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4.9 out of 5
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A CT scan (CAT scan) discovered that i had a cancerous tumor on my right kidney. The treating Lahey Hospital regional urologist Dr James Betti in Portsmouth, NH also found cancer in my prostate gland. He recommended i have both cancerous areas robotic surgically removed by Dr David Canes at Lahey Hospital in Burlington MA. Dr Canes had a good bedside manner, was attentive to me and a good listener He always met me with a smile and a pleasant demeanor. He removed my right kidney and the tumor flawlessly and released me from the hospital the next day. The recovery was quick and easy Next came the prostate cancer resolution: I chose complete prostate removal (which could eliminate the cancer in its entirety) VS hormone and radiation treatment (would only put the cancer in remission for 5 to 8 years). Due to the amount of hospitalization I had treating the pancreatitis (which found the kidney cancer in the first place), I cancelled the operation to remove date opting for the hormone/radiation treatment. Within 3 hours of this change of mind, Dr Canes called me on the phone asking why I cancelled!!! We discussed further the pros and cons of each treatment, and I switched back to the original plan and schedule to remove the prostate. He promised me that he would be as careful as possible in the removal as he could to minimize the possibility of permanent incontinence. AND HE DELIVERED!! Five weeks after the operation, my blood test revealed 0 PSA. Free from prostate cancer!! The compassion shown by Dr David Canes in calling me personally and discussing the best treatment, PLUS performing two VERY successful cancer operations (kidney and prostate) rendering me --cancer free-- at age 76, for the moment anyway, lends me to rate this great man at the top. And he is very --user friendly--!!!
December 20 , 2018
I was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. Dr David Canes was highly recommended by my urologist and primary care physician. In my interview I found him to be very patient answering all questions with direct answers. He was highly professional with great knowledge of his profession. Another of his notable traits was his kindness, caring, and compassion. He has performed thousands of radical prostectomies. There was no question this was the surgeon for me. Never having surgery before I went in to this without fear or anxiety, I had complete confidence in Dr. Canes After two hours of the four hour surgery Dr. Canes sent his nurse out to assure my family surgery would be complete at noon. This was very comforting to my family. He removed the prostate and 5 lymph nodes and was able to spare the nerves in the area. I spent one nite in the hospital and due to his expertise had minimal pain. I did not need prescription pain medication only Tylenol. I went home with catheter and returned to have it removed twelve days later. It is now four weeks after my surgery and I am fully continent. Dr. Canes has at rue passion for his profession and his patients. I am grateful to have fond him he is at rue superstar.
July 10 , 2016
I had an excellent outcome from the prostate surgery performed by Dr. Canes at Lahey Hospital. My family and I were extremely pleased with his bedside manner and his thoroughness, and he always made himself available for any questions. His staff was knowledgeable and courteous throughout the entire experience.
September 08 , 2018
Dr. Canes performed robotic surgery for my prostatectomy 5 years ago with virtually no side effects. He was reassuring all the way. Today, I am cancer free. Thanks Dr. Canes :)
August 11 , 2015
I had a laprosopic kidney removal with Dr Canes. Hes fantastic -- very patient with all of my anxious questions, never made me feel stupid about my concerns, always prompt with appointments, and everything went exactly as he said it would. Excellent doctor.
June 20 , 2015
I was diagnosed with a high grade prostate cancer. Dr. Canes walked me through this radical prostatectomy and what would happen. The operation was a complete success, The cancer is gone and I am very happy with my results. He did a great job and I thank him for his great skills and knowledge.
