Greater Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Associates Inc
5820 Centre Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (Directions)
3.6 out of 5
Greater Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Associates Inc
5820 Centre Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15206 (Directions)

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3.6 out of 5
8 ratings, 8 reviews
I was very pleased with Dr. Corrals professionalism, but I was given an appointment with his assistant, Richard Burns and couldnt have been treated more rudely. He appeared to act like he was the Doctor, but because I didnt agree with his program, he snapped, told me you came here for help and we dont meet your parameters. I was so upset I left crying, could hardly drive. He had the secretary move my appointment up because, as he put it, I was a packet, so I ruined his plan.
July 04 , 2016
He has been my doctor for 3 years. He is an excellent physician, Great bedside manner and takes care of my kidney stones. I trust him..
September 20 , 2019
Great. Been going to him for over 10 yrs.
April 02 , 2021
I thought Dr. Corral was wonderful...although the office seemed very busy he took the time to answer my questions and prepare me for surgery. I felt comfortable going through with surgery after my appointment with him and so did my family. Good bedside manner and was incredibly knowledgable about my condition. The staff was friendly. The front desk receptionist was wonderful and the nurses were very helpful in person and on the phone in follow up. There are some staff members that were sub par but overall it was a great experience. I would (and have) referred friends to Dr. Corral.
August 25 , 2015
Excellent surgeon, great bedside manner. Terrible office staff
March 30 , 2015
i went to Sewickley hospital to get a stent put it. dr corral & every single person(nurses, anesthesiologist, the iv nurse , doctor and also donna who checked me in was over the top nice and everyone I dealt with was wonderful.
June 30 , 2020
I was very disappointed with my first visit to this doctor. He has no personality/therefore no connection there for me; his PA, Richard, spoke down to me as though I was mentally challenged; and I resented having to carry my urine sample down to the lab. When I returned for test results 2 weeks later, I told the doctor my issues with his practice and he responded by telling me not to be hostile. I left and found another doctor who cares about their patients opinions.
October 22 , 2017
I thought he was rude, did not spend time addressing our concerns or help us understand, when I asked (2)questions he flipped a paper on the desk - like it was a bother. He lacks care and compassion needed in his field of expertise. Rushed through appt. Just because my Dad is elderly - he still is a person, has children that love him very much and wants to help him get answers.
February 20 , 2015

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Greater Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Associates Inc
5820 Centre Ave
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