Kansas City Urology Care PA
1000 Carondelet Dr
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5 out of 5
Kansas City Urology Care PA
1000 Carondelet Dr
Kansas City, MO 64114 (Directions)

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5 out of 5
57 ratings, 57 reviews
Always a comforting experience even when there are kidney stones, Great doc. Enjoy my visits.
August 17 , 2021
Excellent t, Compassionate and skilled provider that got to the cause of my issues and working towards their addressing
June 04 , 2021
Dr Bocks care and double checking help find my prostrate cancer. He went the extra mile. If he had not done the extra work I know I would not be cancer free a year after my surgery.
August 26 , 2015
Great, Good
August 17 , 2021
Very good, Very knowledgeable physician, good understanding of my condition.
November 12 , 2021
Good, Good
October 26 , 2021
Excellent doctor. One of the few you will find who cares about his patients, has agreat bedside manner and doesexceptional quality work.
February 08 , 2011
Dr. Bock is outstanding. He is caring, compassionate, experienced, expert, and delivers outstanding insights and recommendations regarding symptoms and courses of treatment. I recommend him highly and a credit to our areas medical profession. I recommend him highly!
October 22 , 2018
Dr. Bock is so incredible...he urged me to get a second opinion and even told me I would probably not come back, that the physician he referred me to is the one I should really work with. What other doctor would care this much about his patient? Im 63 and havent found anyone else like him. I recommend everyone to him...instead of to the great physician he recommended to me!
May 30 , 2013
Outstanding visit even though Ms Freeman wasnt there, Doctor Bock on top of his game...again. Karla fixed me up --real good--. The staff greets me like they like me...I think they mean it too. Bob
January 12 , 2022
Great - Great
October 06 , 2022
Excellent - Dr. Bock is dedicated to improving his patient’s health. He is warm and welcoming and exudes confidence. He celebrates your successes.
September 06 , 2022
A KCUC STAR!, Dr. Bock has been my urologist for a number of years, and I’ve always found him to be a personable, knowledgeable professional, willing to take the time to explain his findings and recommendations, and very thorough in his approach to my problems.
July 20 , 2021
Excellent experience, Dr Bock is very caring and personable. I value his professionalism and his expertise in caring for me
October 18 , 2021
Great, Dr. Bock discussed my health in a clear, professional and empathetic manner.
June 28 , 2021
Great, Dr Bock took all time I needed to tell me about my condition and what we needed to do for it
November 20 , 2021
He is the Best - Easy
September 09 , 2022
One year exam - Annual exam and follow-up on UTI that occurred in July/Aug 2022.
December 14 , 2022
Excellent communication eliciting patient.s questions and comments, Dr. Bock invites your participation with the healing/treatment process. Time is not something todays physicians are afforded, but he steps outside of this restriction to assure you understand and agree with the evaluations and recommendations.
November 10 , 2021
Couldnt be better., Friendly, informative, concerned.
August 03 , 2021
Responded to my problem and resolved it, Discussed repeated UTI’s and instituted a course of action.
November 29 , 2021
Dr Bock is an excellent urologist. - Dr Bock is very thorough. And he listens to his patients. He has his patients best interest in mind at all times.
September 02 , 2022
Medically satisfying - Pretty much as expected. Excellent urologist
March 22 , 2023
Nice visit, Trusted
May 28 , 2021
very good - Good, thorough examination..
July 25 , 2022
Always excellent medical care. - Superb doc who I would always give the best referrals to others.
September 01 , 2022
An outstanding knowledgeable doctor, An outstanding knowledgeable doctor.My appointment went smooth from A-Z
September 14 , 2021
A good annual visit with Dr. Bock as usual., I have been with Dr. Bock for some time now, and I have always trusted in his expertise. He has always been clear in his explanation of my treatment, and I have confidence that he is doing what is best for me.
August 09 , 2021
Great doctor, I feel like Dr. Bock has taken good care of me throughout my experience with prostate cancer.
