Centers For Advanced Urology LLC
100 E Lancaster Ave, Suite 361 Uhs Wynnewood
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4.4 out of 5
Centers For Advanced Urology LLC
100 E Lancaster Ave, Suite 361 Uhs Wynnewood
Wynnewood, PA 19096 (Directions)

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4.4 out of 5
29 ratings, 29 reviews
She has the increasingly rare quality of truly seeing patients as people. Her compassion and humanity is only matched by her skill as a physician.
February 18 , 2022
I feel so fortunate to have found a doctor that has finally helped me and was easy to speak to.
January 24 , 2015
My mother was 94 years old, with one kidney for over 60 years. She was admitted to the hospital and coded as soon as she was admitted due to a severe kidney infection. She spent over a week in Intensive care.It was touch and go. Dr Gaynor was proactive in getting my mothers kidney infection under control. My mother is doing well and Dr Gaynor couldn't be more attentive. We were close to her last appointment of the day when we saw her for our first post hospital visit. After examining my mom, she asked if I would stay for awhile, so we could take further. We did. She returned and spent at least 45 mins. going over everything that happened in the hospital, and how to move forward. She made sure we understood and had no further questions or concerns. Prior to her second visit my mom needed some blood work done. Dr. Gaynor had been on vacation. When she got back she noticed that she did not have the blood results. I got a call from HER at 8:00 in the morning, while brushing my teeth, reminding me to get the blood work. LOL. (Which I was doing that day) No doctor has ever called me before an appointment to make sure we were on the same page. My own Doctor told me that my mother might not have made it with another doctor because Dr. Gaynor was so proactive in treating my mom.
September 15 , 2017
I suffered from urological pain for 25 years (1983-2008) before I was correctly diagnosed. Darlene Gaynor-Krupnick was the first physician who diagnosed me in May 2008 with Levator Ani Syndrome. She prescribed medicine and physical therapy that led to complete remission of my disorder. Unfortunately, I was seen by her only once as I moved back to my hometown in NY. My highest recommendation to anyone with chronic pelvic pain.
February 02 , 2013
Very knowledgeable, compassionate, gentle. First time for me. If necessary I would return in a minute.
May 13 , 2017
Dr Gaynor did a bladder and vagina lift surgery on me. She explained everything prior to the surgery. No post-surgery pain meds needed. Wonderful bedside manner.
April 01 , 2022
She was kind, patient, knowledgeable and she genuinely listens! I am grateful to have been referred to her!
June 14 , 2023
Dr. Gaynor Krupnick is a caring, compassionate and skilled doctor. I am very happy with the quality of care I received from her and her staff. She listened to my concerns thoroughly and provided excellent answers and folowed up quickly with test results andeffective treatment. I highly recommend her and her medical care.
March 06 , 2022
One of the best doctors I have seen. She is a great listener and took a lot of time in getting to know my history. She has wonderful bedside manners and really made me feel comfortable. She reserved her professional opinion until the end when she was confident in the diagnosis. I would highly recommend Dr. Gaynor-Krupnick.
November 21 , 2011
The visit was great she’s a wonderful doctor knows her stuff and treats patients well.
June 17 , 2023
I am a 42 year old female. Having had years of discomfort of leaking urine (both embarrassing and dibilitating, I was told by many Urologists that I just shouldn't laugh or run to cause the leaking and sent me home. Not to be judgemental, they were male Urologists. I was referred to Dr. Gaynor by a friend who she had operated on in 2011 and was very satisfied. I found Dr. Gaynor to be most compassionite and sympathizing. Her questions were thorough and after taking scans, she determined the problem was that through 3 pregnancies my insides virtually had dropped. She suggested a lifting surgery to support the pressure on my bladder. Dr. Gaynor went above and beyond in calling me prior to the procedure and even gave me her private cell phone number. In this day and age Drs. don't take time to ask detailed History or spend more than 15 minutes with you. Dr. Gaynor has a dedicated, knowledgeable hands on approach. I read the three negative reviews, and find it impossible to think it is the same surgeon that successfully gave me my life back. Thank God for her, I'm now running my 13K's again. Since those negative ratings were so unlike her, it must be from someone and their friends that have some other agenda to write that way and in such detail. I would reccommend Dr. Gaynor-Krupnick (and have) to my family and friends without reservation.