January 09 , 2018
In early June 2021 a prostate biopsy confirmed that I had localized prostate cancer, gleason 9. I had to choose radiation or surgery. Being a medical professional, a doctor myself, I consulted with radiologists, surgeons and oncologists. I was most impressed with Dr. David Canes, a surgeon at Lahey Urology. He was comfortable to be with, explained, answered questions, had done a vast number of these surgeries, great patient reviews and recommended by his peers. My surgery was in August at Parkland Medical Center in Derry, NH, which I recommend. When it comes to a caring bedside manner, Dr. Canes has it in spades. Off all of his attributes, surgical skill is most important. My surgery went extremely well. He was able to save the nerves, no incontinence, erections returning. The biopsy showed stage 2, gleason 9, but self contained, no lymph node involvement, clean surgical margins and my PSA is now undetectable. The best possible news! Excellent surgeon. I will be forever grateful, and recommend him without hesitation. Sincerely, Dr. M Portsmouth, NH
November 07 , 2021
I elected to have laproscopic partial nephrectomy for renal cancer. I was Canes first triple tumor patient and he did brilliantly, clamping the major artery for only 13 minutes! He always plans for the unexpected and explains things very clearly with great respect for the individual that is the patient. He has a highly agreeable manner and answers any and all questions with patience and understanding. I recommend him without qualification -- the great Dr. Libertino recommended Canes and 3 weeks out or surgery I am cured and happy.
October 11 , 2014
Dr. Canes was very knowledgeable and his staff was beyond professional. At a time when I was faced with making a decision regarding my prostate cancer, he was kind,and compassionate. He was supportive and explained all my treatment options. After one year of active surveillance, it was apparent that I would need surgery. Dr. Canes performed the surgery within 2 months. The outcomes have been excellent in every area and I am convinced that this all due to Dr. Canes and his staff.
December 05 , 2013
Excellent experience from the office staff, nurses and PA. Dr. Canes was excellent. He was clear and was clear on the risks of the procedure. His skill allowed me to recover quickly and my long term prognosis (cancer) is excellent.
January 30 , 2015
Dr. Canes and his group have to be among the best in the Northeast, if not the entire country. Very knowledgeable. Spends a great deal of time answering questions, and explaining whats going to happen, and what has happened. Great guy! Great MD!!
December 16 , 2013
Dana Booth, DMD, 75, Concord, Ma, On November 15, 2017, Dr. Canes successfully performed a Robotic Assisted radical prostatectomy on me at Lahey Burlington. He has the expertise, the meticulous drive for perfection plus he will take the time to prevent possible side effects. He personally called me at my home as soon as he had the post surgical pathology report - which was good news !! He demonstrated his compassion by facilitating and expediting my treatment - I went to Parkland, Derry, N.H. so he could do the prerequisite biopsy. I unconditionally recommend his care. My family and I are profoundly grateful - Thank you, Dr. Canes and staff.
January 14 , 2018
Doctor Cains has been my urologist since 2008,Two life saving surgeries with no complications what so ever.He does the job right the first time,He treats you like family. Talks to you in a way you can understand completely.I travel two hour to get to his nearest office his expertise is worth the trip. I would not even consider seeing someone else. Truly a gifted doctor
February 21 , 2018
Last Fall (November 2014) I was diagnosed with Stage One Prostate Cancer. My Urologist Dr. David Canes at Lahey Hospital & Medical Center (Burlington MA) advised that I have a radical prostatectomy. He explained the procedure and told me about the DaVinci robotic assisted laparoscopic system which he and the surgical team would be using for my surgery. I agreed to having the surgery. I spent one night in the hospital recovering from the surgery. The next day I was at home with a urinary catheter. The post surgery pain was managed with medication and was less than I had expected. Dr. Canes informed me he was able to spare the nerve and blood vessel bundles when he removed my prostate and surrounding lymph nodes. The catheter was removed after twelve days. Initially I experienced some stress incontinence which I managed with pads in my underwear. Around six weeks after the catheter was removed I was again fully continent and no longer used the pads in my underwear. A week after the catheter was removed I was able to have an erection with the aid of erectile disfunction medications. Around eight weeks after the catheter was removed I was able to achieve full erections and orgasms without the use of ED medications. I was very happily surprised with the quickness of my recovery. I had expected it to take six to nine months. At three months after my prostatectomy my PSA level was zero. I credit the knowledge and skill of Dr. Canes and his team for my successful and swift recovery. I high recommend him and Lahey Hospital & Medical Center.
