Premier Urology Corp
477 Cooper Rd, Suite 220
Westerville, OH 43081 (Directions)
3.4 out of 5
Premier Urology Corp
477 Cooper Rd, Suite 220
Westerville, OH 43081 (Directions)

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3.4 out of 5
22 ratings, 22 reviews
One of the best Doctors in Columbus Ohio
November 06 , 2008
I have been very impressed with Dr. Brown. Over the four years I have been seeing him, he consistently is compassionate and really gives me the kind of time a Dr. should. I would recommend him to anyone and have!
March 24 , 2012
Spends plenty of time. Makes good judgements. Does not rush into half baked decisions.
December 09 , 2010
Love Dr. Brown. He treats you with dignity and compassion.
June 26 , 2017
Dr. Brown is professional and thorough. He requires his patients to handle themselves professional and courteously concerning making appointments and being ready to discuss any issues.
September 11 , 2017
I recomend anyone to go to this amazing urologist , Who place patient care 1st and is great. His entire office is so profesional and outstanding
April 04 , 2011
I would strongly recommend Dr. Brown. He was on top of diagnosing my prostate cancer and sat down with my wife and I and explained all our options. One of the best doctors I have had in my 54 years of life and unfortunately I have had many!
July 15 , 2011
He’s caring, takes time to listen, and really considers what is best for his patient. I trust him very much. He’s cared for my mother,husband, oldest daughter and now me. I’ve referred many patients to him and his practice. Wouldn’t see anyone else for urology needs.
December 31 , 2018
Ive found Dr Brown to be helpful, and courteous no arrognace careful to explain procedures and spend adequte time to make me feel comfortable
April 06 , 2009
Dr. Brown was great. He was personable and made me feel at ease.
June 02 , 2009
Awesome Dr. with fantastic bedside manner, on time and very smart and knowledgeable .
October 21 , 2019
Dr. Brown is very kind cosiderate and thoughful. You yes but very good. his staff are always polite and have a smile on their faces
February 09 , 2012
Dr. Brown is young and I can understand how that may come off as arrogant, but has always been pleasant and friendly with me. Ive had three lithotripsies from him and the one time I had pain and nausea after, he promptly returned the call Id made to the answering service (on a Sunday at 9:00 a.m.) and was very kind.
March 19 , 2009
I could write a book on this Dr. and how he has jeopardized my kidney and bladder health but I will just say, please dont go here if you have a complicated urological situation.
October 08 , 2020
young, brash, insensitive, unkind
March 25 , 2007
I met with dr Brown for my first kidney stone, before my appointment I was told I will see my x- rays and I never saw them. He wasnt helpful at all, I am already worried about having a stone let alone still not getting answers. I waited over an hour for the appointment and I saw him for 5 minutes. I didnt have many chances to talk or anything. He was in a rush and had other patients waiting like its my fault. I told him my concerns and he didnt care for them just said ill be fine or dont do anything about it and let it cause more problems later.. He told me i only have 1 stone size 8mm he told me i would never pass it on my own so only option would be surgery. Which i know is wrong because I have some nurses and doctors in my family and they all told me there are other things to do before any surgery. I also did my research before meeting with him about medications to take and I saw the top 2 presciptions to take to help stones my size and bigger to pass. One of them was Flomax, so I called the office of course no anwser and called 2 more times during the week and left more voicemails about my experience and how i want a perscription before i do any surgery since i was lied to and rushed for a new patient it was rude. after about 2 weeks after appointment and week of me calling them and leaving voicemails i finally get a call saying he put the perscription in for flomax so i went and picked it up, and now i have been on flomax for a week so far and it hasnt passed but i noticed my back pain has went away alot and im just hoping i can pass this thing and never deal with it again. Thanks to my mom she has dealt with stones most of her life had the surgery once and still gets stones so she just lets them be or she is able to pass them. Im very mad that i was told id see my x rays and to this day have not been showed them, also he didnt even tell me what kidney my stone is in which would be more helpful. overall just a bad experence i left the building crying with even more questions and fear in my head about it all and not being listened to. I will be seeing a new urologist from now on! Hope this helps others!
March 28 , 2019
My mother was seen in the hospital by Dr Brown for UTI. 4 week follow up appt in his office - VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. My mother is a larger woman who at the time could not move unassited from her wheelchair to the exam chair in order to do a cath on her since she was still complaining of pain- nurses came up with a solution but Dr Brown was concern he might hurt his back, instead he had them do a bladder scan from her wheelchair and said since she was not retaining she was fine. WRONG 3 days later a culture from another dr show a UTI.
September 22 , 2011
Rude, insensitive, uncaring. Likes to do unnecessary surgery. Avoid this doctor at all costs.
November 03 , 2008
I went to Dr. Brown for a vasectamey and wound up with MRSA. Spent 3 nights in the hospital having surgery because of the MRSA and then another trip to the ER after the meds he gave me caused me to turn red. Now they are sending me final notice bills when its the first bill Ive gotten and threaten me with collection. Nice guy, bad doctor.
January 19 , 2011
It’s the fast vist in the earth for 5 mn $250 ripping patient
February 06 , 2019
I saw this Dr. for 10 years for catheter management and UTI’s. It wasn’t until my UTI’s became chronic that I decided to see another Dr. who promptly performed diagnostic tests and discovered that my left kidney is virtually destroyed and is blocked with 10 years worth of scar tissue. Dr. Brown never cared or wasn’t competent enough to perform basic tests to discover my problem.
June 03 , 2021
I saw this Dr. for many years for indwelling catheter management. His approach was great in the beginning. After a series of kidney infections and blood test that showed Kidney function was off. He had no answers. Had my first visit with a new Dr. and was shocked to learn that my left kidney is DESTROYED. Dr. Brown never mentioned that to me, huh...
February 08 , 2021

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