Urology Austin, PLLC
16040 Park Valley Dr, Suite 111
Round Rock, TX 78681 (Directions)
4.5 out of 5
Urology Austin, PLLC
16040 Park Valley Dr, Suite 111
Round Rock, TX 78681 (Directions)

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4.5 out of 5
13 ratings, 13 reviews
While the receptionist at the front can be a bit distant, Dr. Freidberg, the CT/Radiology Staff, and the surgical staff at Oakwood have been absolutely amazing. I have had 2 surgeries done at Oakwood and had high expectations, but Dr. Freidberg and his radiology team just blew me away. I gave 4 stars for punctuality but they got me in during a crucial time and were willing to see me in impromptu situations. Also, I over heard Dr. Freidberg talking to his staff about another patient that was in need and they were trying to figure out how to bill him. Dr. Freidberg said he was in need of their help, and if there was a way to tie it together to save him money, they should. Even with one of my prescriptions, he got me a coupon saving me 50% off. I also LOVE that he will have you go to the rooms to view the CT scans and xrays so you know exactly what they see, how big, and the give you options on how to address it so that not only comfort, but financial concerns are addressed. I only wish my regular doctor was half as good as him. :)
October 09 , 2015
I have to say that Dr Freidberg is a very polite physician. He spends a good amount of time with his patients knowing that each person is an inmmdividual, and that their situation is unique. He Explains your diagnosis in detail and answers your questions in full detail. I would highly recommend Dr Freidberg to my friends and family.
April 12 , 2013
very goods
August 23 , 2018
I have been a patient of Dr. David Freidburg for about 16 years. The only times he was not my Doctor was when we switched insurance carriers. Dr. Freidburg is a great Doctor that I trust. He spends time with me answering my questions and is always friendly. He is a great Doctor that cares about you as a person. If you are looking for a Doctor that cares I would recommend Dr. Freidburg.
October 22 , 2014
Dr Freidberg, is excellent, takes time to explain issues, and questions, and cares about his patients. He works with you on how aggressive you want treatment, and keeps you calm through out the treatment,.
August 18 , 2020
Ive been an occasional patient of Dr. Friedberg, and Ive always found him to be knowledgeable, thorough and willing to discuss my concerns. I strongly recommend him to anyone who needs a Urologist.
August 03 , 2010
My husband saw Dr. Freidberg in Bastrop. His staff was absolutely wonderful and he was excellent. Friendly, courteous and very efficient. They were running a little behind but apologized.
March 26 , 2019
Dr. Freidberg was great with my husband. Office staff is friendly and courteous
March 27 , 2019
Dr. Freidberg has been helping my mom with her bladder and kidneys. He is very kind and professional. He is a blessing to our family, specially to my mom. We are forever grateful with Dr. Friedberg for what he has done for my mom, Mrs. Kleiman.
July 19 , 2021
Great MD.
July 14 , 2015
Dr. Freidberg performed my vasectomy. The procedure went flawlessly. He was very professional. Post surgery, I didnt stay off my feet like I should have, and I developed a slight infection. I had no problem reaching his staff at any of his locations. They quickly responded with a professional consult, scheduled a follow up, provided an after-hours number if any further complications developed, and phoned in the antibiotic prescription I needed while I was out of town. I would highly recommend this doctor.
November 05 , 2010
Did not explain that a certain details regarding a procedure I had. For ex: The FDA had sent numerous warnings out about this certain procedure and materials used. Horrible!
August 20 , 2010
Scheduling and going through an appointment with Dr. Friedberg was the worst idea and experience Ive ever had with a professional doctor. At first he was a little polite but once he learned that I was a self pay patient (no insurance) all courtesy was thrown out the window. The Dr. felt that politics was more important to discuss than my own health after going through months of scrotal pain with a left sided varicocele. And after lecturing me about politics, he goes on and admits he doesnt believe I will live up to a payment plan, bringing up how other patients have not payed and walked himself out the office without saying a word. He actually had to walk back down the hall to inform me to follow him, not even aware that my self payed for appointment was already over without any final discussion at ALL about my condition or health issues. One of the only things that was recommended to me by the doctor is returning at a later date with insurance. Dr. Friedberg is by far the worst doctor Ive had the misfortune to come in contact with.
February 01 , 2013

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