November 25 , 2012
Dr. Gaynor preformed my Interstim surgery and did a wonderful job. She is very caring and really cares for her patients. I would highly recommend seeing her.
March 08 , 2015
She answered my letter when no one else did. She was always professional. I get shy when I'm naked and she was easy to work with. She changed my live to a new positive direction. A problem I had for years id gone. Thank you from all my heart.
June 09 , 2015
Kind, knowledgeable, thorough
June 16 , 2023
Came here against my will. Expecting the worst and terrified beyond words. This is a matter of something I could hardly speak of simply five years ago. Staff was professional and kind. Dr Gaynor's nurse saw me first. She was very compassionate and reassuring to me. Dr.Gaynor came in a few minutes later. She was so kind and friendly. She explained all my concerns and ordered a test. She was easy to talk to and spoke plainly so I could understand her. And trust me I was a patient who was ready to run away at the first sign of something wrong. Fortunately my diagnosis was a good one. And I was helped with another problem that I hadn't even come in for. All good stuff. Needed another test in the office- (camera ) ? Ugh. I did not even feel it. Pretty amazing for me as I did expect the worst. This was easier than the dentist. Imagine. My results were good and positive and I believe that effects our experience with a specialist or hospital. Lucky for me ! I loved her.
July 16 , 2014
"She listened and helped me with my problem after dealing with it for 10 yrs. Excellent doctor and surgeon - highly recommend her!"
April 20 , 2022
I often had bladder infection, pain inside, frequently urinate, unable to hold etc... for over 30 years, most of doctors I visted were could not find anything wrong with it, also my husband had problem with leaking and too often urinate, 5 to 7 times at night for many years. We were diagnosis and treated by Dr. Darleen Gaynor we are do not have problems as before. She is one of the Best doctor
June 11 , 2010
Dr. Gaynor-Krupnick is knowledgeable, competent, professional and personable. She solved my problem, and I highly recommend her.
December 09 , 2022
very nice caring doctor who really helped me and I am feeling better.
November 21 , 2011
I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Gaynor. She has a superb bedside manner, is extremely attentive and a skilled surgeon. She has given me hope, as other doctors have been unable to help me. I would very highly recommend her.
November 16 , 2012
Dr. Gaynor is the first doctor to give me hope and help for my interstitial cystitis. She has been like an angel for me and her plan for treatment has already given me unbelievable relief. She is the best!!!!
February 21 , 2013
Love Dr. Gaynor and her staff
February 16 , 2022
I found Doctor Darlene Gaynor to be one of the nicest and most professional doctors that I have ever come across. My first visit to Dr. Gaynor was in early Dec. 2014. I was dealing with a urethral polyp, which I had for a number of years and it was causing me a lot of pain and discomfort. I also had continual bleeding with the discomfort, which was very unnerving to me. A previous surgery I had with another doctor to remove the polyp was unsuccessful. After my first consultation with Dr. Gaynor, I told my husband as we left her office, that I felt so much better just knowing that I finally found a doctor who really seemed to care about the issues that I was experiencing! Dr. Gaynor has a wonderful bedside manner too ... She spoke to me in very calm and understanding way that put me at ease immediately. I could go on and on about how highly I think of Dr. Gaynor and her friendly and supportive staff. I would definitely recommend Dr. Darlene Gaynor to anyone who would like an understanding, confident, caring and professional urologist/surgeon.
March 02 , 2015
Dr. Darlene Gaynor-Krupnick is an amazing highly skilled compassionate physician who treated me with the utmost respect and empathy for a problem that led me to feel tremendous shame and humiliation. She was clear and concise in explaining my condition and what she could do for me. Dr. Gaynor-Krupnick has changed my life forever and returned my anatomy to normal providing me with a tremendous improvement in the quality of my life. I will forever be grateful to her and her staff for their kindness and efficient excellent care.