August 06 , 2015
It has been two years since my robotic prostatectomy. I had a very aggressive form of cancer and all my blood tests have been clear. Dr Canes and his entire staff have been fantastic throughout the entire time. I highly recommend.
March 16 , 2015
I see Dr. Canes at his Derry office and the care has been exceptional. I never feel rushed and his bedside manner is top notch. The clinical and office staff are all, with one exception warm, helpful and pleasant professionals. If you should run into the one person in the office who seems annoyed that you called, let a supervisor know. Other than that, nothing but praise for the entire office!
August 13 , 2015
Great experience. Robotic Prostate Surgery was a success! Would highly recommend as he is the best Doc I have ever had.
June 15 , 2014
I recently had a scary diagnosis that was made much less scary by Dr. David Canes and his staff. He patiently talked about my options and explained everything to expect from the surgery. He was great listener and very patient and very knowledgeable and confident, answering all my questions before I even asked them. Thank you so much, Dr. Canes.
November 30 , 2013
This guy knows his stuff. After doing thousands of these, it is comforting to know when you are facing robotic surgery, he will take care of you. He is compassionate, professional, and takes the time to calm you down as you move forward with different options. If I had to do it again, he would do it. His staff is also outstanding.
September 15 , 2016
Outstanding doctor, outstanding staff. Would highly recommend him to anyone seeking the services of a urologist and surgeon.
August 12 , 2014
Dr. Canes performed a robotic assisted radical prostatectomy on me five months ago. At this writing I have no urinary incontinence or other negative effects from the surgery. I attribute this to the competence of the surgeon. Dr. Canes and his staff were courteous, helpful and caring throughout the process. He clearly explained the operation, risks and potential follow-on treatments. He listened carefully and answered my many questions. I chose him based on the recommendations of other physicians and the favorable impression during my preoperative visits. He is an excellent choice for a prostate cancer surgeon!
July 22 , 2014
I was referred to Dr. Canes when I was in my mid-50s - fairly young for prostate cancer. He explained options to my wife and me, including surgery, radiation and active surveillance. We elected active surveillance. However, after a year, I needed surgery, which was scheduled roughly 2 months later. He fully explained the process and risks and was honest, sincere and compassionate. He also took the time, at my request, to discuss my situation with a family member who is an M.D. in another state. Thankfully, the surgery was very successful and my outcome has been excellent. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Canes.
May 02 , 2014
I am a 57 year old man who presented with a PSA of 5.4 and no other symptoms. Dr.Canes proceeded with an MRI, biopsy and I chose radical prose to you. I had stage 3 cancer with 70% of my prostate filled with cancer. Dr.Canes spared all my nerves and 6 weeks post op no pain, back to work, full functionality and no urinary leakage and my PSA is undetectable. Dr.Canes is an excellent surgeon and I highly recommend him. Regards Joe M
July 16 , 2019
Dr Canes is all you could ever hope for once you find that you have prostate cancer where watchful waiting or active surveillance are no longer sufficient. There arent enough superlatives to describe the experience of having Dr Canes treat PC from the initial consultation, through the actual robotic surgery, to the immediate and 3 month follow-up. He is calm, clear, deliberate, precise, friendly, detailed, very experienced, and technically deep. Ultra PSA 0 after 3 months. No incontinence.
March 14 , 2019
Dr. Canes performed my robotic prostatectomy. Minimal side effects at 3 months. The guy is a surgeon and an artist! Highly skilled, while being a very thoughtful and caring professional.
September 19 , 2016
I received the best possible care from Dr. Canes and his staff. the outcome from my Operation was superior. I recommend him very highly. His knowledge and skill are outstanding.
