Sierra Medical Partnership
584 N Sunrise Ave, Suite 100
Roseville, CA 95661 (Directions)
2.2 out of 5
Sierra Medical Partnership
584 N Sunrise Ave, Suite 100
Roseville, CA 95661 (Directions)

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2.2 out of 5
18 ratings, 18 reviews
I had surgery with this doctor a while back and he was wonderful. Both he and his staff where nothing but kind, comforting and helpful. I would definitely use him again, in fact I have referred a few friends to him.
February 24 , 2014
I am writing this review for I have known Dr.Couillard for 20 plus years and have worked with him as his surgery scheduler for all of those 20 years and have never ever scheduled a patient for 5 plus surgeries in my career, not even a patient but one that required a second surgery but there was reasoning for that and not the fault of the surgeon what so ever. - THIS IS REFERENCING A SPECIFIC COMMENT. - BUTCHER. I find it very appalling to be able to use this forum to spread lies that can have devastating effects on the provider as well as the staff. We must make sure when we are utilizing these forums to express ourselves that they are the truths.... We as a society cant go around spreading lies about someone. We must take responsibility before we speak and be very diligent in assuring it is the truth, the facts., etc. He is an excellent surgeon, humble, has immense integrity, kind, and compassionate and it is absolutely offensive to hear anyone spread lies. You have the right to express your complaint but before you do they must be the true facts. And always the TRUTH!!!!!!
October 23 , 2018
These are fake reviews by competitors. does not verify truth is fake site with fake reviews and scams for money
December 03 , 2018
Good guy
October 01 , 2011
He spent the time with me and listened to my concerns! I really felt like he cared and wanted to find the problem, he did not rush me and reviewed my prior history!!
September 15 , 2012
I had a very bad experience with this doctor. He was very unconcerned and cold. Im sure he is competent, but his bedside manner is very poor
September 05 , 2011
Did not diagnose correctly, months of pain that could have been taken care of with surgery right away. Had told patient it was in her head, very inappropriately handled
August 02 , 2008
5 surgeries later... still have problems. This was a simple, routine procedure & he did a horrible job. Causing the need for 5 major surgical repairs with multipal grafts. Explained to me by a REAL surgeon, this human(just barely), should NEVER be allowed in the operating room.. I spent a combined total of 24 weeks recovering from the 5 additional surgeries... that’s a half a year this took from me plus the procedures were extremely painful. To say nothing of the emotional trauma I endured. RUN FROM THIS DR, HE SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED A MEDICAL LICENSE. HE MOVES TO DIFFERENT OFFICES TO COVER HIS BAD TRAIL...
August 07 , 2018
I would never see him again nor would I suggest anyone see him. He will only tell you what he thinks you want to hear. He does not care about what you want or feel you need. He wants your money and thats the bottom line. He is rude and will lie to you about how he will do a certain procedure. If you choose to see this one, be prepared to have problems the rest of your life. I am on my 4th Dr. over what he did to one wants to clean up his mess...that is just wrong...I now believe that Drs know it is hard to file a malpractice suit against them.
March 25 , 2013
Hard to get apt,, very friendly and appeared comfortable with procedure, pain medication in adequate, infection ensued , wound up in hospital ER required , three additional procedures, from different surgeons , 4 weeks of very painful recovery, ( not yet fully recovered ) , an extremely poor experience , maybe not entirely his fault , would not ever consider procedure, or physician again.
November 09 , 2016
I was disappointed in my visit with Dr. Couillard. He was, in my opinion, arrogant and opinionated. I could give specific examples, but I dont want to be specific. There are many good urologists to pick from. My advice is to pick one of those.
October 28 , 2019
I was disappointed in my visit with Dr. Couillard. He was, in my opinion, arrogant and opinionated. I could give specific examples, but I dont want to be specific.
October 28 , 2019
Do not go to this doctor! He will not take anything you say seriously. I was having increasing pain from a kidney stone, but the doctor dismissed the pain. His office couldnt get me back for a month. I ended up in the ER the next day with a blocked ureter and fluid backed up into my kidney. Wish I had read these reviews sooner.
November 01 , 2014
Disorganized office, doctor always in a hurry to get to the next patient, felt more like a paycheck than a person.
August 14 , 2012
Highly arrogant Recommends non-FDA approved supplements for my condition. When asked which herb, how to use, whether to cycle on or off he said I dont know, just pick any and follow the bottle. The only person(s) dumber than him was the institution and hospital (for residency fellowship current employment and my PCP) that allowed him to come this far with his MD
May 04 , 2020
He didnt even look at my film before he saw me. Told me to cut back on my water consumption and I wouldnt have to urge to pee all the time. I had to tell him that I have 2 kidney stones and one is partially blocking my bladder. Then he looked at the film results and said, Oh, yeah that would cause you to feel the need to urinate all the time. I would never recommend him to anyone and Im switching to another doctor.
May 30 , 2014
Had a very bad experience with this Dr. He did not perform the procedure in the way we discussed, left me in terrible pain, surgery was not successful, surgery report contains many factual inaccuracies. Dr was extremely evasive when questioned post-procedure. Years later, I am still dealing with the invasive scarring and will likely have to undergo corrective surgery.
December 12 , 2012
Ive had better, but never worse. Look around before you decide. Dont be --won over-- by the initial consultation. Its all down hill from there.
August 17 , 2015

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