Georgia Urology, PA
1357 Hembree Rd, Suite 250
Roswell, GA 30076 (Directions)
4.4 out of 5
Georgia Urology, PA
1357 Hembree Rd, Suite 250
Roswell, GA 30076 (Directions)

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Rating and reviews
4.4 out of 5
39 ratings, 39 reviews
Dr Banks provided the best care possible to me when I had reoccurence of kidney stones.I have no hesitation what so ever recommending Dr Banks to any one seeking urological care in Atlanta area.
February 03 , 2016
Doctor Banks saved our sons life! Can't say enough about the pedestal we put him on. LOVE HIM, however, his administrative folks for the group are the worst we've ever dealt with. Very careless, do not return phone calls, extremely long on hold times, do not follow through with what they commit, mean, arrogant, and simply put awful. They should revamp the entire staff and hire more experienced and more efficient people.
November 12 , 2012
treated very well by office staff,nursing staff and dr banks concerned when i arrived relieved when i left
March 26 , 2018
I completed a survey yesterday and my opinions are still the same!!
December 17 , 2016
Great beside manner.Competent.CaringA gentleman.
September 26 , 2012
Doctor Banks is a professional, no nonsense doctor who I trust to give me high quality care when I go to see him. I've been going for a number of years since my prostate cancer was diagnosed and trust his evaluations and treatments.
April 10 , 2016
Dr. Banks treated me with dignity, compassion and understanding. He tactfully explained my options and guided me through treatment steps. I cannot imagine a better doctor into whose hands to put your life---he and his staff were fantastic!
February 20 , 2017
Very personable doctor who takes an individualized approach to his patients. He made me feel comfortable.
September 05 , 2016
I have been a patient of Dr Banks for several years. He is a very caring and knowledgeable doctor. I feel Dr Banks genuinely cares about his patients. He always asks me how I am doing and if I have any issues or questions. I would definitely recommend Dr Banks to anyone needing a Urologist.
October 14 , 2017
Dr. Banks and staff treats you as if you were family. Great patient care!
September 22 , 2016
Excellent care involving close call with prostate cancer.
December 25 , 2017
Was impressed with my first visit. Dr. Banks listened carefully to my concerns and presented options for my consideration. I will see him again.
May 01 , 2016
August 26 , 2016
I have been seeing Dr. Banks for over 20 years which obviously indicates that I am very satisfied with his professional skills as a doctor and his communication skills. Dr. Banks views you as an individual based on your history and test results. He is not quick to recommend major procedures (unless really necessary), but is quick to re-evaluate testing within a reasonable time period to have more information to evaluate the situation. Dr. Banks is easy to talk to and explains things in an easy to understand manner.
June 12 , 2016
Dr. Banks and his staff are the epitome of a caring, professional medical team. I have complete faith in Dr. Banks's medical knowledge and expertise and it has been a pleasure being his patient. I recommend Dr. Banks without reservation.
February 02 , 2016
Dr. Banks is world class in his knowledge and genuine concern for his patients. And his supporting staff is second to none. Highest recommendation possible!
October 05 , 2018
I have been a patient of Dr. Banks' for about 1 year now and am very glad that my family referred me to him. Dr. Banks is very friendly, patient, and his staff is great. I highly recommend this doctor and this office.
March 21 , 2016
I go back because of the promptness and professionalism of the practice. Always courteous office staff and doctors. They listen and give advise. They have my trust.
March 07 , 2016
Learning I had prostate cancer is distressing. The compassion Dr. Banks and the team from GA Urology have made this life threatening disease much easier to deal with. Kudos to this group, highly recommend!
August 17 , 2017
Dr. Banks listened and gave a considered and thorough opinion. He showed concern for my needs. The online test results system has been slow to post so that's why the 4 star on follow up.
March 04 , 2016
DR. Banks is professional, pleasant, and gives me confidence with the status pod my health. I am tested semiannually for my condition, and I am comfortable with the treatments recommended by Dr. Banks, who was highly recommended to me by my Family Doctor.
February 22 , 2016
Dr Banks made me feel very relaxed and at ease, he is very friendly and 100% professional, he is exactly what you could want a Dr to be.
August 26 , 2016
17 year (& counting!) cancer survivor and patient of Dr. Banks. I highly recommend him for his care, concern, bedside manner & surgical skill.
May 09 , 2016
I am very satisfied with my visit with Dr. Banks.
May 14 , 2018
Awesome front office staff and very professional medical staff!!!
December 18 , 2017
Office staff very efficient and professional. Staff and Dr. Banks very considerate of my time.
April 30 , 2016
"Dr. Garud takes care of my 77 year old Dad. He treats my Dad compassionately, and solved his issue thoroughly and followed up to checked on her. We are very grateful for Dr. Banks and the Northside Hospital team. Thank you!"
September 10 , 2020
Dr Banks listens to my needs. My last visit was to follow up on a prescription he recommended to reduce the number of times I wake up during the night. It worked!! Thank you! Also, instead of having to fill out paperwork every time I go like some offices I go to. They give you a sheet of your information and you update it.
January 30 , 2016
Dr. Banks is simply the best
January 31 , 2016
Dr Banks took the time and explained all aspects of my health care. He was right on with my diagnosis and was there anytime I called.
September 04 , 2013
Dr. Banks was very friendly. He asked about my problem. He thoroughly described what he was going to do to further define my problem, including what test would be done and what might follow, depending on the test results.
September 02 , 2016
I am very happy with Dr Banks as my eurologist
February 07 , 2016
I have visited with Dr Banks and staff several times. Dr Banks is deeply knowledgeable and a genuine guy. I feel comfortable in his care
March 04 , 2016
Dr. Banks has a relaxed manner that can put a patient at ease. He is professional, takes time with a patient, and communicates clearly.
August 06 , 2016
Banks deserves 5 stars. I did not hit enough befit it went to the next page.
March 24 , 2016
I was very disappointed how he treated my husband, and prescribing meds costing from $300-$900 a month...too much than we can afford! It seems he was more interested in payment from the pharmacy than treating his patient. It took days, a week for them to return the calls. They treat you like a number! Afterwards, then the nurse said a vitamin supplement is all he needed. Dr Banks was not thorough in his approach, did not keep up to date with new therapies but old school minded. Do not go to him!
May 09 , 2015
They are all about money!
March 25 , 2014
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Dr. Banks explained to me my options.After further research, I decided to go with a out of state surgeon with a top notch resume.Dr. Banks refused to do the catheter removal and followup for what I conclude must have been a bruised ego.So much for the Hippocratic Oath.
February 05 , 2011
Dr. Banks saw my husband after he had been diagnosed by an urgent care doctor as having an infection, and treated with a strong antibiotic. Dr. Banks made a hasty diagnosis (in one minute of patient time) "confirming" it was an infection, and told my husband to continue the antibiotic for another four weeks. The doctor then left the office immediately without signing the paperwork to authorize the medication, so we were in a bind from Friday to Tuesday with no renewed prescription. The staff was less than responsive. Being on a arong antibiotic for eight weeks (with no encouragement to take a probiotic) caused my husband to contract C-diff, a horrible gut infection, so horrible the CDC interviewed my husband about the cause. Months later, we realized my husband had actually had the beginning pangs of a kidney stone. A more careful urologist would have examined him and asked a few more questions. Avoid this doctor.
January 20 , 2016

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