February 25 , 2014
I was very fortunate to be referred to Dr. Canes in his Derry NH office. At my initial visit, he explained that I needed my right kidney removed due a mass inside. Within minutes, Dr. Canes and his staff arranged for me to have robotic surgery at Parkland Medical Center in three days! I also could not have received better care than at Parkland. The staff there are A+!! From beginning to end, Dr. Canes provided the highest quality care. His bedside manner is flawless. He provided a detailed explanation of the surgery to me and my family. He also welcomed questions and ensured all were answered thoroughly. In my follow up appointment, I was treated promptly and respectfully by Dr. Canes and his staff. The overall experience was life changing. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with Dr. Canes. He is a truly gifted surgeon and a genuinely caring, kind and respectful person. It was a blessing to be in his care. Jackie T - Litchfield NH
September 22 , 2019
Elderly father in law was seen recently as a second opinion by Dr. Canes at Lahey Clinic, Burlington for kidney cancer. Was extremely professional and explained condition, treatment, risks and after care in terms that were understandable and --matter of fact.-- He was patient in answering our questions and made us feel confident in his experience, training and abilities. He eased our anxiety and surgery is scheduled. Very impressed and would highly recommend.
December 31 , 2011
Had a laproscopic kidney removal -- Dr. Canes is awesome. Answered all my questions, never felt rushed, great sense of humor. No complications at all.
June 21 , 2015
Dr. David Canes is a truly conscientious and caring physician. He utilized robotic surgery techniques to remove my cancerous prostate on March 21st of this year. His diligence and competence helped the surgery be extremely successful. His follow up care plan was also highly successful. I recently visited him again for a follow up after a blood draw to check PSA. I am now cancer free! I attribute this to Dr. Canes skill as a surgeon and his compassion and care as a person. I would highly recommend Dr. Canes to anyone needing a Urologist. Sincerely, Paul Ford
June 02 , 2016
Dr. Canes knows his stuff! After being referred to him, our journey for my wife and myself to deal with my prostate cancer began. Our first visit laid to rest any fears that I had facing the robotic operation I was in store for. After learning that Dr. Canes has performed thousands of them, I knew he was going to do mine. He calmed our nerves, lead us thru the whole procedure and we scheduled my date. 18 months now after the procedure, it is gone, I find no after effects of the operation, and enjoying retirement. Along with the Dr., he staff is outstanding. Caring, loving and compassionate. We are living in a new day with this cancer and you can get it taken of with a lot less pain and agony than years ago. Get it done and enjoy life.
September 14 , 2016
Dr. Canes removed my prostate in September 2017 as I had aggressive prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 7. Its been a year since my surgery and I couldnt be happier. My PSA test scores since surgery have been zero, meaning he got all the cancer. I never had a continence problem, no significant pain, back at work in 2 weeks, and Im riding my road bike, kayaking and lifting weights with no problems. Dr. Canes is very patient, explains everything and answers all your questions. Hes an expert at prostate surgery and I highly recommend him.
