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1226 E Water St
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2.9 out of 5
Associated Medical Professionals Of NY PLLC
1226 E Water St
Syracuse, NY 13210 (Directions)

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2.9 out of 5
21 ratings, 21 reviews
I was extremely impressed with Dr. Albala. He spentthe time talking about my cancer diagnosis and how to treat it. His talk to me was informative and I believe his experience speaks for itself. I am happy I chose him to be my doctor and do my surgery.
September 15 , 2013
Dr Albala is a professional, knowledgeable roboic doctor who cares for his patients and is always searching for better ways to treat his patients.Could not ask for a better doctor.
April 18 , 2011
I would not look else where for a urologist. This Dr and Place dies it all.
February 24 , 2015
I was seen by Dr Albala after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. He spent at least 45 minutes going over my disease and the various treatment options available to me. He answered all my questions completely. I elected to have surgery and am please to say that all the disease was contained within the prostate. I am continent and able to get erections now. As I reflect on this year, I am blessed to have him as my doctor. He is compassionate, caring, intelligent and skilled. I wish there were more doctors like him.
December 25 , 2013
Couldnt ask for a better surgeon. Office staff is wonderful, caring and extremely competent.
April 25 , 2012
Had a robotic prostatectomy with him....Excellent results..I heard he is one of the most skilled in the area...He has done over 1000 cases and it sure shows.....
August 20 , 2011
Trusted this man with my life and he did not disappoint! He is the best.
June 24 , 2016
He is one of the best urological surgeons in the country.
September 30 , 2008
He doesnt seem to have the patience or time to understand the patients concerns. As the surgeon in the state with the most robotic LRPs, he is in demand and seems to be a busy person.
May 26 , 2009
Does not review any test results. He is a vey good doctor and knows what he is doing but withholding information regarding test results is poor.
October 03 , 2020
Thats all he ever said to me. Spent 90 minute waiting to see him. Saw his obnocious protege. Then Albala walks by, gives me a handshake, and leaves. But I had been told --hes really good.-- So I wont ruin his reputation by giving him one-star, because maybe hes a good doctor. Definitely has better things to do than visit with patients, though.
September 08 , 2010
"This doctor failed my father in the following ways: 1. failed to assess and monitor a his condition 2. Failed to perform required medical tests 3. Failed to treat his medical condition in a timely manner 4. Failed to adhere to accepted standards of care. People should know this of Dr. Abala."
March 11 , 2022
He may be great at surjury and knowledge but he lacks in the patient care department. I went in for my 6 month checkup while on Hormone therapy and he never even gave me my new PSA...after I asked for it, he gave it to me...My PSA went up significantly...more than tripled. He said its still good and I said what about in relation to my last after me prompting him....he went back and looked at my history and said did jump up. He would have never done this unless I asked him to. he was already out in the area where all his staff was and l;ooked it up on his labtop. He enver brought me in an office to talk about the jump...just said not to worry...could be a bounce. So I was on my way. The sad thing is I had to ask for my PSA...I had to inform HIM to go back and compare to my last PSA!!!! This is inexcusable! He seemed more interested in flirting with the girls up front than discuss my PSA in private....Totally disgusted by this doctor after the last visit and may be my last visit in the next 2 weeks.
March 01 , 2013
Bedside manner is terrible. Left after he botched surgery. Cancer came back he left cancer in prostate bed. 12 weeks of radiation.,5 days a week Went to Roswell then to Upstate. Save yourself the headache and just go to Upstate!
June 06 , 2023
Albala failed to provide the standard of care to my father. He could not explain why; record keeping was inconsistent and communication was poor.
August 03 , 2022
Failed to provide appropriate standard of care. The consequences were significant.
March 07 , 2022
He made a mess out of blasting my kidney stones. He then went on vacation leaving me in the care of resident dr. And my stent fell out and my bodily fluid seeped out and put me into pancreatitis. It took three weeks to figure out what had went wrong. He wanted to send me home after one week.
September 06 , 2013
NO bedside manner! He should stick to teaching. Always in a rush. Switched to Upstate Medical University. The best in urology and radiation oncology. Get out of AMP while you can !
September 11 , 2022
My husband was a frequent patient of this doctor. Originally for a lesison on his kidney. After much testing cat scans x rays ect. The benign lesion was removed. My husband continued to see Dr A along with periodic re checks on the kidney. I find it unbelievable that with all this testing over years that my husband entered the hospital in Rocheste New York was diagnosed with STAGE 4 Bladder cancer. He lasted a few weeks and died March 13 2022. How was this missed by this by Dr. A THAT IT GOT TO THAT STATE. A FOLLOW UP APPT WAS SCHEDULED AND I HAD TO CANCEL BECAUSE HE WAS DEAD
December 18 , 2022
Seemed disinterested and unprofessional at times. o the residents do the surgery?
October 02 , 2009
Failed to provide the standard of care. Fallout from that negligence is too much to mention.
March 08 , 2022

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