June 28 , 2022
I visited Dr Gaynor-Krupnick iast Fall 2016, I wanted to find a solution to my Incontinence problem. She was outstanding in her professionalism and explanation of my problem and gave me several solutions and what would be the best solution. I am still lulling over what I should do and researching her suggestions along with discussion with my GP. However, I know I will return to her when I deceide to have the procedure done. My only drawback was how difficult it was to find her office in the hospital. It was under construction and it took me 15 mins to find it.
April 10 , 2017
I saw Dr. Gaynor for recurring UTIs. She was condescending and refused to discuss any of my concerns - given that I'm only 34 - for getting a pelvic CT scan. When I went back for my follow up, she rudely said everything was fine, handed me the report and walked out. I then read the report, which noted 2 growths in other areas of my abdomen which she hadn't even mentioned. I demanded an explanation from the nurse - but Dr. Gaynor was then on a lunch break. Luckily I saw another doctor and everything was fine, but her arrogant bedside manner and failure to pay any attention to me was completely unbelievable.
July 06 , 2011
I waited an hour for her to come into the room I was waiting in. She immediately acted as though she didn't have time for me. She didn't bring my file, only the report from the CT scan I had done. She told me I had to have two procedures and we could get them scheduled and acted as though that was it and she was done. I asked several questions (what will you do during the procedure, will I have to be put out, etc. - things she should have explained voluntarily) which she answered hastily acting as though she had someplace else to be. I felt like I was a burden. I had been going through debilitating pain around my problem for weeks. I guess I asked one too many questions and she left to get the nurse and told the nurse (with the door open) what procedures I needed. She then asked if there was anything else she told me I needed (really? you don't remember?) She then asked me if I had any other medical problems she should know about since she didn't have my file - indicating she left is somewhere else. Don't you think you should have asked me that at the beginning or looked at my file? When I explained to the nurse that I was upset that I had to wait an hour, that the doctor couldn't get out of there fast enough, that I didn't feel comfortable with this doctor performing the procedures, and would like another doctor - the nurse left and Gaynor came back in and yelled at me. She said, very condescendingly, that she was happy to transfer me to another doctor, that she couldn't help that her schedule was backed up and that she did ask if I had any other questions. I told her she didn't have to be condescending toward me and that it wasn't necessarily that I waited an hour but that she couldn't get out of there fast enough. She then proceeded to continue yelling at me and said that I should "expect that to happen in the future." I guess meaning that I would wait. I smiled and nodded and didnt say a word because clearly she wasnt listening to me. I would have gladly waited two hours if she had any kind of decent bedside manner and treated me like a human being and not like cattle she was trying to herd. I expected to have another doctor come in and see me but apparently had to make another appointment. I walked out of there - wasting a whole afternoon. The fact that she came back and yelled at me is clear evidence that my instincts were right I dont want her anywhere near my body. If you cant even spend 10 minutes politely and sympathetically going through my problem and the procedures (where I will be put under anesthesia) than how can I trust that you will take your time during a surgery/procedure? And if her immediate response to me, a patient, who has concerns is to come in and yell and not apologize that perhaps she was hurried and ask what she could do to make me feel more comfortable then she clearly doesnt deserve my business. And I hope she doesnt get your either.
July 05 , 2011
Professional Assessment: Everything from the consult (would not listen to the events leading to the visit) to the exam (did not even so much as take the temperature of the patient who came for a possible UTI - had to be asked to do a urine culture) to the post-exam discussion (could/would not explain why the complicated tests were necessary), was utterly and completely ridiculous. If you are not a patient who can assert yourself and ask the necessary questions etc... you should strongly consider another urologist. Personal Assessment: Absolutely condescending, arrogant and quite frankly, a little hostile.
March 21 , 2014
This less than 5 min visit consisted of her taking a look at my papers then telling me that she wasn't even going to waste my time examining me, because there is nothing she can do for me. Is what she told me. Couple of weeks later I get a statement from my insurance company that I owe the remaining balance. I couldn't believe it. It was wrong, unethical and a straight up scam. How is "There's nothing I can do" worth a couple hundred dollar! Totally unfair!
June 29 , 2010

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