August 24 , 2018
Dr. David Canes did a partial nephrectomy for renal cancer with robotic He was extremely thorough about how the surgery was going to be done. He would answer any questions you have in a manner that any person could understand with great respect for you and your love ones. When you leave his office you will know everything about your problem that you may be facing. I would highly recommend Dr Cane he is and outstanding Dr . I am very confident that any patient that sees DR Cane will be extremely satisfied with his knowledge, patience, understanding and commitment . Thank you DR CANE
October 12 , 2014
This is your guy! When I learned my PSA was significantly elevated, I knew I had a choice of surgeons to see for the next steps. As an anesthesia provider, I have been in operating rooms for years. In addition to doing my research, I knew I would know when I found my surgeon. I met with Dr. Canes after he was highly recommended by a senior urologist colleague. He calmly and methodically walked me through the minutiae of each step to come. After my biopsy returned positive for high-risk prostate cancer, Dr. Canes once again guided me through all the available options and then the steps I would need to get through surgery. He instilled a sense of calm in me that I did not have independently. More importantly, he instilled a sense of confidence. I was confident in his ability and confident that I would do well if he was my surgeon. I have anesthetized dozens of patients for the the very surgery I was now in need of. Needless to say, the bar was set high. After completing a sequence of pre-op diagnostic tests, I underwent a laparoscopic robotic-assisted prostatectomy. The surgery was completely uneventful. I was discharged the next day and my recovery was almost identical to what I was taught pre-op. Once my catheter was removed I was waiting for incontinence, but it never came. While things inevitably change in our lives after any major surgery, I maintained full continence from day one and returned to work in the operating room in three weeks. My assessment is that Dr. Canes is a technical artist. He is skilled, proficient, compassionate, professional, detailed, and ALL the other things written about him. The Lahey Institute for Urology did an exceptional job with this process from start to finish. I was able to make appointments at both Lahey Burlington, MA and Lahey Parkland in Derry, NH, which worked extremely well for my needs. Dr. Canes is highly-regarded among his peers in the medical community and I absolutely concur with that appraisal! There are simply no words to thank him for his unending commitment to my shockwave of a diagnosis. But it does take a village and the entire team was superb! The Lahey Nursing staff was basically perfection! Shout out to Nurse Lisa at Parkland…you’re awesome! Huge thanks also to Sandy in Burlington for all your help. Last but not least, colossal thanks to the phenomenal anesthesia team! Bob, my CRNA, and Dr. Mike Kaufman handed me off in impeccable condition with no issues whatsoever. This is one well-oiled machine and I am one incredibly grateful patient!
May 18 , 2017
I am a retired General surgeon who had a right kidney cancer removed by Dr Canes using laparoscopic robotic surgery. He has a great office staff and they arranged everything with no errors or problems. I went home the day after a three hour operation. I had no complications. I resumed all activities within 4-5 days. The second morning after surgery I walked my dog and fixed my own breakfast. The nurses and residents were excellent. I cannot emphasize enough how grateful I am Dr Canes was my surgeon.
October 28 , 2019
Dr. Canes performed robotic surgery for my prostatectomy with virtually no side effects. He was reassuring all the way. I would recommend him to anyone facing prostate cancer.
June 08 , 2015
Dr. Canes saved my husbands life a few years back. He had robotic prostate surgery and Dr. Canes basically recreated the opening to his bladder as it had stretched 5 times the normal size. He had to cancel his second surgery to do the extensive repair and was so kind to explain everything to me ( the spouse) afterwards. We were fortunate the the cancer had not spread yet. Dr Canes is truly a skilled & compassionate surgeon.
August 18 , 2020
Dr. David Canes is an excellent surgeon. He is soft-spoken, friendly and easy to speak to. I had robot-assisted radical prostatectomy in July and had little or no post-operative discomfort. Dr. Canes is known for his exacting and meticulous methods, and, as my third opinion, I knew I had made the right choice for my urologist. The entire team of doctors before and after the surgery let me know their roles and what I should expect. Along with Dr. Canes, they came to my bedside to check on me, and that made a difference! I must also say that the nursing staff was angelic; they kept me comfortable and in good spirits. I have nothing but high marks for the entire Lahey experience. I highly recommend Dr. Canes for anyones urological issues.
January 24 , 2015
Five years ago after rising PSAs I had my first biopsy with my local urologist which proved negative. I researched prostate cancer and was convinced that if I was ever diagnosed, I wanted it removed through robotic prostatectomy. Research led me to Dr. Canes who agreed to be my --shadow doctor.-- Two biopsies later I was diagnosed. On 3/10/15 my prostate was removed. Six weeks later I worked my way back into the gym. Eleven weeks later I am lifting weights, have played four rounds of golf, and my PSA was undetectable. There has been negligible incontinence. Dr. Canes is the best and every staff member was a reflection of him in my Burlington Hospital experience.
May 28 , 2015
My experience with Dr. Canes and his staff has been outstanding. His demeanor and professionalism made me feel at ease and confident with my diagnosis, surgery and aftercare. I recommend him highly for any male who has prostate issues.
