haul em in and haul em out. So you may wait all day!They treat you like cattle!
July 27 , 2011
Doctor VERY rude & self absorbed.He seemed to be one of those people who think they are flawless & belittle others to try to justify the previously mentioned mindset. My appointment consisted of him berating & belittling me. He asked questions pertaining to mine & my husband of 30 yrs sex life.Note-I was not there for anything pertaining to sexual activity! Then he proceeded to say we didnt have sex frequently enough for his taste. He said it had nothing to do with my husbands fatal debilitating disease and said it was because I am about 30lbs overweight! If you are a woman and find yourself in need of a urologist and you dont look like a barbie doll I would suggest you find someone else. As this doctor will make you need to see a therapist!!
August 01 , 2011
Misdiagnosed my cancer. You rate him!
April 19 , 2011
June 20 , 2022
This Doctor is awful!!! Gave me my prostate cancer diagnosis and said heres your 3 options you can go home and research them, Im not going to go over all of them with you. Very very rude and abrupt! This was probably the worst doctors appointment I have ever been to! Plus he will heard you through like cattle, probably why he didnt explain anything to us. Please pick another doctor!!
February 06 , 2017
This doctor was suppose to schedule an appointment by another physician for surgery for my husband in Atlanta, Ga., but instead he took it upon himself to do his own surgery, which accomplished nothing but putting my husband two months behind on treatment. You cannot talk to this man, he has a mighty big head, and doesnt like to be told anything and he certainly doesnt listen to people that have asked him to do curtain things such as make appointments for surgeons. My husband has bladder cancer and cannot afford to be messed around with! If I were you, Id find another urologist.
April 25 , 2014

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