Genesiscare Usa Of Florida LLC
1216 N University Dr
Plantation, FL 33322 (Directions)
4.9 out of 5
Genesiscare Usa Of Florida LLC
1216 N University Dr
Plantation, FL 33322 (Directions)

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4.9 out of 5
16 ratings, 16 reviews
I was refered to Dr Ead by my primary care. I wouldnt be more thankful. He took his time everytime I see him and answered all my concerns.I feel he really knows what he is doing. He treated me as a friend more then a patient.His staff were so friendly as well. I would definatly recomand him for family and friends.
February 26 , 2013
Awesome doctor and staff. Very good bedside manner and takes the time necessary to address your concerns.
October 25 , 2017
Very impressed by Dr. Ead, as a Urologist he is an outstanding communicator and a caring Doctor. He explains in layman terms your condition and the treatment associated with the condition.
March 11 , 2023
Its a pleasure to go to Dr. Eads office. All the staff is very friendly, polite and patience oriented. Dr. Ead is the most caring doctor someone can wish for. He is an excelent doctor, the most caring I aver met
February 07 , 2010
Nice office staff, office runs smoothly and on time. Very nice and knowlegeable doctor.
February 01 , 2010
Excelente Doctor ,lo guía antes y despues de la cirugía, dando una información exacta y consisa.gracias por todo,lo mismo a su equipo de colaboradores ,mi cirugia de hpb esta yendo bien.
November 25 , 2022
Dr. Eads preformed surgery on my bulging bladder, I love the results and have no issues since the surgery. I was taken back on how young and good looking he was, but he is very professional and knows his stuff. I would recommend him to anyone who suffers from leaking when coughing or sneezing. He changed my life! :) Thank you Dr. Ead.
May 14 , 2009
Dr. Ead is an amazing, kind, compassionate and knowledgeable doctor !!! My sister is bedridden and mentally and physically disabled. I was very disappointed with how dismissive the urologist who saw her in the hospital and his colleague who we saw for follow up were of her . They tried to discourage me from pursuing the best treatment options for her because they saw little to no value to her life because of her disabilities. Sadly, these doctors were some of the most prominent urologists in the Florida area. My sister's primary care doctor referred her to Dr. Ead because she had gotten good feedback from her patients with disabilities that he was compassionate and treated them with dignity. Wow, that was an understatement!!!! From the moment he entered the room, Dr. Ead treated my sister with great compassion and respect. He explored all available options of treatment for her without regard to her disabilities. He was very gentle with her when she was scared and helped us to transport her from her wheelchair to the examination table and then back to her chair. I was simply blown away by Dr. Ead's compassion and humanity coupled with his great expertise !!! I would give him 10 stars !!!! Thank you, Dr. Ead , for respecting all lives!!!
April 26 , 2023
I was referred by my primary for a kidney stone prognosis. While in Dr. Ead's care for what seemed to be a routine exam, his diligence and perseverance discovered a much more serious prostate diagnosis which he then guided me through an emotional and stressful surgery that without a doubt, saved my life.
February 04 , 2021
Dr. E is the best, professional, knowledgeable, caring
October 19 , 2017
Polite, professional, meticulous, and thorough. Thank you for everything.
March 09 , 2015
Simply the best. The only doctor to ever call you back.
September 11 , 2019
Dr Ead diagnosed and treated my prostate cancer. He performed robotic surgery and removed my prostate. I was home the next day and cancer free. He is smart, kind and caring. i would recommend him to anyone experiencing prostate problems.
February 05 , 2013
DR Ead office staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. Dr Ead is a brillant and will correct whatever problems you have. I wholeheartdly give him 5 stars across the board.
February 24 , 2023
Knowledgeable and kind - the perfect combination of a doctor. Went out of his way on a Saturday to come se me in hospital.
July 29 , 2016
I think the opposite he doesnt take his time with his patients. The staff is nice but what the right leg does the right one goes different direction. It might be that he has a lot of patients so he just goes through them quickly.
May 17 , 2016

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