April 25 , 2014
Just finished my second year check up following a robot assisted radical prostatectomy. Dr. Canes was highly recommended by a close friend. I had the surgery at the Parkland Hospital. I was truly very happy to be in this facility. It was only a short drive home so my appointments are convenient and following surgery I was home in 20 minutes. The staff could not have been more helpful. The facility was spotless. The day of my surgery I arrived at 6:30 am and by 1:00 PM I was resting comfortably in my private room. By 6:30 PM I was walking up and down the hallways for 10-15 minutes and continued those walks up to 11:00pm. It was amazing how attentive the staff was. I have spoke with patients from other hospitals that complained about speed and responsiveness. With budget cuts these issues tend to arise but not here with me. By 10:30 the following day after surgery I comfortably walked to my car and went home. I was bed dry in 30 days. Totally dry in 90 days and did not need any ED medications by month 11. Clearly I was blessed to have Dr. Canes. I will always advocate for early detection. 5 year ago I knew nothing about Prostate Cancer or anyone that had it. Since my encounter with Prostate Cancer I have had 2 friends die from it. I also have met dozens who are in different stages. If I could pass on a few things I have learned. Get checked, get a good Dr. And find a mentor. Dr. Canes and his team have been excellent from the beginning. One PC patient thought he would get better care in Boston and was sadly mistaken. Dont over look this gem in Derry.
September 18 , 2014
In the late spring, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Prostate Cancer. My urologist, Dr. David Canes of Lahey Hospital and Medical Center in Burlington Massachusetts, recommended a robotic prostatectomy because cancer had been detected in all twelve cores of my prostate. Dr. Canes is a skilled practitioner who explained the procedure to my wife and me in layman’s terms. He clearly presented the pros of having the surgery as well as the risks, all the while maintaining his calm, reassuring, and professional demeanor. Despite the demands of Dr. Canes’ surgical schedule and his duties as the medical director of the Lahey Institute of Urology at Parkland Medical Center in Derry, NH, he focused intently on my wife and me. He took the time to learn about our work and our lives, and how we felt about the situation we were facing. Dr. Canes even accelerated the date of my procedure from late August to July, so that my wife, a teacher, would be available to care for me at home following surgery. After Dr. Canes performed the robotic prostatectomy, I spent one night recovering at Lahey. The urinary catheter I went home with was removed 12 days later. I did experience a period of incontinence, as is normal for all post surgical prostatectomy patients. The other expected side effect, impotence, was remedied with medication over 32 days and needs no further treatment. My remarkable recovery is due to the knowledge and advanced skill of Dr. Canes. He earned my highest praise and respect though each phase of my treatment. Dr. David Canes is an outstanding physician, and I recommend him without reservation to anyone diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.
November 10 , 2015
Dr Canes recently performed robotic radical prostatectomy on me. The entire process went as well as it could have possibly gone. I am fully recovered physically and the follow up PSA test was undetectable. He is the most impressive doctor I have ever encountered.
February 09 , 2015
Dr Canes has an excellent bed side manner. My husband was suffering from kidney stones and was referred to him because his own urologist was on vacation. Dr Canes saw my husband on his lunch break and spent time going over what needed to be done. He did not rush and he was kind and caring. His nurse walked us over to surgical day care and took care of everything. Throughout each procedure, Dr Canes and his staff of nurses were incredible. My husband will be keeping him as his urologist. We highly recommend him!
July 17 , 2013
Dr. Canes performed robotic prostectectomy on me fiveyears ago. I am completely cured and have had a great recovery. I have just been released from his care after a period of excellent aftercare. Hei si an outstanding physician, and my experience was excellent.
February 28 , 2015
Dr. Canes impressed us from the beginning. During our interview, he did not come sweeping into the room and talk loudly and quickly about what lay ahead for me. He is wonderfully soft-spoken, clear and pleasant. He has great confidence in what he does and we both felt very confident and relieved when we chose him to perform my robotic prostatectomy. He and his team did a beautiful job. I recommend him without hesitation to others with my diagnosis.
