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3.5 out of 5
Urology Austin, PLLC
6811 Austin Ctr Blvd, Suite 300
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3.5 out of 5
14 ratings, 14 reviews
Great doctor. He truly cares. Very good at what he does. He performed DaVici surgery to remove my cancerous prostate. The scary thing about prostatectomies is that you might not have urinary control and ability to function sexually. Dr. Cuellars expertise got the job done with none of the scary side effects. He has taken much interest in follow up after surgery for two years. He is the best!
August 28 , 2009
Cant get a call back from the appointment setter
October 06 , 2015
"Dr Cuellar explained all about my diagnosis and options to proceed. He never pressured me to make a decision on the spot, but allowed time to discuss with my family and then call back with a decision how to proceed."
April 09 , 2021
Dr Cuellar is amazing. He worked to fit my surgeries into his very busy schedule and saved my life. Forever grateful
January 16 , 2022
Dr. Cuellar was friendly and confident. That confidence helped us in dealing with the surgery. Going into my first meeting I was concerned about Da Vinci robot assisted surgery. He explained the advantages over conventional laparoscopy. He also told us that he had 11 years experience doing robot assisted surgery. The kidney surgery was for the removal of a small tumor. Beofre the surgery Dr. Cuellar was able to diagnose the likelihood of it being cancerous at 90 to 95% from looking at the CT scan and the sonogram. This helped us make the decision to have the surgery. The pathology report indicated that he was correct. He recommended followup with an oncologist.
May 11 , 2014
Excellent doctor. I had prostatectomy over a year ago, using da Vinci robot. Both doctor and Hospital provided excellent care from start to finish. Excellent results, quick healing, and good follow up. I would highly recommend to anyone needing this treatment for prostate cancer
May 22 , 2009
Very warm, genuine and knowledgeable. Answered all questions concerning the biopsy needed to rule out prostate cancer. Switched my antiobiotics because I was on cipro and had bad side effects.
November 15 , 2009
Dr. C is good, but his staff leaves a lot to be desired, especially about contacting me when they say they will and about returning phone calls. They told me not to call, to wait for their call ... which never came. When I did call 1 month later I got the excuse --Oh, sorry I guess you fell through the cracks.-- Must have a lot of cracks if I have already fallen through 3 times! If I didnt like Dr Cuellar so much Id totally go somewhere else.
August 22 , 2014
Dozens of calls and messages and 5 days in I still can not get my surgery scheduled. As if the prospect of having surgery to remove my kidney wasn't stressful enough.
December 10 , 2015
Dozens of calls and messages and 5 days in I still can not get my surgery scheduled. As if the prospect of having surgery to remove my kidney wasnt stressful enough.
October 12 , 2015
My father asked me to write a review about his experience with Dr. Cuellar. He had two surgeries performed by this doctor and both times my father did not feel right. He was always in pain and his symptoms reoccurred both times. We found a Dr. John Williamson who performed surgery on my father last year and till this day he feels at 100 percent. He will never go back to Dr. Cuellar nor will he recommend this doctor to anyone.
October 16 , 2013
My father had several surgeries performed by Dr. Cuellar back in the mid 2000s. After the first surgery, my father was always having pain and he just didnt feel right. A year after the first surgery he started to have the same symptoms he had before(blood in urine). He went back to Dr. Cuellar and he went back into surgery. Once again my father did not feel well, and again his symptoms reoccurred again. He asked me to find him another Doctor. I researched and found a Dr. John Williamson with a lot more experience than Cuellar. My father went into surgery for the third time and after talking to him a couple days later, he finally said he felt 100% better and till this day he still feels great with no occurring symptoms. So if you want something done right the first time go with someone with more experience. I will never recommend Dr. Cuellar.
October 18 , 2013
The office staff is terrible. They dont return calls. Prescription refills cannot be obtained. Prescription authorizations are not done, so insurance wont pay for meds. The office staff and nurses need to changed.
June 25 , 2015
The Round Rock office on 620 is very rude and machine-like with very inflexible policies. Due to receiving an emergency family call from back East, I was 20 minutes late to my most recent visit for the very first time in 3+ years as his patient. Their response? I had to reschedule the appointment even though I explained to them that my work schedule (plus unreasonable boss) makes it very difficult to set another time so soon after this one, and in spite of me making reference to increasing prostate pain for which I needed to immediately discuss with Dr. Cuellar. I was basically ignored. When I insisted on escalating this to speak to someone else in the office, I was met with patronizing and condescending behavior, treating me as if I was some terrorist ready to commit an act of violence because I raised my voice and insisted upon resolution at that moment. But the story doesn't end there. Later that day I received a call from Dr. Cuellar himself, where he threatened to drop me as a patient because I was "so rude and disruptive," and attempted to brow-beat me as to his office policies and the volume of patients he sees each day. Furthermore, he told me that because I don't have cancer (like some of his other patients, thank God) that my visits are considered "low priority." This comment comes as my enlarged prostate -- of which being fully aware that none of his treatment plan has worked to help me -- has become worse. I don't know about other Urology Austin offices, but the Round Rock office -- and Dr. Cuellar in particular -- seem to run dozens of patients through their office daily as if we were cogs on an assembly line. He treated me like just another number, always in a hurry; I think the longest interaction with this doctor during an office visit was MAYBE 4 minutes. And if you dare to complain about your concerns being ignored or dismissed, they are ready to cancel you as a patient. Not very good bedside manner.
October 27 , 2022

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