Smh Physician Services Inc
1921 Waldemere St, Suite 307
Sarasota, FL 34239 (Directions)
4.1 out of 5
Smh Physician Services Inc
1921 Waldemere St, Suite 307
Sarasota, FL 34239 (Directions)

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4.1 out of 5
29 ratings, 29 reviews
You will not find a better Urologist anywhere. He has great bedside manners and explains everything in terms that you can understand.
September 09 , 2015
Great Doctor. Actually listens to you, has great bedside manner. Well respected.
February 15 , 2014
Very calm , kind , listening & professional. Caring ,confident & reassuring .
April 01 , 2016
ease in explaining results and course of action very though.
January 12 , 2016
He is so far the best I have been to, He cares and he listens and he explains. everything everybody says so far in my case has been true as well. I trust his judgment as we worked togther to make the decision for my particular situations. HIGHLY recommend! His staff are great too! Friendly and compassionate. A rare commodity in todays world.
October 16 , 2013
Daniel Kaplon has been my doctor for nearly 8 years and will be my doctor as long as im on this earth. he is such a personable and wonderful person, you forget that he is your doctor and begin to feel he is your friend. He actually cares for his patients as more than a number. It is my honor to recommend him to anyone who needs a doctor who not only is great at what he does but is a great person. I live on the west coast now taking care of my parents but fly back to florida to see Dr. Kaplon. I wont let any other doctor near me.
September 19 , 2017
Before, during, and after a successful radical robotic prostatectomy my thoughts were already conveyed in these reviews as one states, -- Highly skilled, patient man generous with his time..steady, methodical, quietly competent and good humored...Ive trusted my cancer to him and dont regret it-- Well done Dr. Kaplon, thank you and continue with Gods Love. Gary
April 13 , 2022
Great doctor, helped me out very much when I needed it.
November 09 , 2015
Dr Kaplon took an extra amount of time explaining everything. And His bedside manor is the absolute best. I adore him.
June 04 , 2014
He is a young surgeon/urologist who specialized in robotically assisted laproscopic procedures. He spends time with you to explain what hes going to do before he does it and why. Very nice bedside manner.
February 03 , 2010
I am a retired dentist. I am a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. I am very discerning and only desire the best. Dr. Daniel Kaplon is the best. I came to Dr. Kaplon after seeing another urologist who did nothing to investigate or alleviate my recurring pyelonephritis. The prior MD was not interested in my medical problem. Dr. Kaplon and his team were very friendly and courteous. Dr. Kaplon did an exam, investigated my history and spoke with me about tests and evaluation. Dr. Kaplon did not rush me in and out but rather took his time and was interested in helping me. I was sent for a CT scan with contrast. The tech took a blood sample and came back and said my kidney function was compromised to a point where they could not safely use the contrast dye. My anxiety went thru the roof. I was in kidney failure mode. I phoned Dr. Kaplons office with these details. Dr. Kaplon called back within a short period of time and told me that sometimes these --quick-- screens yield false high numbers. He scheduled me to have a traditional screen on the next business day. I was very worried to say the least. I did the test on Monday morning and awaited the results. The next day about 10 a.m. Dr. Kaplons office called to tell me the results were just received and the test showed my numbers were back in my normal range and my kidneys were not failing. The fact that his office was concerned about my anxiety as well as my medical condition just blew me away. He and and his team are OUTSTANDING! What a caring and conscientious physician. The following day another type of exam procedure was done in his office. Dr. Kaplon sat and explained his findings and gave me an Rx that should take care of the problem. Dr. Kaplon and his team are the best!
December 23 , 2020
I am a 63 year old male and was referred to Dr. Kaplon by my Primary Care Physician. Dr. Kaplon is a very kind man and explains everything you need to know about issues we face at our age.He is very knowledgeable and competent physician regarding Prostate issues and all issues dealing with urological problems. I highly recommend this physician and staff.
October 16 , 2017
Did the robotic removal of my prostate on friday and I walked out on tuesday. Not the first problem and this young Doctor has a heart, came to my bedside Easter Sunday to check on me, what a guy!
June 17 , 2011
Found him genuine, funny and very caring.
June 20 , 2018
I have been to several urologists in the area before finding Dr. Kaplon. He and his staff are the best ever. He has performed two surgeries on me and I can attest to his professionalism and compassion,
June 27 , 2017
Highly recommend Dr. Kaplon for anyone in need of a urologist. Cant say enough about him as a physician.
May 03 , 2022
Dr. Kaplon listens, asks pertinent questions and, above all, is available in serious cases. In my estimation: a real professional healer. Glad to have him as my urologist.
September 09 , 2016
Dr Kaplon did the daVinci surgery for me on 6-7-18. The operation far exceeded my expectations. He is a caring, highly trained professional
September 17 , 2018
"He leaves you with a very strong since of confidence."
March 22 , 2022
One of the best doctors Ive had. I got some very bad blood test results from my physician, and didnt get much insight about these from other doctors. Most of them offered the same drugs but no useful explanations about what was happening. Kaplons approach has been much more thoughtful. He didnt rush me onto medications, and he has ordered different tests that are helping us to holistically understand whats happening. My health is now improving due to some simple changes, without drugs. Our conversations are frank and intelligent, and I always experience him as genuinely caring and concerned. Definitely highly recommended.
June 11 , 2016
July 26 , 2019
I had terrible back pain and had a history of stones. Dr. Kaplon came highly recommended to me. I saw him and did not like the way he treated me in the office. I found him to be arrogant and dismissive of my pain. My pain was real and I left the office untreated and ended up passing 2 kidney stones a day later! The pain was the worst pain you could have imagined. I felt like Dr. Kaplan did not realize the magnitude of my pain and had zero empathy. He treated me like I was just looking for pills!! I would not recommend this Dr. for any Urological problems!!!!!!
September 24 , 2015
great urologist. spends time with you. follows up, highly recommend
February 23 , 2016
Just an odd guy. non attentive to my specific areas of concern. Rushed, appeared like he just rolled out of bed. I read several excellent reviews however, Dr. Kaplon , as well as the office staff did not meet my expectations. Do NOT waste your time with weirdo MDs. Find another doctor. I know there is only a small amount to pick from in the field of Urology here in SRQ , but look around. No one has time for peculiar doctors who dont have a clue about what theyre talking about. Medical school should have classes on how to relate to people.
August 13 , 2017
Over 3 yrs as patient this Dr. Never examined me, cancelled out appts i had made twice over 6 mos ahead of time. Never ordered PSA. Prescribed Tamulosin, even after notifying on paperwork I was allergic to sulfa. He has a good technician though who they had tske care of me, to check something and he did good. Office staff rude and hard to deal with.
July 01 , 2022
"WOW. What a terrible experience. I wanted to become a new patient of Dr. Daniel Kaplon of the First Physician Group in Sarasota and the office employee who called me was cold as ice. She said "I’m sorry but the Dr. will not see you" Why I asked?? and she wouldn't tell me. I said is it because I have Medicare and you will not make as much as you want? She said no. So why then?? She wouldn't tell ..."
September 10 , 2021
I was referred to him and he was in the room for all of two minutes. I found out later that my records were ruined by his staff. Very poor.
June 26 , 2019
Too rushed, seemed immature for the amount of responsibility he has. Odd socially, would not recommend
November 23 , 2016
A peculiar doctor who is rushed and oversimplifies everything. He basically made it sound like my dad did not have a problem when he did. Maybe if he listened rather than waiting for his turn to talk.
February 12 , 2020

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