June 29 , 2013
Dr. Canes perform my radical prostatectomy in April 2016. I found him to be very thorough, patient and compassionate from initial consultation to diagnosis and treatment. I never felt like --just another patient-- when I dealt with Dr. Canes or anyone in his staff and they really took an interest in my situation and the fact that I am a relatively young man with a family and a scary diagnosis. My surgery was successful and I am cured. I experienced NO incontinence or erectile disfunction.
July 08 , 2016
Knowledgeable, professional, and explains things completely to patient to help you make the best decisions. Would recommend to anyone.
June 10 , 2021
Dr. Canes is one of the most competent and considerate doctors I have ever seen in action. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and eventually chose him after interviewing other doctors and asking for recommendations. It was one of my best decisions ever. He operated in March 2015 and my recovery has been wonderful. I spent one night at Lahey and then three nights at a local hotel. I live 2 hours away from Lahey and wanted to be near Dr. Canes if there was bleeding or pain. There was none of either. One of the most notable aspects of Dr. Caness approach is to take the needed time to make sure the patient is informed and as comfortable as an anxiety producing event like cancer can be. He also did a remarkable thing during the surgery. My operation was expected to last about 3 hours. It actually took well over 4 hours. At about 3 hours Dr. Canes asked a nurse to go out and pass a message to my wife that everything was going well but that it was taking longer than expected. This was an act of great compassion. My wife was fine for the 3 hours but if she had heard nothing for over 4 hours she would have been fearful and anxious. This was avoided by a simple but rare act of kindness. I am absolutely certain that I made the right decision and would recommend Dr. Canes without reservation.
November 19 , 2015
Dr Canes made me feel like I had some control during the entire process. I was given all the information so I could make an informed decision about my life. Dr Canes was professional but also empathetic. The surgery was done at the Parkland in Derry NH and went as predicted by Dr Canes. During my recovery, I had questions occasionally and they were answered immediately. Even with the aggressive form of prostate cancer that I had, my blood tests have been clear since the surgery two years ago and i have no incontinence issues. I highly recommend Dr Canes and his entire staff.
March 17 , 2015
Excellent experience with Dr. Canes. Explained the procedure and the risks - did not try to sugar coat. Procedure went really well and my recovery and prognosis was outstanding.
January 31 , 2015
David Canes was the best. He was knowledgeable, patient and explained everything clearly and concisely. Highly recommend him.
November 29 , 2013
Five months after my father-in-law died from cancer, my husband was diagnosed with renal cancer. He was having issues on his left side and had a CT scan. It revealed nothing wrong with his left side, but did show a tumor in his right kidney. His local urologist advised not having surgery in the area we lived. Dr. Canes was one of three urologists he referred. After reviewing the physicians on line, we chose Dr. Canes. It was truly the best decision we have made. Dr. Canes is kind, caring and compassionate. Not only did he provide wonderful care to my husband, he also took care of my worries and concerns. During the procedure, he had a nurse call the waiting room and inform me of the progress. Following his surgery, Dr, Canes came to the waiting room. He took me to a private area and explained the entire surgery. He was so very kind and compassionate. The residents under him have a wonderful mentor. They were awesome. The nurses and nurse assistants were so very attentive. I have been a nurse for over 40 years. I have seen a lot, but nothing like the care and compassion that was given to my husband and myself through a difficult and stressful time. Thanks to Dr.Canes my husband is cancer free.