June 28 , 2021
A good appt, Dr Bock explained my situation well & gave me my expectations clearly.
September 22 , 2021
Without a doubt, one of the best doctors around., Painless exams. Professional, kind, efficient. Great staff.
December 01 , 2021
Best medical experience ever! - Clear detail about my condition
March 02 , 2023
Put my concerns at ease - Dr. Bock explains the issues and offers suggestions on what I can do to stay healthy. He is easy to talk to. Very personable physician. I would recommend him.
August 29 , 2022
He makes the experience very comfortable, Very good, always takes time to listen and explain
February 01 , 2022
Direct and honest and to the point, Friendly but seriously describe the problem and what he was going to do fix it.
August 17 , 2021
Excellent. I have great trust in Dr Bock, Always first class. Where else has better a better provider?
June 30 , 2021
Excellent, Also excellent
January 10 , 2022
Dr. Bock was referred by Dr. Bollier when my PSA number indicated further review by a urologist. Dr. Bock ran tests that confirmed prostate cancer and went a bit further to make sure the cancer hadnt spread to my bladder or lymph nodes. Hes was very thorough before and after radiation. I also appreciate his demeanor. Hes friendly and easy to talk to as well. I feel blessed having someone with his skill taking care of me.
December 13 , 2019
very satisfied with Dr’s expertise/communication - Very pleased with Dr. Bock and his staff. Dr. Bock has clearly explained my situation in terms I can understand.
January 16 , 2023
Good - Good
May 03 , 2023
Brief, pleasant informative, Dr Bock always spends whatever the time we need so that I am informed & comfortable when I depart.
July 13 , 2021
Excellent - Excellent
November 15 , 2022
Outstanding - Could not be better, so glad was able to have Dr. Bock, he is the best
April 25 , 2023
Always good to see Doctor Bock! - Doctor Bock is a great doctor. Always listens and you never feel like you’re being rushed out.
April 20 , 2023
Professional, Excellent
July 16 , 2021
David Bock is truly a wonderful doctor. He has performed surgery on me twice and I have been genuinely impressed with his skill & bedside manner. He really cares about his patients! In addition to being a great Doc. he is simply one of the nicest people I have ever met. He has earned my respect and admiration.
July 14 , 2013
Thorough!! - Dr. Bock spends time with patients and touches all differential diagnosis.
September 09 , 2022
Dr David Bock He’s an excellent physician I’ve been very happy since you’ve been treating me for a few years now. - He’s an excellent physician I’ve been very happy since you’ve been treating me for a few years now.
October 18 , 2022
Provided extraordinary information and medical car, Provided extraordinary information with clarity. Medical care he provided was done with skill efficiency and a concern for patient’s comfort.
July 29 , 2021
Very knowledgeable and cares for patients, Had problem with kidney - lead team to solution that was least invasive
October 19 , 2021
As always, great - Outstanding.
April 18 , 2023
Excellant, First time with Dr Bock. Great experience, he is just everything you want in in a Dr patient experience.
October 20 , 2021
Dr Bock is a 5 Star Dr. - Dr Bock is the best of the best. He is so kind. He listens. I admire the way he takes time to explain what’s going on. He even drew a diagram for me. When there are options for my care, he presents those to me & allows my input in making decisions on how to treat my issues. The front receptionists are friendly. Dr Bock’s ofc assistant, Karen, is wonderful too.
January 11 , 2023
One of the best Doctors out there - Listens and
March 28 , 2023
Excellent caregiver., Dr. Bock will spend as much time as necessary to answer questions and make sure you have a full understanding of your health and treating options. He is an excellent communicator
August 04 , 2021
17 years postoperative trustworthy, Excellent as usual
June 28 , 2021
Professional but listens, All visits have been good his assistant nurse is good also. Pleased with the practice. Don’t feel like he is trying to “sell” me services or procedures I may not need.
July 22 , 2021

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