Oregon Clinic PC
10000 SE Main St, Suite 342
Portland, OR 97216 (Directions)
4.6 out of 5
Oregon Clinic PC
10000 SE Main St, Suite 342
Portland, OR 97216 (Directions)

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Rating and reviews
4.6 out of 5
46 ratings, 46 reviews
Thanks Dr. Miller for the great care. I will see you next year.
October 31 , 2021
I have had only one appointment but there are tests in the works to help me. Thanks!
December 03 , 2019
Has helped me immensely in understanding my condition and the treatment.
December 15 , 2019
Dr. Miller is an excellent Doctor. He is very likable and a has a wealth of knowledge. His staff are all really personable and ready to be of assistance.
April 16 , 2018
I had my year control with Him, is very good like sometimes. Happy
July 29 , 2021
He has been helpful in the treatment of my situation. Takes my overall medical health into consideration related to possible treatments.
June 06 , 2021
Dr. Millers office was well-organized and the staff was friendly. Since I was a new patient, Dr. Miller listened to my history, asked pertinent questions and reviewed the medical records I had brought. He clearly explained how he thought we should proceed, asked if I had any concerns, and then asked for my concurrence. I agreed and his staff handled the details and arrangement. I am very satisfied with the experience at Dr. Millers office.
December 15 , 2019
I felt very secure and at ease with Dr. Miller and staff. Im very happy to be a patient of his.
November 11 , 2019
Communication from both Dr. Miller and the staff were first rate. My wait was minimal. Dr. Miller called me the following day with my biopsy results. It was a very positive medical provider interaction.
January 30 , 2022
We always feel very well cared for by Dr. Miller and his very supportive and helpful staff.
May 03 , 2018
My first visit was a virtual one, and he explained the prostate test procedure and options well. My second visit was for the test procedure, the office staff and assistant were prompt and had good COVID protocols, and Dr. Miller did the procedure with good skill and explanation. I recommend him and his office.
October 25 , 2020
We received the best and most prompt care. All of our worries were put to rest. Very professional!
April 26 , 2021
Dr Miller is very knowledgeable and professional. Discusses things thoroughly and answers your questions. I would recommend him to anyone needing urologist care. His staff is also awesome.
September 19 , 2021
Very professional and went over everything in great detail. He showed me my CT scan photos and walked me through them and what to expect before and after surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Daniel Miller. Everyone in his office is outstanding.
October 28 , 2020
Half Dozen visits over several years with recent Urolift Procedure. All 100% satisfaction.
January 04 , 2021
Im pleased with Dr. Miller. It was a friendly experience!
April 16 , 2018
My office visit and procedure with Dr. Miller was very helpful. I am now much better informed re: my condition, and I am waiting to act on the referral made to his associate physician.
May 27 , 2021
Overall I have had a good experience with this doctor and his staff. I would recommend him.
September 01 , 2020
Dr. Miller diagnosed my condition and pointed out my options. Very knowledgeable.
October 31 , 2021
I especially appreciate Dr. Millers informing me about cryo & ultrasound options for prostate nodule cancer.
February 05 , 2022
Always a good experience. I was seen right away and the office is professionally run. Dr. Miller is very skilled and knowledgeable.
November 23 , 2019
5 stars all around. Staff helpful for my wife. Timely appointments considering all that is going on in medical situation presently. Dr. Miller seems on target for specific concerns in my case.
January 30 , 2022
Excellent experience would recommend to anyone who needs a biopsy of the prostate.
May 25 , 2020
His staff and professionalism was a great comfort in my procedure.
February 28 , 2020
very knowledgeable, caring , and staff support for a grea team
April 24 , 2021
Dr. Miller is an Excellent Dr and his staff is amazing. Everything went easy on the video call.
May 11 , 2021
Excellent care throughout my time with Dr. Miller and his staff. Very professonal and easy to talk . I highly recommend Dr. Miller.
May 25 , 2021
It was a positive experience. All done well! Everyone was very considerate and explained everything as they went along.
April 16 , 2018
Dr Miller answered all of my questions clearly and with a level of detail that met my need exactly.