April 22 , 2020
Dr. Canes performed my prostate surgery September 1st at Lahey hospital in Burlington. I had interviewed both Dr. Canes and a Dr. from the radiation department. Both interviews were very informative about each procedure. At 62 years young I decided on the surgical option. Dr. Canes staff was very helpful from day one explaining everything from catheter bag maintenance, the surgery and recovery process. My cancer was stage 3 with a Gleason score of 7. Surgery was a success, and my PSA levels are currently undetectable 3 months post-surgery. Recovery, the first week is uncomfortable mostly due to the catheter. The second week after catheter removal was also uncomfortable due to 2 hours intervals to urinate. Tylenol was used for pain mitigation; a 2 hour nap each day was required for me. Week 3 I went back to work on a stay at home and work schedule and week 4 just about back to normal. I get up once a night now and occasionally not at all to urinate, I have full control. Great thanks to Dr.Canes and staff.
January 04 , 2022
If you are going to have laparoscopic robotic-assisted prostatectomy David Canes is the man you want to do the procedure! My entire experience working with Dr. Canes and his team was one of utmost professionalism and respect. They took the time to ensure that my partner and I understood the risks and outcomes of the disease and the procedure. My surgery, hospital stay and recovery were exactly that we had discussed. Incontinence and erectile dysfunction are minimal, nearly non-existant and I resumed my activities and work quickly. If are in the situation where you need to consider this procedure dont wait! The younger and you are the better the recovery, and less chance of the cancer spreading to your lymph nodes and bones. Trust the professionals and get back to your life an family quickly.
July 06 , 2017
Dear canes is a one of a kind, incredible doctor. After suffering for 8 years, multiple surgeries but no real solutions, I was lucky enough to have dr. Canes to take my case. He did a very complicated surgery that has resolved my long- term illness and given me my life back!
January 23 , 2014
On Feb 23rd 2016 I was wheeled into the operating theater at Lahey Clinic in Burlington, Massachusetts where my surgeon, Dr. David Canes, performed robotic assisted surgery to remove my prostate and lymph nodes because of a cancerous nodule on the prostate. I was so glad it was Dr. Cane who did that procedure for me. Why Dr. Canes? First because he has done this procedure over 4000 times. This is the only operation that he performs. He usually does at least 4 robo-prostatectomies per week. Practice makes perfect! Also he trained as a robotic surgeon at Case Western Reserve Medical School – the first med school in the U.S. to offer such training. Secondly, Dr. Canes has the entire Lahey Clinic Urology team to support him. As a retired family medicine physician in the Boston area, I am well aware of that the Lahey’s urology department is world-renowned. We in New England are certainly blessed to have such a world class urology center right in our neighborhood. Thirdly, Dr. Canes answered all my questions and made sure that I was completely prepared at each stage as to what I could expect. ‘Be prepared’ has always been my motto and Dr. Canes made sure that each step of the process was understood before we moved ahead. I really appreciated his straightforward manner and willingness to answer the tough questions. It’s what every patient facing cancer surgery deserves. Last but not least we got it all! I was fortunate there was no spread of my tumor and the surgery was curative. It could always return but I feel totally back to normal and have a positive attitude about the future. My confidence in Dr. Canes’ skill is part of that. He is a physician’s physician and someone you can trust.
June 14 , 2016
Dr. Canes is a one of a kind doctor. Extremely clever, personable and caring. He literally saved my life. After 8 years of suffering and countless other doctors not coming up with a solution, dr. Canes performed a surgery that resolved my issues and hand me my life back!! I would highly recommend him to a anyone needing urologic surgery.
January 25 , 2014
It was an amazing experience in my robotic radical prostatectomy performed by Dr. Canes in July 2018 at Parkland Medical Center NH. Pre-operation consultation was thorough and informative, nice facility, kind people and well planned schedule. The procedure was very smooth with no pain. I didnt take any painkiller post surgery. Catheter was out in 7 days, no leakage and smooth urination. Very lucky to have Dr. Canes to perform the procedure!
September 23 , 2018
this dr. has no experience. very nice at first visit and convincing. but everything he said was not true and we put our trust in this dr. and follow his advice. the patient died because of following his advise. a good sale person, but very inexperience, should not be allowed to make important decision on his own.
December 26 , 2012

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