February 09 , 2021
Great. We communicate well. He listened and asked good questions. He showed he cares. He is current on research for his field.
January 10 , 2022
Dr. Miller , upon entrance he makes you feel very at ease, especially during a procedure explaining each step. Im very pleased to have him as my Urologist. Great Doctor !
November 12 , 2020
As a doctor he performed as expected. He answered all my questions satisfactory.
October 15 , 2020
Dr. Miller is great if youre considering a vasectomy. He took the time to answer all questions I had and was very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. He and his staff are also incredibly friendly. I had a comfortable experience and would definitely recommend him to anyone.
December 26 , 2019
Dr. Miller took great pains to describe my problem and even drew diagram. When I attempted to describe my issues he appeared interested in what he was going to say next. During cystoscopy I was in extreme pain and let him know, but he forged ahead over my objection. I was left sweating and dazed. No apology from doc like maybe SORRY BOUT THAT. All he did was tell me why he forged ahead when I cried out. I hurt so bad his explanation escapes me. Not expecting warm and fuzzy but he’s a little on the cold side. Maybe he sees too many patients and is becoming jaded and unable to emphasize. Just my two cents.
March 11 , 2021
Excellent skills and medical knowledge, which makes him a trustworthy surgeon. Like many surgeons, somewhat lacking in communication skills and less interested in the patient than the problem at hand.. I asked questions rather than him offering much information, so be prepared for that. I would most certainly go to him again (although I also hope never to have another kidney stone) if I needed a urologist.
September 03 , 2020
Procedure done well except for the UTI.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
June 11 , 2021
I actually found an MD that will listen! He was very interested in my case and understood exactly what I have been through as 36 year Quadriplegic. Id recommend him anytime.
January 24 , 2020
Dr. Miller demonstrated high expertise in his field. Very competent. However, his personality and mine did not click. I did not sense that he had empathy or compassion. He did not appear to have patience with me.
January 30 , 2022
My waiting inside Doctors office was quite longer than what I expected!
May 15 , 2018
Got in quickly. His knowledge and expertise were good. Suggested tests and explanation of tests was thorough.
March 19 , 2020
Waited 12 weeks for test results. I was told the lab could not complete the test. Scheduled a biopsy and the staff gave me no prep instructions (antibiotics?, , no blood thinners?. Changed urologists because of poor staff communication.
June 21 , 2021
Doctor is a poor listener. I did a teledoc call with him and we wore a mask the whole time by himself in his office?? He gave me a more expensive prescription for generic Cialis and said it would cost much less than the generic Viagra my primary care physician prescribed earlier--it was much more ($106 for 6 pills) I wont be going back to this doctor--sorry. I hope he gets a bonus from the drug companies for prescribing pills that dont work for my peyronies disease.
June 08 , 2020
Not my kind of doctor poor communication skills I had a total of three visit and will no longer us this doctor. I have the feeling is that the Oregon clinic is business first medicine second. That said I feel that American medicine is like many things in America political and profit is gospel. ,I think dr Miller is a good person just marginal in skills. The procedure that he performed did very little to improve my medical issue
July 23 , 2020
Dr. Miller may be the smartest guy in the room, for all I know, but he is an exceptionally poor communicator. That matched with what comes across to me as impatience. In both in-person visits Ive had with him I felt like I was in his way and that he wanted to be anywhere else but in the exam room with me. Finally, having texted, emailed, spoken on the phone with his staff and on the phone with Dr. Miller himself, I have been promised test results in their possession. Its been 2 full weeks now since I was notified that test results are in, but they have not made them accessible or available to me.
March 09 , 2022
Had a TeleMed appt with Dr Miller. The email with the log in link said to log in 15 min prior to appt time, so I did. I waited 30 min past my scheduled appt before calling the main office number (on hold for 5 min) to see what was going on. Was told he was finishing up with his prior patient and would be with me in a few min. Waited another 10 min before he finally logged in. During the long waiting periods there was no communication with anyone that he was delayed.
July 09 , 2021
I had to wait for over an hour to be seen for my SCHEDULED appointment! I have been experiencing pain for the last 2 months and was told to just --tough it out--. Absolutely terrible.
July 01 , 2019

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